14 Ways To Raise the Vibration Of Your Home

Have you ever walked into a particular home and you read the vibe as comfortable,

1. Clean and give things away

Start out by scanning all the rooms in your home. When you clean and organize everything, by touching and giving all your items attention energetically; you are charging the environment. Look at everything you have and assess what you really need. Are there old objects of all kinds lying around that could be donated and utilized more efficiently by another? Don’t be afraid or feel guilty for letting go, it’s the cycle of life.

2. Burn Incense

Burning different herbs or incense sticks not only creates a wonderful, relaxing smell; it raises the vibration of the space. Everything is made up of different frequencies of energy so when you combine your intent with an action of smudging something like sage, that creates a high level of energy that can translate to feeling calm, happy, simply feeling good from enjoying the smell is a raise in vibration.

3. Decorate!

Make your space an extension of you; who you are, what you like and how you express all of it. What speaks to your soul the most? I absolutely love futuristic, sleek, minimalistic houses that are ultramodern yet still dreamy. At the same time, the old history-holding victorian, creaky wood houses are equally amazing. At my core, I love the colorful tapestries, pink himalayan salt lamps, crystals of all kinds and these classic curtains.  Choose things that you feel represent a part of yourself and express it boldly!

4. Meditate

Meditating or charging the space energetically either through intent or action raises your vibration which ripples out through the environment. When you feel uplifted, excited or even relaxed and blissful; the energy you emit blends with the energy of the space. Everything is connected, our solid, 3D reality is an ever shifting soup of energy when you can see it from that perspective! So meditate; it literally emits light from our bodies.

5. Essential Oils

It’s fun going to the store and smelling all the pungent smells of essential oils. Which ones smell the best to you? Find the smells that evoke a certain memory, feeling or urge to just buy it. Certain smells remind me of my childhood and others I’ve never even heard of! You can get an oil diffuser¬†to get the smell around or just tab some on a cloth and run it along some wood trim in the room. It’s nice to do that around your bed frame.

6. Get Plants

Plants are awesome, beautiful, fun, and make a space look amazing! If you’re able to go out and buy a bunch of beautiful hanging plants, colorful ones and even some seeds for food; do it! They clean the air, plus they are alive and so much more in tune than we realize. Being surrounded by that kind of consciousness is amazing for the vibration of the space.

7. Play Music

What kind of music do you like? Really nice, instrumental music can help keep a vibe a calm but uplifting at the same time. If you were to play rap or metal at a certain time, what would that shift the vibe to? Feel out the energy of the room and match the kind of music that fits the mood. Sometimes fast, upbeat dance music is exactly what a room needs to transform it!

8. Create a Space for Connection

What if your space was the place all your closes friends gathered to connect. This could look like having incredible, transformative talks to just hanging out playing video games. What brings you and your loved ones closer together? If you’re able to create a sacred space of fun, uplifting connection then be the facilitator of growth!

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