A small update: I’m back, and I have quite a few things to discuss.

Many topics, little time.

First and for most, I’d like to mention that I am honored to still be apart of the community.

This is going to be the most scatterbrained, difficult, monotonous spiritual journey of your life: Enlightenment.

Lucky for you, I’m a half-way decent writer with a sense of humor.

Ignoring all possible theory which would make this article look more like a thesis prospecta, Here’s short and low for my long inactivity and the subject of this article.  I’ve been doing a laundry-list of spiritual studies, and working days on end, trying to create a palpable blend of everything I know,  have learned, and can base future learnings off of.

So, into the nitty gritty, I’m going to draw off of Bhuddist sutras off of the bat. The Sutra of Innumerable Meaning. Bhuddists will acclaim to all of it powers, which they claim are… wait for it… innumerable. Just kidding, Bhudda himself said there were 10 merits towards true enlightenment from this sutra. But, I digress, the sutra is more or less as follows:

“Observe that all things were originally, will be, and are in themselves void in nature and form;  they are neither great nor small, neither appearing nor disappearing, neither fixed nor movable,  and neither advancing nor retreating; and they are non dualistic, just emptiness”.  –Bhudda

Now, that’s just about as useful as car without gas. The interpretation of it is more grandiose.

Now, I must draw your attention and all seriousness into this next section.

All objects, that which exist, have no form, no substance, simply exist because you will, imagine, or assume them to be there. They have no value. Nothing can hold discern value, if everything is made of nothingness. Everything you attribute to them is artificial.

But, that being said, if ideas, preceptions, and statuses are arbitrary; everything is open to a deeper interpretation in which one meaning has infinite readings.

So, what should you trust? If all is infinite, it’s all swell and fine, but what can it offer you? Well, everything, there are no limits.

If there are no limits you have absolute freedom. But, if you’re a god floating amidst nothing,  you create boundries.

Like reality, even this one, as boring as it is. It’s home to us, to humankind, the home of man. It’s the reality you created.

Can you trust my word if what I say has infinite meaning? No. There is only one person you can trust.

Yourself. You are the all-knowing, all-seeing, the only creator of your perception.

How do you know I am not a falsity, a total lie? Your own discernment. I am, because you make me so.

This idea, this concept, it forces acceptance, not only of others, but yourself. Am I wrong, am I failiable? Yes. I am human. But these ideas, this spark gives me something that transcends the physicality. I am offering you merely my standpoint, and I will not attest to it being the only truth. I would like all of us to look at acceptance of all things. Phobias, conflict, emotion, it is all part of your reality.

Any obstacle you face.

You can remove them, keep them, or ignore them.

The choice is yours.

Truth and honor companions.

The eightfold path.

For those seriously searching for spiritual depth (and if you can tolerate biblical writing) The Threefold Lotus Sutra has a wealth of knowlege.

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