Clarity on Spirit Science

There have been a lot of questions recently about Spirit Science and it’s evolution. What are we up to, where are we going. Some people had made up some ideas as well about Spirit Science becoming Cult-Like and a new Religion, which Jordan and I thought was ridiculous. So we decided to put together this video to shine some Clarity on the matter.

We both apologize for creating any confusion that we may have, and we thank you loving beings for staying loving and kind no matter what video is posted. As for everyone who has been so mean and nasty recently, perhaps this video can help clear up some things about how you have been feeling… and perhaps this can also be a reminder not to be so mean. It doesn’t serve anyone, especially yourself.

Were new to this whole “travel the world, make fun videos, shift the planet” stuff as well, so we ask that you be patient with us. It gets hard to manage 50 emails a day asking for spiritual guidance constantly.

Keep asking questions, make decisions for yourself, and move forward into light!
Create what you want to create, and trust yourself above all else! (Your true self!)

I love you! Have a Happy New Year!!

And if you’re interested in the New Years Video, here it is!

35 thoughts on “Clarity on Spirit Science”

  1. You know the first time I came across any spirit science videos was back in the summer of last year. I was trying to find out why I was having some indigestion problems. Due to my scientific nature(I’m an Engineer by training and a scientist by nature), I went about solving my problem by the scientific method. Systematically eliminating possibilities one by one. I couldn’t seem to isolate what exactly the problem might have been. Then I tried some new possibilities, eastern medicine being one of them. I started looking into what causes what and stumbled upon your second spirit science video about chakras. I thought all the information that was provided was quite fascinating. So I continued watching the series. The more and more I watched, the more and more the series answered sooooo many questions I had looming in my head for years. So many things were tied together. Yes, everything should be taken with a grain of salt as I have with your videos. None the less, they are extremely enlightening. I think the only way for the people to understand the information you are putting out there in the well thought out package you have presented it in, is to be humble and ready to “accept” the knowledge. When you do that then and only then can you truly discern whether or not the info being presented resonates with them or not. Seek and ye shall find. If you are looking for the truth, you’ll find it. If you are looking for nonsense, you’ll find it to.

    So just to get back to the point, people will always have something to say. I think you are doing a great job by being humble as well as encouraging people to not blindly follow what you are presenting but to find their own truth within it. Please, I’m always thirsty for new information so keep the knowledge factory pumping!

    P.S. Yes, I was able to find a solution to my digestion issues. It had to do with my birth Chakra and how it wasn’t being satisfied therefore manifesting specifically with certain organs that had to do with digestion.

  2. Gee Patchman/Jordan
    I support you.
    I feel your hurt and your hope. I think some people are struggling with the idea of “what they thought they had figured out may not be what they thought it was after all, and this whole new thing they are learning feels so right its almost scary”…we all felt this way and one point, some stay there longer than others. They lash out and try to make others feel how they feel,fearful. It’s the thought that what mom&dad said may not be all the way right, or that nana&grandpa never taught me any of this stuff before. Then you realize your in a place that no one around you is. You want them to come but you also realize what it took for you to get here and it’s gonna take what it takes for them, this time or next. They have to learn to be grateful that they are here now and pray for the others to soon come. Serve them in anyway you can, and help them see the light force in the world. You are a beautiful being and I am amazed every time I visit the Spirit Science site. I am so happy everyday to be on this part of life’s journey and very happy to be taking it with you and the Spirit Science community. Keep up ALL the excellent work!!!

    GOLD STAR for Patchman

  3. Patchman and Jordan, I admire your work and am very grateful for the amazing work you are doing and sharing.
    On the Spirit Science website there is a constant reminder which goes as follows:
    Please have your own experience while on Spirit Science! Discern “Truth” for yourself. We are exploring the universe as much as you are. Were not telling you to believe us, or even follow us. Simply co-exist with us, its much easier to create that way.— Spiritpatch
    This saying is the key, and reminds me of Sathya Sai Baba who was always reminding us to follow our own path and to walk in our own shoes…
    For myself I am honored that our roads are crossing, and pray that they will forever. You are the kind of human beings that enable us to grow taller. For this and your amazing hard work I thank you!
    Happy new era
    Sacheen xox

  4. Don’t apologize for creating confusion in people! For one thing, you aren’t – they are creating confusion within themselves by not having the tools to process the information you expose them to. Also, the very controversy is a positive lesson for both you and them – both need to be able to take in what is happening without it creating constant imbalance. And finally, individuals each learn upon their own personal paths, so what is an illuminating signpost for one could be a confusing distraction for another.

    So follow your path, share it with those who value it, and know that the rest are simply taking other roads. You are not required to give guidance whenever asked – but instead simply take the requests as opportunities to clarify and express your own understandings. Don’t let others put you in a position of feeling responsible for THEIR spiritual growth, but instead use their questions as stepping stones on your own path. You can learn a lot about yourself just by what sort of answers you feel like providing to what questions.

    Happy New Year!

