The Solution

After the Martians collapsed the Atlantean way of life, the Naacals didn’t know what to do. They asked for help from the highest conscious beings in our universe, and they received a potential solution. If it could pull it off, we would become something incredibly new and different in the universe. If we did not, we would not survive. Our entire planet was walking a very thin line.

Links and Sources

Flower of Life books – See Vol 1-Page 104 for this portion of the Human History Story!

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean

Birthing of a New Humanity

Planetary Crystalline Grid

Cayce’s Channelings

Bermuda Triangle

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  2. I’m confused. In the Thoth version of things, the pyramids were built AFTER Atlantis fell, in an attempt at a solution. How would the Hall of Records, the tiny gold tip, and the Sphinx, then, Atlantis? Or did I misunderstand something? Plz explain if you would, and send your response to my e.mail addr: [email protected]. Thk u????

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