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Maybe it’s just me, but it seems a lot of people just like to start fights and be mean just for the sake of it…. I don’t really get it. Can someone please explain it to me?

This video is sort of a fun way for me to “vent” so to speak, by turning it into something funny that we can all laugh about. There are way better things to do than to fight about who’s right and who’s wrong on an internet forum…

I’m far more interested in creating new, exciting things, projects, videos, things of value and meaning!! – with people I love and care about, and people who love and care about me.

Maybe that’s just me though :P

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    1. Absolutely, In fact, not only will you become more aware and conscious of your whole being, you will become more conscious of the energy around you. You will begin to realize the energy every one is a part of a WHOLE! we are all one! Try drawing some sacred geometry on your own. You’ll begin to get the grasp of unity and how everything is connected. Google is your friend! Happy Sailing ! NAMASTE ❤

  1. Well played response, I like the fact you always have a positive vibe in the responses you make. This is the hardest thing to overcome for me and your thought process helps me to reflect before I speak. Keep that vibe up bro!

  2. I just recently signed up and I am really glad to see all of you discussing all of these. I’m from the Philippines and I am also searching for clues and answers about life and who we really are. I’ve been searching for people who have the same ideas and views. Fortunately, I was able to find this website, which by the way is trully awesome!

    Looking forward for this new adventure with all of you!

  3. Jordan!!!! I have an art gallery in Florida. Its called the Lucid Gallery. I would love it if you came one day. Especially to one of our events. We have a beautiful forest-like place here. Very positive vibe are attracted to this place as well as creativity.

    You are most welcomed to come here. …maybe through down a painting if you want. :)

    I love the work you do. …I didnt even know about what Lucid Dreaming was or Astral Projection until I saw your series on YouTube. So,… in a way you inspired the name for my gallery. :)

    please get a hold of me whenever.

    -Alex Martinez
    Lucid Gallery:

  4. i had to deal with someone in my life that said things to me to bring me down. he was very intelligent and very egotistical. it took me awhile to stand up to him because i thought it was just constructive criticism. what i found out was that even with all the wisdom he had, he came from a place of control… in which he was bringing me down to bring himself up. it took me a while to stand up to him, but i’m glad i did.

    Keep Going Bro. :)

  5. Guess who is back! Back again, tell a friend!
    These niggas tried to wipe me out of our history!
    But guess what bitches, it’s me!
    Can’t believe it! Took me just exactly the time I needed to!
    I’m almost a Sith Lord now! :D
    I’m almost there on the golden path.
    But then again you’ll never be completely there!
    For now I’m happy where I am. And that’s in a mental institution.
    Made many afraid, they are scared that I’m about to rid the world of money. A lot are just not ready for it yet…
    Ill wait and enjoy life until they are. Got loads to learn. I need guidance to reach full you know everything kinda things.
    Much love! I so happy. Haha!

  6. I understand why people do that, yet it baffles me to no end! I’m just thankful that they find this site as a target for giggles! It shows that people are interested, but are not truly open to all possibilities. It shows that this place is making an impact, and that you are doing a great job! Lovers gonna love! Haters are lovers too! They just don’t know it yet! Keep doing you good sir! Cheers! Much love and light! <3

  7. Hello There,

    Let me tell you, people get a thrill out of being mean and putting someone (or their beliefs) down. It is a sad state of affairs when people will do everything to see why something won’t work instead of seeing how it can work. It is the way people think now, unfortunately. They are unlimited in their way of limiting themselves. I sometimes wonder what these people really want as far as an answer. What they are looking for eludes me. I never venture into forums partly because 100% of the time it is pure speculation and based on handed-down information, as was expressed by Mr. Antoni. The other part is because I’ve never been interested in joining a forum. It has never appealed to me.

    As for being “likeable”, sometimes being a complete jerk is how others see themselves as being “likeable” to other jerks. Then it’s a whole community of jerks who are “likeable” to each other and they band together to spread their message of jerkiness while liking their jerky behavior. That is what I’ve seen. In this instance, the term “likeable” is relative. Remember: “like attracts like”. The same force can be used to bind non-jerky people together (no, this does not mean we have to be mental clones of one another like the jerky clones).

    Although I do not agree with everything expressed in Spirit Science, I sense the presenter’s intentions as benevolent and inspiring. There is even a disclaimer: don’t accept it all as truth and find out for yourself. And even then, there is always something fun and interesting to learn. At least there is for me. Keep reaching those who will listen and let the rest find their own way. Nobody said this was law. Like the song says, “You can go your own way”.

    Happy Trails

  8. their are people that are negative and people that are positive
    and then their is the critical people and their just poop samwhich ;)

  9. Jordon, keep on doing what you are. I doubt you get this reply but I hope you do…. I am sorry you experience other’s anger. I find you very helpful. I get caught up in all the world issues. I get so caught up I send myself into a negative world. Your post help me refocus on creating positive energy and not get caught up in other realities. Please dont allow others to prevent you form helping others.

  10. Reason 1
    The world is diverse enough to have the all kinds of people. I would write form a perspective, where a fight and arguing can help you advance. Whemn you are fighting and all your statements are proven wrong and incorrect, you will gain respect of this towards which you fight and you will get a proof of what you desire, which is the same thing towards which you fight :)

    In other words subconscious reaction to force “I want to believe, but I am not like you, a believer. Show me the proof”, which is a desparate act of wanting help to believe.

    Reason 2
    Fear from ruining hteir foundations of understanding has a big kick and a lot of subconscious efforts are thrown to protect it as well. To avoid getting you out of hte comfort zone and meet the uincertanty.

    Reason 3
    All our knowledge is based mostly on things which we heard by someone else, or learning indiriectly. Therefore contradictions are naturally to happen do to different ways of understanding and learning what you and other persons know. Sometimes we are caught in a loop: what you think you know as “new information” which brings clarity, for other person this migght be outdated info. And for this person your old knolwdge is his(hers) “new”, which brings clarity. A fight is naturally to happen because each things that the other is using outdated knowledge. Local understanding and lack of acceptance + ego.

    Reason 4
    It would have been so boring if we all agreed to each otehr :)
    so enjoy and have fun!

  11. Hello Jordan, I am a alchemist and I was hoping I could have a moment of your time to discuss some important topics. Please email me at your earliest convenience. Thank you and have a good morning.

  12. It is a reflection of the disharmonic state of the world around us. You handle it well and the metaphor/symbolism of you being nude at the end of the video was perfection. You know who you a and need no layers to show something you are not. You just dive in. Beautiful. Anyway the ego is a powerful thing and when it rules our kingdom, we think it represents us when it does not. It isn’t until we shed all the layers of the onion of who we are that we finally see the Love we Truly are.

  13. Hey Jordan, as stated above… keep doing what you are doing : ) I rarely ever visit any forums anywhere because of trolls. They argue for arguments sake. There is no winning, nothing that ever makes any sense to them except their own reasonings.
    Ignoring them, imo is the best thing to do.

    I love what you are doing… keep up the great work!

  14. Honestly, I avoid the forum because of this sometimes. I notice alot of ego struggle. People who want to have direction but dont know how and where to go and a battle for who has better ideas instead of just flowing…the energies very erratic, a lot of placing blame needs to learn to have fun and work together instead of against each other.

  15. For some it seems *amusing*, probably coz they have nothing better to do, or they just like starting fights. But dont think of them as fights, think of them as… discussions. If you can, try and make them understand, if not, better avoid them. But dont avoid everything, some people can have good ideas on how to improve the forum, but in my opinion, removing one of the admins is not one of the good ideas.

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