These Mind-Bending Images Of Shaolin Monks Will Leave You Speechless

Shaolin monks believe that what their bodies can take is a reflection of the strength of their mind.   Their training is highly intensive and focused on areas like balance, strength and endurance.

The limits to what these amazing men can do with their bodies is endless. This just shows us how we can push the limits of what we think is possible. When we can do this physically, we can extend beyond and do it mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

These images give us a glimpse into their world and show us what the human body is capable of. I was left speechless after seeing these.

shao1 shao2 shao3 shao4 shao5 shao6 shao7 shao8 shao9 shao10 shao11 shao12 shao13shao17 shao18


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