Spirit Science 13_1 – Crystals!

Spirit Science is back! Lets kick off this new year right, with a 4 part lesson about Crystals!

Crystals have been absolutely wonderful in my own spiritual growth, as well as many, many people all around the world for thousands of years. I think its very important that we start using them in this time of need to raise the vibrations of the planet! Crystals are just flat out awesome, and I just wanted to share that knowledge with everyone!

Links and Sources

Data Storage in Crystal Quartz will Change Everything

The Spirit Science Guide to Crystals

The Most Comprehensive Crystal Guide you will Ever Read

The Most Simple Crystal Guide you will Ever Read

What is Orgonite and How does it Work?

The Secret of the Crystal Skulls

20 thoughts on “Spirit Science 13_1 – Crystals!”

  1. Hi ok I have many stones but I doent know if they’r quartz or crystals and I realy want to knw it and wich propiety has each other too.
    Thanks :D

  2. Jordan/Spirit-
    Aloha and Mahalo for all of your necessary work. You have provided a wealth of information in a fun way and I have never been so happy to have supported your endeavors. My son gave me a medicine bag and a crystal recently, so this is a great next step for me. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Awesome episode :D thanks for the upload, also if anyone is going to pick up crystals at a local metaphysics / new age store i should suggest also looking for a book there called “the crystal bible” it’s a neat little encyclopedia of crystals with pictures on what they look like :3

  4. wow I just bought my crystals today just in time. its amazing how they feel when i hold them on my palm. right away it made a huge difference iin my day. right now they are outside on the open sky receiving energy from the moon. thank you jordan and teal.

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    It’s also interesting how CMP with the Occupy Mke movement attended an event that I had attended and is pictured with Amy Goodman of Youtube’s Democracy NOW which airs much of the Occupy Internet News that aired staged events (but what does something mean for something to be staged if it has impact). And she speaks of Indigos.

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    If you look inside yourself and truly seek to love God completely thru Agape Love you must be of service to others. Christ Consciousness is available to all. You must look within. Souls energy is transmuted and wiped clean after one denies Christ 3xs, sometimes 4xs… God is merciful. December 21st is just around the corner for the electromagnetic haze of 2-4 days. Be not afraid.

    You must know that if the economy collapses, so what, you still have the ability to collectively work to live and strive in harmony. If you believe that the world will blow up that will become your own manifestation. Simply look at the debris that lies between Mars and Jupiter. They did not use the power of their planet correctly in commune with God, they blew up their own planet. For them, I would imagine that they have to read Dante’s Inferno. It’s a very long book. They moan in their own misery.
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    Why are the brits taking over American entertainment? Still bitter about 1776?”

    Why do we pray for Jesus to take care of our problems? Use the Christ Consciousness within.

    There’s this gal Rive– that has that has 20+ mutual friends of mine (facebook is such an awesome tool) whom use to be Prince William’s gf. What are the chances of that right? Well recently she’s talked a lot about the Illuminati as thieves led by her ex the Prince, about her worrying that Illuminati might try to kill her, and then about royalty creating culture, and then about pinching herself for the prince of England advancing toward her and through Christ’s blessing restoring her dignity. My friends, what’s going on here? Are people being shuffled around in ranks according prestige and stardom and by decree of the Royal throne? How is this Christian? We are served by being of service to the people, not by them idoling us.

    In the 1980’s many indigo children were born. They are a gift from GOD whom will enlighten the people. You will see that genes give you a recorded history and instinct, but that we share a consciousness that has just hit critical mass. People will awaken.

    A couple of nights ago, this gal stole my wallet after I was kinda warned by GOD (gut feeling, we’ve all experienced them) that I was going to be robbed. Tricky thief. Oh I was so upset. When I confronted her over her stealing of my wallet and looked her straight in the eye, she seemed possessed, she lied right to my face. She used my credit card at a store not just once, but three times. There was this void that announced itself as Satan when I noticed that my wallet was missing. But I recognize what this lady had represented. When she took my wallet, she also took with her every bit of anger or negative energy that was hidden within me. Negative people attract more negativity into their lives. When one is stolen from, one may choose to be spiteful and wind up drawing negative energy from the person whom stole from them, or they may see how that individual absorbed your negative energy. GOD gave us free will. My heart feels lightened as a feather.

