Welcome to Spirit Science! The following needs to be updated, but I don’t have the time right now. <3

This is an open exploration into the nature of the universe and our infinite connection to everything around us, and an active demonstration of that connection through our actions. 

Spirit Science started as an animated video series, and soon expanded to this website and the various social media outlets that we publish on. Today, we are still creating, to expand the discussion about what all of this stuff really means, and to come to understand what it means to be a whole (holy) person. If you want to go straight to the video collection, click here.


What is Spirit Science About?

Spirit Science is about the harmonic merging of ideas that previously we have believed did not fit together. Things such as “Spirit” and “Science”, taking out all of the dogma and limitations that come with these, and unifying them together as One.

It is the blending of Male and Female energies. The natural blending of our mathematical, logical understanding, and the emotional, magical, and spiritual way of life that have been separate for far too long.

It is time for the Two to become One, once more.

We are living in exceptional times. The world around us is beginning its descent into madness. While Riots and Protests have been sweeping across the nations of the world, there are many a movements starting to take place that speaks to a different truth, ands a new way of life.

It’s the idea that we are all connected. The idea that through love, anything is possible. That you are a Creator, and through our awareness of the world around us, we can create a massive change in the way that we do things.

In fact, it is our responsibility to use the gifts we have been given to create a transformation in this world.

It is up to us. Nobody else can do it, and we cannot wait for anyone else to make a difference in the world. All it takes for Evil to triumph, is if Good People do nothing.

So how do we get started? What does it look like? Many of us are still searching for answers to those questions. What I’ve learned is the power in connection, the power in coming together with those of like heart, and mind, who share in the desire to make a difference, and the will to see to it that it happens.

bhaktiblissSeek out your brothers and sisters. Your fathers, mothers, sons and daughters in Spirit. Very simply, it’s those people who you connect with on a real level. An honest level, a level of awareness and intimacy beyond the social constructs we’ve put in place which limit communication.

It is through these connections that we begin to really make a difference in the way that we do things, we begin to develop support structures for each other, and can do things together on a larger scale than we could have individually.

As the old way collapses, we are all collectively creating the next “thing”. What will that look like?

Will We continue to fight each other, and fight against the old system, barricading ourselves with walls of separation?

Or will we move into a state of shared awareness with each other, a state of unity. A space of understanding that we are all One, and move into harmony with the natural environment all around us…?

I suppose that decision is up to you.

Welcome to Spirit Science. Thank you for being here, you are welcomed with open arms!


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534 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Glad I found your videos a while ago, they’ve brought me to hermeticism which has helped me connect the dots of various religions and philosophies from the past and also the present.

  2. You’re so interesting! I don’t believe I have read through something like that before.
    So wonderful to find somebody with unique thoughts on this subject.
    Seriously.. many thanks for starting this up. This website is something that is needed on the internet, someone with a
    bit of originality!

    Premier instance sharing. I have spread this to my Tumblr.

  3. Good day to the Spirit Science team

    First off let me start by introducing myself. My name is Mauritz Joubert.

    About 5 years ago you guys influenced my life heavily with you’re video’s from Thoughts all the way to the Human history story.

    I just started a new page last night and the idea is to build a solid fan base before the launch of Genesis Project.

    Genesis Project is going to be a very interactive movement that we at Genesis Project take a lot of pride in. But we can’t do it alone.

    We see the kind of movement that you guys at Spirit Science made and it’s incredible. And we truly look up to you.

    That’s why we want make another big shift in humanities conciousness. We believe it is the perfect time to create a movement.

    We are very ambitious in our work and would like to get in partnership with you guys on some level. Even if its just to get some traffic onto our page.

    We are still very new to the social media area but the plans and ambition we have is thru the roof.

    Please check out our page to see what you think @genisisproject777

    With much love from the Genesis Team.

  4. Just another Cult unfortunately who is trying to take God out of the picture. The truth is we will all be held accountable when we die. Turn to God and seek the truth.

    1. typical comment from a “my way or the highway” person , really it`s more a case of whatever works for you, and by the way God is sure getting well behind with his work load just watch the news to see , maybe he needs to get himself some lovely crystals .Happy new year to everyone.

    2. Adrian,
      He did not exclude God from this, he simply called it by another name; Spirit. This is not a lesson in some cult religion nor is it a deterrent from anyone’s belief system. This is not an exclusion of God or even a question of his existence. This is simply a simplified description of sacred geometry given through the scope of history & quantum physics – which is a teachable subject in and of itself. This has nothing to do with direct claims about anyones understanding of God, spirituality or belief systems.
      You’re clearly on the defense, ready to argue a point that no one has made any reference to but you.
      Again — this video describes sacred geometry, its history & how it plays a role in the mind/body/spirit complex (which is based on historical & effects the physiological world, it’s not religious). Sacred geometry is most easily described & understood through the lens of quantum physics. So there’s really no relavency to your post.
      Sounds like you were already on the defense and assumed that this video was some ill-intended or manipulative religious teaching meant to undermine certain belief systems (it’s quite the opposite).
      There is an art to listening – there’s nothing worse than trying to communicate with someone who’s just too stubborn or defensive, or just plain angry. Being a good listener is so very important especially in times when it is unlikely that your own views will be heard. Please try to keep this in mind. Your post really has nothing to do with this video – it doesn’t even apply or make any sense (it does however say quite a bit about you).

  5. Hey there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website
    before but after reading through some of the post
    I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m definitely glad I found
    it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back frequently!

  6. I’ve already entered an introduction twice however I keep getting a prompt telling me something is not available so this is my third attempt to join my first ever chat room however I’m having a difficult time with something that should be very simple. Maybe the gods are telling me something. So, if anyone gets this, could you assist a first timer.



  7. i have seen lots of videos form spiritual science, it was very good experience. i have seen an another video in youtube so i thought sharing that here for the community. Hope it is helpful. ,

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