Courageous Announcement by the Princess of Japan

Princess of Japan – Kaoru Nakamaru made a very brave announcement at the beginning of 2012 about what we could potentially be facing at the end of the year. What she’s talking about, “moving into the 5th dimension”, is what Drunvalo has also been talking about. Science see’s this as moving into the photon belt and changing frequencies, and we will be discussing this a lot over the course of the year! Keep your eyes peeled, were about to have one amazing year! Again, were not saying it WILL happen, but lately it’s seeming somewhat probable… We’ll find out in time ^_^

9 thoughts on “Courageous Announcement by the Princess of Japan”

  1. Kaoru-Himesama! I’ve only recently been researching and understanding all of this, but it really surprises me to find a public figure like her coming out and talking about it.

  2. Wait, did I hear that right? Nuru? What is that? The elites are trying to save themselves, from what?

    1. The story goes (somewhat) that when during the end of the year, the Earth will pass through some sort of energy burst. The field is theorized to interact with electric devices, interference, if you will. In short, the earth aligns with the center of the universe through the constellation of Sagitarrius (Earth aligns with the tip of the arrow.)

      Further myth says that the Earth will be transported through space, towards a sort of ancestral home world, Nuru, or Xenu. There’s a lot of crazy theories about this, but as far as I’m concerned, this is most likely aggrandized myth of some sort–not to say however it doesn’t yield viable information about what could occur.

      Also, further keeping in line with the conspiracy type scphill, an elite group of government agencies are said to keep contact with E.T’s regarding these sorts of things.

      Now, personally these theories sound to me like a sort of clairvoyant vehicle–in other words, the reality of these prospects is too fantastic for me to digest. I order to communicate information psychically you’ve got to use symbolism, so that’s how I interpret the more outlandish thoughts.

      However, she certainly is a very wise spirit, and it would be our honor to heed her call.

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