Spirit Science 19 ~ Cosmic Connections

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As the discussion of consciousness and universal “spirit” is evolving, there comes a time when we have to define what it is that were really talking about. A lot of people have asked “What is Spirit Science about?” and “What is this..some kind of New Age Religion?”

In today’s video, we go into just that. What is Spirit Science? What do the meaning behind the words mean. Today, we look at how EVERYTHING is connected, and we invite you to come and find the connections in your own life as well.

I also wanted to share the work of Jason Silva with you, who has put together some VERY powerful videos that rapidly expand your awareness and quite often blow one’s mind. You can check out his website here!

This video is something of a compilation of many ideas that we have talked about before, so I didn’t go into a huge list of sources to check out. Instead, I invite you to visit the Forums and the Chat, and really join in on the discussion about what it means to be a being of light and life. You have more power and love than you really know, all you have to do is want to become aware of it.. you will :)

14 thoughts on “Spirit Science 19 ~ Cosmic Connections”

  1. ? dont know if anyone reads this comments .This videos gave me a looots of information and i love em all but. can u make some videos as tutorials and how we can use this information to make a change in our lives. as a step by step lessons if you will . Thank you anyway peace :)

  2. I’ve only been watching these videos for about a month now. I was born and raised as a true skeptic, so I’ll admit it’s taken some personal force to try and see things your way. All that being said though, this video is by FAR my favorite. It’s really inspiring. I just wanted to let you know that. Keep up the awesome work, and thanks for sharing your thoughts with the world!

  3. Oh! I completely forget something Important to say.

    “THANKS my Friend”

    “looking forward to your next episode.”

    1. I am Living in this world and slowly I see the changes ocurring before our own eyes, as we sit and listen. “Be still and know you are God”. or part of you is.Yes Man may it be Eternal.

  4. You have given me a lot of knowledge through spirit science.
    I completely believe you, my friend.

    But can you please tell us a way to use atleast some of this precious knowledge?

    I really liked the way you explained things.

    So please help me to develop myself so that I can help others (and also attain freedom, have lots of adventure, feel the wind, to make friends and many other things).

  5. This was definitely the greatest video I have ever seen.
    I was definitely exited to watch more episodes.
    I have watched all 19 episodes till now.
    Most interesting video to me was astro projection.

    But I have many many questions I want to ask you.
    Also I want more Information about [chakras, meditation, dimention and others].

    If you see facts then your story of past seems true to me.
    But how can we achieve (higher levels or psychic powers or energy control).

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