Spirit Science ~ Evolution

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In this lesson, we look at how our understanding of Evolution – when factoring in Consciousness and Sacred Geometry – can paint a picture of the future we are moving into. We are co-creating a reality together that allow for the transmutation of all negative energy into a bright and vibrant reality that we WANT to create – and we can do it together, and through Love and the Sacred Space in our hearts.

circlesquareA lot of what is discussed in this episode is about sacred geometry and stuff that – at first – may not make a lot of sense. Or perhaps it does make sense, and you have some questions about it. Maybe you’re crystal clear and you don’t have any questions :) All of those are right and perfect :)

I’d like to open up with an explanation of it that is so simple and sweet, it will make everything click.

Remember the part about “Going into Phi” and “Going out of Phi” in rapid succession as you expanded in the circles and squares? I’ve seen this happen so many times in my live, I just know it’s true. It’s how we grow as spiritual and physical beings.

We move into a state of harmony and understanding, and then there’s more to learn, so we get a little wonko, trying to figure out the new understanding, and when we get it, we move back into harmony.

This can take a myriad of forms, one of the most familiar ones would be “A couple loves each other, they fight, and then they reconnect with a better understanding of each other and more compassion for where they’re coming from”. It could also look like “You had a job that you didn’t like, you left that job and was unemployed for a while, and then you created a new job out of the ideas of what you really wanted to be doing.”


If you think about it on a grander scale, we as a civilization are in a disharmonic state, and in order to move into a harmonic state, we have to find the bridge from here to there.

When we practice doing this “Out of Phi, Into Phi” on a small scale in our everyday lives, we transition that into a large scale transformation that becomes possible.The key is (as usual), Unity. Seeing and Knowing the Oneness in all of us, to the point where we then act like it. It’s not enough to just see it, we have to translate that into physical action.

I know at the end of the video I said that we potentially could make a rapid shift into this awareness at December 21st, 2012. What I believe now is that 12/21 was like a starting point, a kicking off point for the future. For me, I experienced a transformation in my way of being and doing things right around this time, and I expect that many of you did as well.


It was the moment when I knew without a doubt that if the world was going to change, it was going to be up to us to make it happen.

When we are able to come together, in love, honesty, trust, and compassion, we can really create anything. Anything becomes possible, and everyone gets everything they want.

WIth Love,

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