7 thoughts on “Zeitgeist – Addendum”

  1. So how will you react when it inevitably affects your life? It took 46 years for me to see it unravel into self destruction. I choose non participation as the only logical answer. I lost everything but stuck strong to my new outlook for five hard years. I won the battle externally and internally of unreal circumstances thought by others and myself. I now have true freedom and self forgiveness from the past. From this day forward I am my own creator of the future with a true understanding of unity and ever expanding knowledge, driven by love with no preconceptions of others.

  2. The Zeitgeist series of movies are in the wrong “spirit”, Mr.Z hates, HATES religion and takes any opportunity he can to bash/belittle it. I don’t like religion but i don’t go out of my way to mention or subliminally hint at the retardidness of religion in documentaries that sometimes have nothing to do with it. I believe 78% of what he says, but I know subliminals and HATE when i see it. I boycotted his ass long time go :)

  3. hey has anyone seen Zeitgeist: Moving Forward its even better than Addendum and Ive always been a big supporter Zeitgeist really helped open minds to the truth

    1. i love the third installment.
      the way it talks about human nature & so on.
      the first one was great, the second; redundant, but i loved the third since it came to closure with a solution.
      showing us its not only possible but its simple.

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