The Parable of the Sandcastles

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This week were starting a new series, Patch Parables. This one’s a little shorter than Spirit Science, but the messages are just as powerful, if not even more thought pondering than SpiSci. Don’t worry, Spirit Science will be back in good time! But first, let’s talk philosophy on life.

This weeks Parable – The Parable of the Sandcastles. An ancient Buddhist Parable which I read in the pocket “teachings of buddha” book I bought when I passed through Santa Barbara. 

I actually found the original copy of the book that I bought way back when too, so if you’re interested in going straight to the source – You can check it out here!

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Jordan Duchnycz and Vanessa Cuccia
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Special thanks to Andrew Golden, for without him this could not have been made!

Thank you so much for everyone who provided their time, energy, and Love into helping create this project!

19 thoughts on “The Parable of the Sandcastles”

  1. When I saw this parable, I was thinking something that happened around 6 or 7 years ago. Then I had a friend that was going through a terrible time, when I was in a meeting with a group of people that particular day, they started to talk about sharing all our possessions and help the others. I remember that I said when my turn came to speak, “we are hypocritical people, because we are talking about helping the others, and I have a friend a few blocks from here, she does not have food now, she does not have help in any ways and we are talking about love each other and share what we possess and you do not want to go with me, because you want to continue living inside your own houses, without sharing anything with anybody!” They looked at me as I was crazy or over reacting.

  2. This is really an eye opener. I’m 15 and Igave up my bedroom to someone in need. I was okay for the first three months, but not having a whole lot of personal space was starting to take a toll on my. I was trying to hide my emotions about it but I eventually broke down and cried. Personal space is an extremely important human need, but this really reminds me that I need to share and be grateful for what I have. If I were in need, I would probably want someone to do the same.

    1. What you did was noble. Not only did you do something for someone else and yourself, but you also probably raised the energies of whatever you made yourself present for. You need to give yourself more credit. This is the universe showing you how tough you are. awesome!

      1. Thank you :) It feels really nice to be validated. I’ve had a lot of traumatic experiences that have really shaped me and brought me to the awareness that I am at in my life. I am coming to see this as a lesson from the universe to be generous and open to others or as a way to show me that material possessions are not everything.

  3. To understand this parable one has to first understand themselves. The destruction of the sand castle and the beating of the child were both acts of EGO and Fear nothing more nothing less.
    In all of us there exist two forces from which all human emotions derive they are Love and Fear. Those who would make you believe that Hate is the opposite of Love wish to minimalize the life force that love is and subjugate the source within.
    As for the trouble that Ego can bring us There is a song by David Bromberg called “The Ugly Hour” which goes as follows;
    Here is a song for the ugly hour,
    the times I looked a fool in my own eyes,
    The times I broke a rule I knew that I should honor,
    The times I’ve turned my head to keep from looking at my lies.

    Ah the fool who doesn’t think that he’s decieving,
    Time will not arrange itself just to suit his whim.
    His pain cannot be eased by leading others to believing in his lies,
    if all along the truth is known to him.

    1. I like everything you are saying here. Very insightful. I just ask your opinion on what is the opposite of hate then?

  4. I think you’ve really misinterpreted this parable. The problem is not with the man who retaliated after his castle was destroyed, it is in the man who wrongfully destroyed the castle of another. The beating of the destroyer was not about a desire not to share, but instead about a desire to teach that negative actions have consequences not rewards. When the children destroy their own castles at the end of the day, they are not destroying their castles because they don’t care about them any longer or because the castles no longer have value to them; they are destroying or leaving their castles, because they’ve found something of greater value that they have chosen over the castle. For example, some people set up dominoes and leave them up in an artistic display, some knock them down because the fall of the dominoes is more valuable and fun than the art. But if someone else knocks down the dominoes without permission from the setter, then the setter is encouraging negative growth in the destroyer if the destroyer is not discouraged from such behavior.

  5. I love your website and your videos… But I have to disagree with you that if you give out love, you will always get it back… I’ve simply been hurt far too many times to believe that. It seems far too often people only care about what they can get out of others.

