Spirit Science 13 – The Crystal Movie

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Crystals are MAGICAL!

Welcome to the crystal movie! This was a project that spanned 4 individual Spirit Science episodes, which combined like voltron to become one big exciting movie!

I want to take a hot second to talk about Crystals actually, it’s been a year or two since this movie came out, and I’ve had some powerful realizations since making it and i’d like to share that with you :)

The idea that Crystals are Alive is one that is discussed in the movie, and in the past year i’ve come to a deeper realization about what that means. Of course, Crystals do not have the same biological attributes as Mammals and Plants do, but they are not so inanimate that they don’t experience a change or transformations.

Crystals do Grow, but not in the same way that you might think.

The way that it came to me was through a discussion I was having with a friend. He pointed out to me that Crystals have more of a magnetic energy to them. They don’t breathe, they don’t circulate blood, but they have a “push and pull” sort of vibe to them, in the direction of different frequencies that we can find throughout the body, or in nature.

This is why crystals can have an impact on you simply by being in your auric field, they’re pushing the energies or pulling them in a particular direction, depending on the crystal.

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20 thoughts on “Spirit Science 13 – The Crystal Movie”

  1. Just made a list of crystal to buy which includes:tiger eye, agate stone, amethyst, blue dumortierite, and celestite.

  2. please reply, my mom’s chakras are all messed up she is consumed by negative energy please help me use crystals to help her

  3. Just got my first set of crystals, they are amazing and make me feel great. Thank you for sharing this wonderful lesson.

  4. Thank You so much for all your hard work and the information you provide us. It truly is amazing!! I change and evolve daily…..Do you know where I can find a printable list of the crystals you were talking about with the descriptions? Namaste..

  5. Hello, I really love the whole series, this episode is awesome too, just figured out what interested me about crystals whole my life. Just wanted to ask about the PDF on mediafire. Its not there. So if you could restore it, I would be very grateful. Thanks :)

  6. Howdy patchman,

    How can we thank you for all this bliss? Absolutely heaven sent!

    One thing that triggers my “intellect” about the crystals and the orgonite. You mention that crystals love to travel. However, if I stick one in an orgonite and “hide it” in a fence post or under the earth somewhere (so it won’t be found) how will that crystal ever be able to “travel” again? Or will it “know” that “it” is serving a “higher purpose”?

  7. I have been using crystals since about 2006. A friend of mine got me hooked on them. I currently have a hundred or so crystals, all of which I charge them often, communicate with them telepathically, respect, honor, and have a use for. I use them in rituals, healing, etc. I also have a big gallon jug that has intentioned ed clear quartz in it. The nature of crystal vibration is rewarding and wonderful. Many of you should try creating grids for intention work and also meditate with them. Tibetan Quartz is some of the purest, most sacred quartz in the world. I am blessed to have many of them. Rose Quartz, Snowflake Obsidian, Citrine, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, and Amethyst are great other favorites.

    1. I also wear daily a chakra crystal bracelet that I made and drink out of a thin glass that says “happy” all over it. Inside is a crystal charged with wonderful intentions. :)

  8. Good work all around !

    One question though, you mention Crystals being able to charge with sunlight. WHen I was first introduced to Crystals (at a wellness spa with a spiritual touch), they mentioned never to lay them in the Sunlight, because it could harm/disharmonize the Crytals. They said to charge them once a month at full moon. Explanation they gave was that the light of our Sun was too bright most of the time. They said if you cannot look at the light without pain in your eyes, it is not suited for a Crystal. Your thoughts maybe ?

    1. Not all crystals can be in the light due to the change in color and composition, from what I know. If you place an amethyst in full sun, the color will eventually fade– which will reduce color therapy, but amethyst is still amethyst. Amethyst that is treated with heat, mind you, becomes citrine. It would take a long time for amethyst to become citrine just by being out in the sun.

  9. I’m literally hooked on crystals.
    I own ten crystals:
    1 citrine, 1 agate, 2 clear quartz, 1 tourmaline, 1 moonstone, 2 tiger’s eye, 1 rose quartz and 1 amethyst.
    Namaste and thanks

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