  5. You’re doing a great job out there. Thanks for your time and effort!
    There’s always more than one way to get to the same destination, all are good. And when somebody is feeling angry about what you’re saying, that probably means they pay attention to what you’re saying and start changing (that’s why you’re doing all this, isn’t it?). It’s just they probably don’t like the change for now and it might be difficult for them too.
    And most importantly, we’re all learning, that’s the whole point and making mistakes is part of the process (not that I imply here that you made a mistake).
    Thanks again and Happy New Year!

  6. Jordan David and Patch Man are the best because they put so much time and effort to this spirit science. and most of the stuff they talk about is very interesting I love these people you are amazing in what you guys do . Much love and to the people be nice =\ hey looking forward for those kick a** graphic t shirts .

  7. Hey Jordan, I just wanted to tell you that I’m very glad you made this video. Judging by the loads of comments here, I can tell it’s struck a positive chord with many people. I find myself agreeing with the vast majority of what you said.

    Whether people say things have changed or not, I can tell there is one large change, and that is, that the Truth of existence seems to flow through people more freely. I’ve noticed the change in myself. I feel like I’m finally learning to face the negativity and fears inside me, and I notice other people are becoming more spiritually aware, just in general.

    It also seems to be a more “practical” spirituality, which I think is so SO needed in this world. People are still spiritual, but it’s exactly like you said. Now the people who were waiting to be magically whisked away and saved come ascension have to reevaluate that assumption. And they have to realize that even if they did “ascend”, the experience would merely be a reflection of their own hearts.

  8. Dear Patchman and community

    I have never written to any other online community ever. And I have been online for many year now and have never got so involved with a website of any subject topic or anything else. But as soon as I saw these video I knew I had to write to you.
    It is my deepest and sincere desire from my heart to let you know how good your work is and how crucial and important it is for you to continue. I have been a quiet spiritual seeker for most of my life, and have comprehensively read almost anything it is to be read on the subject, so I can see the time effort and LOVE you have put into these didactic tools that have sorted and accommodate most of my loose ideas into one big frame, and have also enable me to share to other people who as well are very curios on how to adress the topic of spiritual grow and truth-seeking for the first time.
    I really hope these words reach to you with the intention I had when i wrote them: to let you know how far all your voices have reach, how you inspire me to leave my quiet spiritual inquiry and get immediately involved into the spiritual growth of my community and above all to inspire you, all you wonderful people, brothers in these path, to continue your loving effort in making easy and accessible the tools necessary to reach a new global consciousness and specially a new level of LOVE and UNDERSTANDING.
    I and my friends from this far in the world send you a big hug and love to you all at Spirit Science

    Leandro Lalanne
    Río Gallegos (PATAGONIA – Argentina)

  9. Dear Patchman and others

    Don’t let others put you down and don’t let it get you down. I am so sorry that people are getting negative with you because of something that you have no control over. Believe me, I have been through some negativity of my own by others as well. If my experiences can teach both of us anything is that people are going to do what they want to do and perceive us as they choose to. I have been coming onto this site for a few months and some people may see me as a newbie but I have had nothing but positive experiences on this site.

    Anyway, keep doing what you are doing, forget the negative, focus on the positive, and this may be a bit bold, but I love you guys like brothers and sisters.

    Namaste! and Happy New Year!

  10. hmm, if you’re receiving negative feedback, doesn’t that mean something in your own personal vibration is bringing that to you? for me personally, i find a small amount of frustration with the fact that, mostly, spirit science doesn’t give any practical techniques for finding the truths discussed by the series. how is one supposed to use your site in their personal practice? i don’t mean this as a put down, rather it’s my personal experience with your content. my eyes see that your hearts are definitely in the right place, but your information is somewhat lacking. i mean, you give many thoughts to consider, but you cover few meditation or exercise techniques. how is one to find themselves through following a checklist? you may give a list of what to eat or not to eat, but you never teach one how to find this info for themselves, on the inside. i, personally, think this is a grave mistake. it’s made me, personally, consider whether you’re trying to indoctrinate me to your personal way of thinking, or if you’re really trying to help me unlock inner truth. after watching MANY of your published videos, i can only conclude the situation to be the former, not the latter. this would be “cult like” behavior if true, so i see where people are coming from with that. i don’t really think that’s your goal, but you should perhaps consider it, as i’m sure i’m not the only one to see this issue. enlightenment cannot be found through following someone else’s list of things to do and not to do. that’s sometime referred to as “eating the menu.”

    i left a comment for one of Teal’s videos, asking for proof of her technique. i meant proof in the way a mathematician would use the word. ie, show me your process in how you came to know what you “know.” my comment was dismissed in the next video, and i was left with a very bad taste in my mouth. i am not one without knowledge, afterall, and i was genuinely trying to understand what she was trying (she didn’t succeed with teaching me, at least) to teach her followers. the problem was one of missed communication, but not solely on my part. as it turns out, i had already learned to access the information she was talking about, but the images and words i associated with the experience didn’t match the “new age doctrine” i guess. i was therefore dismissed as not having a clue (she even laughed at me on camera as she described something completely different than i was even asking about). all this, because i come from a different place of understanding and a different tradition. i think that might be the root of the negative feedback problem you experience. maybe not, i admit i don’t know.