    1. I contemplated on your comment for a moment, and meant to leave a reassuring thought. However in the course of doing so I noticed I began to figure out another bit of wisdom from the story other than the obvious. I think the parable was more of a lesson on ‘You are not the things you own’ type of deal. That the defensiveness and hording nature is pointless; at the end of it all if everything is taken away you are still you. This is what you should really treasure, the you that was able to accumulate and/or create those things you had/have. That losing material things should not affect you so terribly to want to cause another harm. Now I don’t mean this post in a manner of trying to correct you, your experiences are probably very valid. I make this post in a more of a thanking manner; if not for your post I would probably not have had this wisdom dawn on me. Thank you my fellow human, your existence helped me grow some. I truly hope your hurt has been healed. We need more love and happiness in the world.

    2. This is an awesome little internet exchange. I just wanted to add something.

      I have found in my life that when I act on only values of love happiness growth and action, I find that the more consistent I am with these values the more people like that I bring into my life or find me. But don’t forget, haters will always come out of the woodwork, but haters only hate winners, they get along with other haters. It is our job to show people through OUR ACTIONS how to live, people listen to themselves better than other people, so if you show them that your way of life is full of love, and you are happy and successful, they themselves will try that also.

      also make sure you aren’t confusing loving people with appeasing them, or just trying to make them happy. love comes out in many forms.

      you are awesome.

    3. here my opportunity to share.. you just gave and got love. right now. you loved the website and gave its creators some love by telling them so. you also gave some love to the other people like myself that identify with what is said here.

      I hate the feeling of spending my own beautiful absolutely priceless life time and energy on doing something for someone and seeing them not appreciate it. thank you for helping reassure me know i am not alone in that experience.

      you must choose where to give your love. life is union. your analytical side chooses the right situation and your feeling side provides the love. love and care about yourself. that is important. really. REALLY. if you love yourself (and it is NOT wrong to or selfish to do so) then you will AUTOMATICALLY shy away from things that you feel are not good for you. like say an unhealthy situation that would drag you down because you give and give and give and get nothing back. **Sometimes I am attracted to unhealthy situations, sometimes you are the one that is the healer** i feel it is quite important to value your love and use discernment on where to apply it…. some things are not ready to heal and that is okay. trust yourself.

  6. Sorry about the grammar and sleeping errors my auto correct always thinks I’m tryin to type something different

  7. These two series have awakened something deep inside that once shunned bright but became dormant… I can feel the tug of war over my spirit awakened again… My life is turning back around I love tone polite and curious I love to make others laugh … Life just seems like every minuets can lead to a new experience now… I stumbled upon these videos looking for something else.. I almost didn’t watch it but I did and things are going great again..

  8. I find it honestly very difficult to determine where it’s alright to part with things, and where it may be okay to want or keep. Greed is something often exaggerated as evil, when in fact it’s likely a matter of balance IMO. As a comment I saw on youtube for the exact video was saying, some people don’t push over their sand castles at the end of the day. Rather, they make it into a kingdom for others (their children presumably) may enjoy. This may involve the “selfish” act of keeping away other people from said possessions so that your descendants may benefit. Some may not wish to do this though, and I guess it’s a lot about perspective. It doesn’t usually hurt to give in the end, and I do respect the moral of the story. Desires must be kept few. I just always feel like it’s necessary to keep in mind that ego (the self) is a matter of balance, not evil.

    1. pieman280. The situatian with the ego is that its connected to the mind. The mind will always get polar reactions to everything. As it has two parts left and right, male and female. These two parts necessary to have for balance but we are predominantly male brained and don’t usually allows ourselves to have that balance. read my post yesterday on this.

      This may not relate to what you were trying to get across but I have found this to be helpful in understanding the two sides of the brain and the reactions we can perceive.

  9. This is a fantastic parable. Love it. I have a Buddhist parable of my own that I was planning on including in my next update. I just have to hope that you don’t accidentally do it then.

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