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10 PROVEN Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana has now been legalized in 25 states including Washington DC and there are a lot of incredible reasons why. On top of relieving stress and inflammation, cannabis has been known to help people with many illnesses from seizures all the way to treating cancer.

Active Ingredients

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are the two main active ingredients that we look at int he marijuana or cannabis plant. Both of these compounds are known as cannabinoids.shutterstock_230872459

Most strains of marijuana are focused on having a large amount of THC making the high CBD strains a lot more rare. Recently, because of the medical marijuana movement, CBD has started to gain the spotlight because of its incredible healing abilities.

Essentially the biggest difference between the two is that while THC will treat many medical issues it also can get you high. CBD treats many other medical issues while remaining non-psychoactive. In other words you will not get high from CBD.

This feature makes it much more appealing to the medical world because it reduces the side effects while also making it much safer for people to use when they need to function outside of the home or when children are needing treatment. Find out more of the differences between the two compounds here.

Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Tech Insider has put together a short video to go over many of the awesome benefits that people are finding from using medical marijuana, check it out below.

While there are so many different benefits that come from medical marijuana we wanted to show you 10 examples where it has already shown a lot of potential! Continue reading