Spirit Science 13_2 – Crystal Uses

This week, we dive into what crystals are good for. Last week we learned about what Crystals are, but there are so many things you can do with them! Hopefully this video will provide some insight onto the many uses of crystals!

Links and Sources

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The Spirit Science Guide to Crystals

The Most Comprehensive Crystal Guide you will Ever Read

The Most Simple Crystal Guide you will Ever Read

What is Orgonite and How does it Work?

The Secret of the Crystal Skulls

10 thoughts on “Spirit Science 13_2 – Crystal Uses”

  1. Dear Patchman,

    Thank you for posting these videos. Everyday I try my best to keep up with the whole Spirit Science cast’s videos, blogs, posts, etc. just so I can apply each peace of knowledge I gain everytime into my own personal life which has taught me to question and avoid using the left side of my brain for every little thing.

    I will always remain open-minded to you guys, thank you for everything you all do, and keep going on and on.

    You’re all the best,


  2. hey jordan, that was an awesome video.
    what crystals do you use for each chakra when you are putting them eunder your bed

  3. Hey, man. Just discovered your videos a couple weeks ago and I’ve been consuming them like candy, but I do have one criticism, mostly directed at your more recent videos. The background music. I’m a musician, so I obviously love music, but I just find it to be distracting in this context. It’s not even the kind of music or anything. The music is fine; it’s just that I feel having music in the mix gives my brain another thing to have to absorb. You already talk very fast – I actually enjoy this aspect of your videos, but having the music plus fast talking just feels like too much for my brain and makes me feel annoyed. I’m obviously just one person with my own perspective and opinion, so I don’t expect you to take out the music solely on my account, but I just wanted to let you know how your work is being received. In regards to your work in general, however, I seem to have found it just at the right time in my spiritual journey. I started waking up about a year ago from what I now realize was a very, very deep “sleep” so I truly appreciate what you and others are doing and have done to help the rest of us discover truth.

    1. The funny thing is, that when I don’t put background music in, people often complain that there’s no background music. I do like putting it in there but usually try and keep it quieter, i apologize this weeks song was a bit louder, it tended to fluxuate between soft and quiet and was hard to find the balance. I will be more mindful of it next week :)

      1. The music in your older videos really fit, from what I noticed. Hmm.. Maybe If you made your own music for your own videos It would have a Greater effect on the audience. =]

        Your Creative Jordan.

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