The Crystal Movement!

The Crystal Movement

To learn about the Crystal Movement, check out this episode of Spirit Science, where we discuss the Crystal Movement! The movement of Crystals around the world!

It’s time that Crystals began to help us change the world and raise our frequencies to a higher place of light and love. By sharing crystals with each other, burying them in sacred places, doing ceremonies or just leaving them around in public areas, we can begin to bring intense rays of love and healing to each other and the planet!

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  1. Hey, like other people, I’m new here and I would like to know some sources you can get on those crystals, and some sources on how to use them. Please tell me some sources!

    1. “The Crystal Bible” by Judy Hall. It covers a ton. Check out different book sellers or book selling websites. You can purchase for decently cheap.

  2. Hey guys. I am not new to the path but I am very new to crystals. Thanks to the 4 hour series on youtube I was introduced to it. I purchased Kyanite and Selenite. I have the Kyanite on a necklace. Is it wise to also keep the Selenite in my pocket at the same time or should I alternate monthly. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

  3. Watched the entire 4 hour video on youtube & throughly enjoyed everything about it….new to my own spiritual growth & what it means, but Ive taken notes & gained so much new information to research further & I’m very excited to dig deeper into the world of consciousness….Namaste

    1. Hey, I’m not sure if you’ve already received an answer, so i’ll give you one nevertheless.
      I believe this crystal is a Kwartz (not sure how to spell it). It’s a clear crystal which is basically the balanced one. You can even call it a “beginner’s crystal”. It feels good, has lots of good energies and can be used to clean energies. It supports characteristics such as power, will and a few other which I can’t recall right now.

      This is a fine piece, I congratulate you on your purchase :)
      If you’d want to dive into more intelligence-related energies, i suggest Amethyst. If you’d ever want a crystal that works with love energies, light and helps dull/absorb spiritual pain, you should go for Rose Kwartz.

      1. Quartz I believe ;)
        My father’s a PISCES: he’s got Amethyst ALL OVER the house and one in his pocket or wallet always.

  4. I like to get my orgonite from or there are plenty of other places you can get it also just search orgonite on the web. And for crystals I get mine from again and On another note does anyone know anything about the quasicrystal

  5. I am a new comer in the series of Spirit Science and I recently watched this video about the Crystal Movement. Upon the fasination about crystals, I started searching for near by areas that I could mine for my own crystals when I came across the crystal that the Narrator of the episode wanted to see (although I am sure it is cut into the shape rather than grown, I found it interesting I came across it around the same time I watched the video). I came across the Merkaba – Black Agate Merkaba Star and he asked for who-ever came across it to leave a comment. Well the link is as followed:

    I would love to continue to help in anyways I can and would enjoy even speaking with a Spirit Council member about the lifestyles they have choicen. I myself would love to discover my inner self and bring a change to not just myself or others around me, but one day the world.

  6. Hi im Gem hahah. Ok I have lots of crystals or quartz I doen´t know and I want to know what they are or what do they do can you Help me pleas!!!!
    Thanks ;)

  7. i just got a crystal necklace and it is inside a glass casing with sterling silver design around it does this effect the crystals and i am also wondering what ways i can charge these crystals because sense there in a glass casing sunlight seams to be the only option (i also use moonlight for the moonstones ect.)

    1. Try Citrine, Kyanite, and Rose Quartz to start. Although it’s best to really feel for yourself which you truly want.

  8. I have a amethyst.But i don’t know how to recharge it. They says put it under the sunlight is bad for it.

    1. I too have heard that sunlight will fade amethyst. I think that a good way to clear it would be to go on a little walk to a magical stream and leave put it in the running water for a while, while your there you can meditate upon the moments of what you are doing. Another thing I like is to bury it – find a magical tree somewhere that you connect with – meditate next to the tree, and perhaps if you feel it is cool, ask the old wise being to help out with the crystal and you, then dig a little hole and bury the crystal there – I have buried crystals next to trees in parks and left them there for weeks before, it is always fun to return to pick it up later! Lastly, depending on the size of the crystal and how it is set, and if you have a cat, you can put it on the cat’s collar, especially if the crystal is already set up as a piece of jewelry – cats have really cool energy and can clear up crystals in a pretty cool way. Anyways, those a just some ideas, hope it helps! #1 though, HAVE FUN!! Lovin you –

      1. * Cleansing the stone in a water bath of sea salt and then setting it out to rejuvenate in the fading afternoon sun during a full moon will cleanse and recharge your precious Amethyst. It is preferable to set it on some green grass and allow the stone to soak in the elements overnight. A windowsill will work but allowing the stone to reconnect with where it came from is best. Do remember to never overexpose your Amethyst to sunlight or an acid environment, as both are detrimental.

        (scroll down to Correspondence Tables:
        there you will find * * *
        Incense / Candles / Colours / Magickal Days / Stones and Gems / Elements and Elementals) :o)

      2. I have heard that you can charge crystals in the moonlight as well. maybe after clearing it and such you can leave it on a pretty little cloth or something out in your yard and let the moon charge it up. I have a very special crystal necklace that I hang in my window at night to let the moonlight charge it :)

  9. the third crystal session made reference to a pdf guide of all of the crystals mentioned for a quick guide. any idea where to find this?

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