Is Human History Different Than We Think? The Human History Movie

Our history is not what we think! Over the past few thousand years, we have warped our own history. Our versions of the past has been mistranslated, changed, altered, and skewed to fit our understanding of reality, and completely left our many things that we cannot explain. Today, we are going to look at an alternate version of our history, a version that was recorded across many ancient tablets and artifacts throughout time, which have only recently been uncovered. This story may be a little cosmic, it may not even be true, but you will have to decide that for yourself.
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18 thoughts on “Is Human History Different Than We Think? The Human History Movie”

  1. WOW. After years of ingesting all the various theories, writings and published dogma this movie says it all. And from my earthly limited outlook it is so very near the whole truth. Slipped in a few important details I was not aware of too!! I consider myself pretty well educated on religious theory as I have a degree in it, (whoopdeedo) and I was totally blown away with this excellent rendition of US! Loved it, gonna follow up with ALL the related info posted here. Great job, much hard work shown here and really really appreciate it!! Thanks to all, G. Gregor you Akrey. ….. Share the Goodness

  2. Very interesting story….. This story seems to piece together bits a pieces of the bible that were missing. Only part about this story and most stories of the same caliber is that no one can explain why or who set the whole story in motion……
    The missing links that Thoth doesn’t tell is hidden with those who reside in the deep place who can only go to and fro as the ancient one allows

  3. I have seen this movie several times and it doesn’t stop to make me think. I just have one take on it. Each time I hear it I keep on wondering the same thing and now I thought I’ll just share it.
    When you get to the part about the Kundalini of the earth, you say the Kundalini moved to the mountains of Tibet and that’s why Buddhists have been the spiritual leaders of the planet for 12,000 years. Knowing very well that Buddha himself appeared on this earth no more than 2600 years ago. It ensues that there was no Buddhism before the birth of Buddha, much less Tibetan Buddhism, so maybe you would like to update the video with that new info :P

  4. This is the first contact I had with SS and it totally made me think and laugh! So glad I stopped smoking weed before seeing this as I think it would have killed me By blowing my mind. Super entertaining and imaginative stuff. Keep up the good work.

  5. So how do we influence society so that luminosity do not have control and we all have the basic things required for ascension for everyone? (Healthy foods, knowledge etc)

  6. Interesting. Thank you for this presentation, it answers some of the questions I had. One thing, if the astroid made contact at CHarleston, would this make CHarleston special in some way, like protected due to extra terrestrial elements?

  7. I just had to commend on the Lucifer Experiment Martians and the Hebrews coming to Atlantis. According to Rudolf Steiner’s Spiritual Science (look up Anthroposophy/Rudolf Steiner) there are two faces of evil – Luciferic and Aramaic, simply put, one pulling humanity to the future and the other pulling us into the past. Humanities job (and each of our own) is to balance these forces in the ‘Middle Way’. This concept fits nicely into your schema but could be considered anti-aryan and anti-semitic though both are just examples of the ‘two sides of the coin’ that need to be balanced.

    I’d never heard of these two extra-terrestrial spirits coming to Earth to fill Atlantis before. Thank you

  8. Fantastic!!! As well as giving a wealth of information of further readings and studies. Thank you. I am wondering if there are any places or people I can contact locally here in Tucson, Arizona for more resources? I am already working on The 12th Planet, the Popol Vuh, The Emerald Tablets…

  9. i found this video when i was on you tube i thought it might be interesting so i decided to watch it it completely changed my life and how i view things in this world thank you spirit science

  10. I was so excited to sit down and watch this! but I couldn’t. English is my first language, but the narration is so ridiculously fast, there’s no way I could keep up. I liked the fact that this is animated but I find the cartoon voice annoying and distracting. I wish, I wish, there was at least a way to slow it down. Sorry, but I’m just so disappointed. Maybe I’ll try again when I’m feeling a little more energetic or something.

  11. lots of interesting things I have never heard of before. One thing though, it says thoth built the pyramids, but that part doesn’t make sense to me from what I know of them, as we basically know how they were built, and it was by people. Or did he mean thoth just told people how to build them?
    quick video about how the pyramids were built

    also, there seems to be historical evidence of the concept of pyramids slowly evolving over time as people built more and more elaborate burial chambers.

    Don’t mean to be a party pooper though. These are pretty great videos and gives me a lot of things to look into!

  12. I have always found myself trying to understand where all the myths and legends have come from. This pretty much completely resonated with me and makes a lot of sense.

    Random anicdote. I went to go get an eye of horus tatoo a few years back and told the artist I want him to reverse the symbol; to mirror it essentially.

    Little did I know I actually got the Eye of Thoth :3 Coincidence!? Nope. Coincidence doesn’t exist~

  13. Very very informing. My friend and I watched it twice, very entertaining as well. But, we are unclear on one part. On dec. 21, 2012, it says we are going to be goin through that void to a higher dimension. Well, whenever it happened in the video, everyone lost there memory because they didn’t have there merkuba (idk if it is spelled correct). So on the 2012 day, will we be loosing our memory without merkubas??? If so, how do we make one to keep our memories. Plz and thank you for your answer.

  14. Interesting….Impressive….and pretty much accurate..Good Work…it clears lot of confusion which was going on in my head from many years about our existence …keep up the good work!!

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