Hello!! Do you want to help share Spirit Science with the world? We are looking for assistance in translating Spirit Science to every and all languages of the world to share these ideas globally. If you have an interest in translating, then please – give us a hand!

We welcome you to either make Subtitles on the videos, or re-dub the videos in your own language and upload them! If you do, please contact [email protected] before uploading the videos, or send the subtitles that you create to that account.

Currently – Many of the videos on youtube have been subtitled with spanish, english, and various other subtitles, but the entire series is not complete.

Below here you will find all of the scripts so far from Lesson 1 to 19, with more on the way.

Thank you for helping us out!

MediaFire Download – All Scripts 1-19 and All Subtitle Files so far 



Spirit Science 12 Movie in GERMAN

110 thoughts on “Translations”

  1. I like your vidos so much that i could not stop until i finish it .I would traslat after a year because i am very busy now . I am in china and i am a chinese.What you want to tell in the video has a great infuluence on me and thank you angin

  2. I really do love your videos and I learned a lot from them.. But my 1st tongue is Arabic and I had some difficulties to understand everything in the video.. Can you please make Arabic subtitles for all the episodes.. So many of my Arab friends loved the episodes but they couldn’t understand everything you say.. :) thanks for the effort u made so far

  3. Hi, I was translating Spirit Science 10 (Math of God) to Turkish and realised that the script uploaded to mediafire and what’s told in the movie are different at some parts. If you could send me an updated script for that episode I can go on and finish the translation. Peace!

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  5. Hi Spirit Science team!

    I was just thinking about offering help translating your videos and a few minutes later I come across this post :D

    So, I looked up an efficient way to do the translations and if you add the automatic subtitles in English, done automatically with speech recognition, then with a translation software it is super easy to add many many languages options to the subtitles, here is a video explaining the process:

    So basically it should be fairly easy to get all your videos translated to many languages through the automatic translation. The quality of the translation greatly improves the better the English version is.

    I am more than happy to help polish the English subtitles so all other translations will have a better quality, just drop me a line and I will get to work :)


    1. Hi, thanks for your great works and sharing the truths!

      Once the English subtitle is ready, i would love to translate them to Chinese.

  6. This is an old list, where are the new English subtitles of after 19
    I was looking for Spirit Science 23 ~ The Sacred Geometry movie
    Please help :) thanks

  7. Does Anyone know how to contact the team of spirit science, I have ideas that I want to share, please don’t ignore, help so I can help.

  8. Expression.

    Knocking down the door.

    First With love respect and mutual collective intent


    Greetings, salutations.

    – I was made aware of a transition at approx 7-8pm in Chicago suburbs on this day 9-30-2015
    And was made to understand that I needed to give confirmation to :

    Ladies first ;)
    Teal Swan, spirit science, and divine waters diving deep once again.

    I felt as if all of you loving souls were communing with me. Wanted a confirmation back from sender through the sun and earth portal link that was just established emanating from the depths of our inner Galaxy..




    Perhaps an en coded transmit ion, I see the word “teams” out of this reading.

    Direct link established

    All are here.

    Syncros everywhere. I’m getting loud and clear messages.

    I am that I am.

    Message from?

    Getting the visual arc angel Michael.

    -Love is the holy grail, and Anyone can do that.

  9. I love these cartoons. But I’m from Iran and I can’t understand very good and I am so sad for this subject. I need persian subtitle for all the parts.

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