U n I ~ Chapters 1 & 2

Hey there!

First I want to say Thank You. It means so much to me that you think my work is valuable enough to support by sharing your resources with me. Thank you so much!

Second, I want you to know that in putting your time, effort, and energy into this, you receive something of great value in return, something that has the potential to support you in return, in ways you may not yet be aware of..

I don’t know if that’s true though. You’ll have to read the book and find out for yourself ;)

Without further adieux, here is the link to the PDF.

U n I – Chapters 1 & 2

Just right-click and Save-As and it’s yours. You can put it on your iPad, eReader, Tablet, Computer, Phone, or hell, you can even print it out if you want to :)

Enjoy :)

Oh! 1 Last thing!

If you have any feedback for me, please post it here on this page, so that you and others who get access to the book can read the comments and connect with each other.


5 thoughts on “U n I ~ Chapters 1 & 2”

  1. Hi Jordan,

    first of all wowzerrs what a good read indeed!

    I had to smile many times and node, sometimes i had to read a few sentences again and again to be sure I got it right.

    You have a very unique , smart and most importantly hilarious way to put your thoughts into words.

    I don’t feel like I have any critical questions or criticism to verbalize..just want to add some thoughts on top maybe ..

    To Listen is maybe the most important lesson to learn and the most beautiful one..

    In times where we all start learning that we have to go within ourselves ( which can turn into seperating yourself from others “i am turning more spiritual now to be a better me or a better you” ) and where we grow up learning to make ourself comfy in our comfort zone ( which is a limitation to our freedom ) it is indeed even more important to unite and to connect and welcome each other, share, and built communities… it truly makes me smile to simply know you guys are building up on this idea!

    I am really excited and impressed by it.
    And to your book : If you really take all the feedback and put it into the following chapters…its a book written by you but influenced by your readers opinion..i am curious about the result! Keep it up Jordan..I hope anything of what I wrote makes sense haha :)

    I believe I am not the only one thinking this : you are funny and intelligent and people love your work..all of this is quite sexy aswell :D lol

    riiight! keep on smiling!
    And do exactly what you want to do cuz what you want to do is what you gotta do whoo

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