University Professor Discovers The Secret Life of Plants

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Did you know that some plants communicate through signals in their roots? And some plants have co-dependant relationships with other plants?  Some even signal to one another when danger is around.

Even crazier, some plants actually call in the predators of the bugs that are eating them.  You know, the “enemies of my enemies are my friends” style.

When we think about plants, we don’t often associate a term like “behavior” with them, but experimental plant ecologist JC Cahill wants to change that. What Plants Talk About teaches us all that plants are smarter and much more interactive than we thought! – PBS

The University of Alberta professor maintains that plants do behave and lead anything but solitary and sedentary lives.  This is a brilliant documentary that was shared with me recently by a friend i met in Denver, CO! A must watch video, share it with everyone! If you want to learn more, here’s an article on Huffington Post all about how plants think and communicate with each other! Now, all of these sources are just the tip of the iceburg.

If you REALLY want to dive deep into this, then there is a book i have to share with you! It’s called “The Secret life of Plants”, which is all about how plants actually respond to other’s intentions in positive or negative ways.

There’s an experiment in it where the author of the book took a lighter with the intention of harming the plant, and before even coming close to the plant, it responded as if it was under attack, and released a chemical almost akin to a scream.

You can check out The Secret Life of Plants here, it’s a REALLY amazing book :) Top of my recommended list!

Here is another short video on the secret social life of plants:

9 thoughts on “University Professor Discovers The Secret Life of Plants”

  1. I was listening to a radio interview that said that in a lot of ways “The secret life of plants ” did more harm than good within this area. However, within the interview they talk about more studies that lend evidence to the intelligence of these plants. Truly there is much more to know about these. Creatures. I can try to find the audio online if anyone’s interrested. Also watched an awesome video online on youtube on the subject and I could also try to find that.

  2. Fantastic! If you guys are interested in the power of flowers I recently started using flower essences, they are life changing. There are many brands out there, but the brand I’m in love with is Lotus Wei. Smile on!

  3. Next time you’re in CO let me know, I live over in Boulder and I think we would have much to talk about! Wishing you well, thank you for this wonderful article!

  4. Can’t see the vid, will have to look it up later (no time now), but on the subject of plants another interesting read comes to mind: jeremy narby’s “the cosmic serpent” and “intelligence in nature”

    This is more the traditional anthropological approach, and I am vegan so I don’t agree with some of his statements/thoughts, however it is a good read because it makes you think from a different perspective :)

  5. This is amazing, I am an organic agriculture student and this will give me the scientific examples i need to create the best agroecosystem I can! We are all interconnected! Thank you so much for posting! And i just wanted to say NASSIM’S “Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass” PASSED PEER REVIEW!
    Thank you for all you do in making the world the best it can be!

  6. I can´t see the video, it says is not available in my region…I´m In Mexico, it´s there any other way to watch it?

    1. Try googling “What plants talk about”, maybe you can find a torrent or some other source to view it :) It’s on the show called “Nature” by PBS.

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