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These Incredible Salt Drawings Reveal Their True Colors When Inverted

Dino Tomic is an incredibly talented and patient artist that has spent countless hours mastering an art form that isn’t truly revealed until you look at it inverted. What may be even more incredible about this detailed work is the fact that it is done entirely with regular table salt.

Imagine spending hours meticulously placing the salt on these giant mandala-like designs while also maximizing the contrasting space so that it will pop once the image is inverted. Dino is truly gifted in his ability to capture our wonder and inspire other artists who are looking for unique ways to share their vision with the world.

While the creation of art with salt isn’t new Dino has been able to expand upon old ideas and add in a unique flavor as well.

“The salt mandalas/salt art are just one of many stepping stones I’m undertaking. I know I’m talking more in general about art than the the subject at hand – but I feel it’s more important to present the whole picture instead. Undertaking projects like these are like entering uncharted territory.”

Dino describes that with this particular project he was looking to overcome his past boundaries and set the bar as high as he could in order to challenge himself. By focusing on giant salt art designs he is also setting records while stunning the viewer.

“Today in the world there are only a handful of people who create art using only salt and the projects they undertake is a mere fraction of the size that I do.”

Below are some of the incredibly stunning pieces that Dino has created. We have also included an awesome video of one of Dino’s work called Inverted eye salt.

Inverted effect made with salt


Salt Mandala

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