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Water… What is it? We all interact with water, we’re all made of water, and yet in science today we don’t even really understand what it is. There are many unanswered questions about water and what it is that we really don’t have conclusive answers too. This is actually a wonderful thing, because admitting we know nothing about something gives us an opportunity to find something out.

Simply by looking at water you can see there’s something magic about. It’s the source of all of life on earth. Life thrives on water, without water, everything dries up and dies. Water and Light… I can’t think of anything more fundamental to life.

Water-Crystal-Thank-youWe can learn a lot about where bio-organic life came from by looking at water. The very first organism existed in the primordial soup, and the first primordial soup was water… Perhaps water of which the molecular structure organised in such a fashion to become the first organism. This very idea would explain the basis of organic evolution!

A lot of this information is present today because a scientist – Dr. Emoto published some research papers and findings about his experiments with water. He published information regarding the structure of waters composition in relationship to our emotions. It’s an absolutely incredible book, and because of it we have far more information about water available today than we would have without him.

His work opened the floodgates towards discovering what water actually is everywhere. A great deal of that information was published in his book. You can check out the book here ~ I personally recommend it :)

In lesson 1, we talked about Emoto’s research into what Water is, and many skeptics cried out that there were triple blind studies done with the same experiment, and it yielded results that didn’t quite add up to Emoto’s work. To me, it makes sense that if you are doing an experiment based on intent – then that intent would have a huge impact on the results of the experiment.

For example, if you’re trying to demonstrate that emotions have a relationship to water – then the feelings you’re giving towards that water would have to be genuine and real. If you’re trying to say that there is no effect, then maybe that’s also the vibe you give off – and that’s the result that would take place.

Really, perhaps we simply just need to put this stuff to the test, get a lab, and find out for ourselves :)

At the heart of this discussion however… is that when we REALLY look at water, we can see there is SO much more to it than meets the eye. The understanding of water can open us up to something far grander than what we originally perceived it to be. Water is Life, and it is You.

With love,


15 thoughts on “Spirit Science ~ Water”

  1. could all this be why “Jesus Christ” was able to walk on water? was it him physically choosing to walk on water or was the water choosing to carry him?

  2. Namaste Jordan,

    I’m most amazed and appreciative of all the work you’ve put forth on this website.

    It’s SUNDAY (February 24, 2012). I’ve just finisthed watching the video on water. Thus, it’s time to MEDITATE.

    I don’t know if I’m allowed to do this, but wanting to meditate to help water (give not receive) I started searching on the net and found this wonderful video on youtube where it says (quote):

    Namaste. . . Please join and pray for healing our living waters. Four prayers: Deva Premal – Om Asatoma, White Eagle Medicine Woman – Global Prayer for Living Waters, Jeff Wolpert – Skimming the Waves, Cristine Mag Strasser – Om Shanti Lokah Samasta, Quotes by Amma, Amritanandamayi, and uses the Ho’opononopono healing and cleansing prayer.

    It’s called Prayer for Living Waters

    Hope it helps those who need some “visual and auditive support” like myself.


  3. Hi Jordan!
    I’m a longtime viewer of Spirit Science videos and I love the new world they have opened up for me, although I still have an overwhelming amount to learn.

    I do have a question, though, concerning the water we use everyday. In order to be better in touch with ourselves and the environment around us, water means everything. So when you consume “happier water,” you become better in touch with whatever made that water happy. Would it be right to assume, then, that drinking processed water would bring you better in touch with a processed and industrialized lifestyle. Do you think the water we drink is a manifestation of the lifestyle in which we live, and if so, would drinking the highly processed water be “beneficial,” in a sense, to someone who wants to live the industrialized life?

    I suppose I’m just thinking philosophically out loud, but I would love to hear, or read, your perspective.

    Thanks Jordan! I look forward to more blogs from you.

  4. Hi Spirit Dudes and Dudettes!

    I live in Campbell River, British Columbia on Vancouver Island; and boy do we have some great water! Near my home, there is a city water tank and I am planning to have a meditation there. around the tank there will be eight groups of eight people; eggs of life, the meditation will be to visualize a light inside your heart and to send a spark from your heart into the water in the tank. during the meditation people would migrate from one group to sharing information and energy

    the sacred geometry is cool! the tank appears to be a cube, mostly underground and is roughly aligned with cardinal directions: creating a quantum event in a tank of water excites the child in me as i imagine the pulse of light cascading up the pipes into the lakes and rivers and down into the homes of the people of Campbell River I can also visualize a circle/square pulse of consciousness expanding out from this point and reverberating around the world.

    this video introduced the concept of water clusters holding information, and the idea of virtualizing the meditation and offering it to the world as an new way to connect with each other and the planet.

    If this idea is something the Spirit Science Team would be interested in exploring, I would be happy to help.


    1. Griffin, did you find out when the new episodes are going to be posted? Also does anyone know if when he talks about crystals, does that include healing stones? He mention rose quartz in an older episode and called it a crystal… I’m familiar with healing stones but I guess I didn’t make the connection of them being crystals. THANKS! :)

  5. hi my cosmic friends from spirit science
    well i actually never do this but im a great fan since first episode and i think that maby jordan will read this (or at least one organizer ) and maby many people as posible will get this info and share whit others; well thats the idea ,

    this topic is by way to far mi favorite talking about the human body ” water ” it involves so much mistery itself and its our dutty to reveal or at least increase the amount of info in this search .

    well saying all that , i think that you skip a very important topic related to water , and its – sea water .

    If you take by perspective that 98% of the water in the world is sea water it makes you thinking why aren`t making research about the misterys of the deeps ,like james cameron , or even better about the healing abilities, that water involves and people should know about it.

    well all of this is focus , to share whit you about the benefits of drinking sea water , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6gqJh2Vl0s and some others studies that involve making food for animals and people using sea wather .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMttvs6QSUs ,
    and others studies from Dr. Ángel Gracia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gmfE56Q3fo&feature=related

    i think that with all that new info you should be able to make another great episode like you usually do , and perhaps get a mension in your great show.

    life itself is such a great mistery
    we try to find the answers out of space, or at the bottom of the sea
    but the truly meaning answers are inside every one of us
    after all , aren`t we just cosmic dust and sea water ?

  6. Hi. Water I love water and the air i breath and earth that gives me a place to stay and explore and eat and we get to enjoy its riches and fire is full of energy like the sun the sun keeps us warm and give us a brighter day for all of us and everyone good day everyone to all of you and so much love. And Remember you are the master of your univers and don’t let anyone tell you different .

  7. Jordan David,

    Thank you so much for all that you do. I have watched almost all of your videos. You have said before that you read all the comments. I hope you read this one and reply.

    I have just one question, (ok… several ;). How do you ‘live love’ on a basic everyday basis? Do you feel that you are making a difference?

    I feel like I try so hard and yet I am living at the bottom of a very deep hole. My whole purpose on this planet is to give/show love. I have felt that from a very young age. I just feel like no one responds or even notices. I feel like I was born with wings but, am unable to fly :( I want the whole world to feel my love and I don’t feel like anyone does.

    1. Fill your cup first my friend, and then you will naturally pull others to you that resonate at your frequency :)

  8. Give thanks! I have been reminded over and over about how I should drink water and have been to lazy to do so…I sometimes would go days without drinking it and suffer kidney problems…I’m wearing my guardian out lol Thanks guys and please keep encouraging me to drink water!

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