    That store that she used my credit card at has a tall American flag pointed towards the American flag of the building that I reside in that represents our democracy.
    I was born of Aztec-Spaniard decent in the lands of first primaries on her royal’s birthday to the north.
    Three days latter was her royal’s cousin’s birthday next door.
    I live in a building whose address number is that of the time in which I was born with the minute numbers switched.
    My current zip code is a hidden 12.
    My master number is sum 11. My next age is 29 (11). The date of which is a sum 13.
    The address is a sum 6. The Floor is a sum 6. The door is a sum 9.
    A true cross appeared on our recent solstice day where the apartment door handle meets the entrance hall, while there is nothing on the handle in the form a cross, and while the walls are built so iron clad that indentations are not naturally possible by human (from our conscious level of awareness, we don’t know how to construct such an indentation, higher consciousness within reveals how it is possible).
    Obama is zip code 60606. I was a 60607.
    Three places that I’ve grew up closely point to Bush’s capital down Congress St.
    My school there had the Phoenix.
    Three areas that I’ve grown up in run up and down I-35 (you reap what you sow 8).
    The five areas that I’ve lived around Eastern-Western seem to point to Rome.
    I notice that I am prohibited from emailing the Vatican to inquire about the Vatican’s intentions.
    I’ve only seen one naturally dead Red-Winged Blackbird in Troy, NY (RPI). What a miracle.
    I am a son of type of Mary and a Joseph, and my parents divorced so I grew up fatherless. Ha ha ha.
    Do people really think that Jesus was born immaculately? How does one half of DNA work in commune with GOD’s laws. That just doesn’t make sense to me.
    My Great Grandfather is a Balthazar. I wonder about the rest of my genealogy.
    But my name represents a Goliath take-down kinda meaning.
    My name means Beloved Valiant of the Sea Breast-loving (or Busts loving) Village of the Wolves.
    Isn’t there a rumor that Mary Magdalene was a stripper? Many men like how women look.
    Isn’t Satan a Wolf in sheep’s skin? See there’s a duality available to us all, a void, and light. If one is negative, things seem to fall apart. But if one is loving, things unite in harmony.
    Six diamonds adorn the ring I wear; the four rubies (birthstone) in the center reveal a cross.
    I use to build tall lego structures and throw chunks of legos at it as a kid.
    There are videos of Muslims throwing shoes at an Obelisk online.
    It’s funny how GOD plays out a story huh? God is funny.
    I guess people can carry an essence with them that will eventually turn up in a hidden pattern. It can be used to guide us to awareness. Or patterns arise to allow one to connect a loving higher consciousness.

    We may all investigate our names and birthdates and history and God within to explore our connection with the words and history. And from that extrapolate wisdom.

    Did anyone else see a ufo/Mahkahva over Lake Michigan last night? My friend saw it with me so that was helpful in rationalizing what we saw.

    The whole reason one can’t look directly into the eyes of God is because you’d have annihilate the Adam and Eve story. That would suck huh? Adam and Eve were both perfect. They got deceived.

    So I have a feeling that I would not be in commune with God if I did not ask you directly what are your intentions are and what is the outcome you wish to have with these unfolding events?

    Thank you for without you, I would not have arrived to a certain insight.

    Oh, and I’ve also been in Rockwell’s Clock Tower. In that V for Vendetta movie, is it not the British Parliament and the Olympic Stadium that blows up in the movie. Anyone wonder about the connection between the two Clock Towers.

    I have a hunch that there are Humans on an Orange Planet with a Green moon in the Andromeda galaxy (our sister galaxy). The Pyramid points to it right?

    With love and friendship,
    Think Telsa. Be free. Be happy.
    Ruby Red Ray

  6. Awesomee! and great timing! i recently started getting into crystals and ive been wanting to learn more about them.

    1. Your average new age store usually has crystals. Same goes for new age fairs. You can also shop on Ebay. I got quite a few wands that I made with quartz crystals, Fluoride, Apophyllite, etc.

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