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Scientists Can Now Regrow Your Teeth With Stem Cells Using Lasers

Ever since learning about the harm caused by mercury-based dental fillings, I have been on the lookout for a solution to the problem of cavities. When you think about the fact that we can heal and regrow bone within our body it is confusing as to why we don’t have a way to regrow our teeth when they become damaged.

While we can’t exactly put a cast on a broken tooth there is another newly discovered technology that is using laser light and stem cells to regrow teeth right inside of your mouth!

Harvard’s Wyss Institute Researchblack-dna-dna-double-helix-dna-helicase-abstract

David Mooney from the Harvard’s Wyss Institute and his team recently published their results in the journal of Science Translational Medicine. Mooney’s team of researchers were able to create a technique with a low-powered laser that will actually stimulate stem cells into reforming the dentin layer of your tooth. Once the dentin is healed the tooth could be recapped and function like normal once more.

This new technology could be used within the field of dentistry to regrow teeth and in other scenarios to help heal wounds and even restore bones!

Why This Technology is so Incredible

The reason this new technology is so exciting is because it expedites the healing process. Typically when you are using stem cells you have to use specific proteins in order to get the cells to grow into the type of tissue that you need. Stem cells are master cells that in the right set and setting can grow into any part we need. Continue reading