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Tarot 101: How To Read Tarot Cards Using Your Intuition

Tarot card reading can be a fun and revealing activity to add to your life. It’s a great way to entertain guests at parties, or simply to find some spiritual meaning in your own life. Not to mention, it’s a pretty cool skill to have in your repertoire.

Check out these beginner’s guide for Tarot card reading.

Step One: Keep it simpleshutterstock_208828732

It’s easy to get lost in the complex and mysterious systems that make up the Tarot. If you try to learn all of the systems at once, you’re likely to become overwhelmed.

Make a commitment to yourself to keep it simple and manageable.

You can achieve this by sticking to simple spreads, simple meanings, and simple techniques. As time goes on, your confidence will grow, and so will your readings.

Step Two: Personal Connection

Trying to memorize every single Tarot card and symbol can be a daunting and relentless task. There are dozens upon dozens of Tarot card books detailing the meaning behind specific cards.shutterstock_282838805

Asking your mind to take all that in, in such a short period of time acts similarly to a late night cram study session. You remember the information for a short period of time, but in the long run you find yourself drawing a blank.

 Creating a personal or intuitive connection with the cards is imperative when starting out with Tarot cards. Look to your everyday life for personal examples of the Tarot cards. What card best describes your day today? What card represents your best friend? Make it as personal as you can. Continue reading