    as for my fix for this communication problem. i’ve decided not to follow spirit sciences “advice” at all. the reason being that you don’t really give the individual lessons to put into practice. you give many ideas to entice thought (this is great, and i love you for it, btw), but your method seems exclusive to one thought pattern. so i send my love from afar. perhaps we will have more compatible vibrations in the future.

    as for right now, in this moment, i’d like to shamelessly plug my own personal series which is related to specific exercise (both mental and physical) designed to help individuals contact their own sense of knowing. i give the technique, you find your truth, not mine. this allows one to gain the personal info that we all want without any fear of stepping on anyone’s personal convictions. if this could be helpful for any of you, there’s over four hours of dedicated personal instruction at this youtube address:

    Much Love and Thanks to everyone learning the way. i encourage you to KEEP GOING!!!

  11. Hi Patchman and Jordan.
    I apologize you have received negative and ugly comments. Take a deep breath and let those poopy thoughts flow by.
    I have looked forward to reading and watching your articles and movie shorts. Please do not stop. You say and capture what I have been thinking and attempting to share with kids, family and friends. Now I can send them a link. AMEN!

    Am I disappointed about the lack of fireworks or ascension stuff? Not really. I feel too many folks are just taking a ‘living room’ approach to life currently. When more folks are activated, then the fireworks with fly. Wheeeee!!! :)

    Big Hugs!!!

  12. I am thankful that you helped open my eyes. Your videos and messages resonate with me in a way that goes to the core of my being. I am glad to have found you and those like you. I love you. Thank you.

  13. Happy New Year Spirit Science.

    Patchman and Jordan I am still listening, questioning and learning. I believe that’s the purpose of Spirit Science, and for that reason I would like to thank you. Keep up the good work!

  14. It is hard to come up with the right words to reflect how I feel about Spirit Science… Amazing! Have always thought that it was such a fun and informative way to get others that were interested involved. We have all been lead to these words by our own doing, and if we can STOP and reflect for just a second on what is going on then the truth will light the way. In every moment we are thinking, creating, and experiencing for each moment is anew. Let us rise our vibrations through kindness, love, charity, health, and healing so that if we can all realize that we are all ONE our reality will change as we evolve. Got off track a bit, but think that all of you are just incredible and love each an every one of you! Sebastian-

  15. Jordan you are beautiful. I know your light, I know your truth and I know your compassion. Thank you for all the love you pour out to everyone who will listen. Because of your compassion and other studying I believe I have ascended. Maybe not fully as maybe we have not shifted that far yet. My reiki master helped me by telling me that by becoming the full totality of my spirit I am or have ascended. I believe that has happened. Thank you for all you do and maybe someday I can share my story of coming from gripped with fear to a state of most total compassion. Namaste

    1. Sorry I keep replying to my own posts but before anyone thinks I just blindly believe what my reiki master says :). She is a healer. A healer knows that to heal someone you must help them heal themselves by guiding them to their light,their truth, and their compassion within. That is what my healer helped me do to. I love all of you and may all of you find your light, truth and love(compassion) :). The ascension that is happening worldwide is just that Find your light truth ad love within and start walking it out. The shift is happening I believe but is has too reach critical mass to become collective consciousness :). We must continue together in compassion and do our part to help that change happen. One moment,one hour,one day at a time :) Namaste. I’ll try to stop wanting I share so much if it bothers anyone. But my love for love is so strong it’s hard not to want to :)

    2. Compassion, I too want to encourage Jordan in his most important work. My husband and I began watching spirit science about six months ago and await eagerly for each new entry. We send our love to Jordan because his work is bringing truth to people who might otherwise never be exposed to it. Jordan through Patchman is opening doors that were before closed. His efforts are effecting positive change is so many lives. After reading that some have selfishly said unkind things to Jordan, we were compelled to send Love to Jordan and all those who assist in this work. Dan and I want to thank Jordan for the education he is making so accessible. Thank you, Jordan, Thank you!!!

  16. I am so thankful for SpiritScience’s work. I have learned a lot and opened my eyes to so many things I never thought could happen. I am very appreciative of the whole team”s work. We all are growing together. Keep up your great positive work. For those who learn along with you it’s very helpful into making this world a better place. You help others to think on their own and listen to things they would ignore within their self. greetings and love to you all. And I can never thank you enough.

  17. Thanks for all the work you have done on spirit science. For me personally you made everything I already read and talked about, more clear.

    I am really happy to see that you’re that strong enough to show you’re weakness with us all and are able to give love in return and not give up. Again thank you a lot.

    Happy new year

    1. Ditto. Jordan, the world needs to hear what you are saying. Never stop. It is the most important work you could ever undertake.
      Most sincerely,
      two older people in Santa Margarita, California

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