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Research Shows Magic Mushrooms Permanently Make You More Open to Life

After only one dose of the psychedelic psilocybin mushroom (aka Magic Mushrooms) you can experience a lasting personality change that is described by researchers at Johns Hopkins as exhibited more “openness”.

This was the case in a study they conducted on 51 participants where they found that 60% had measurable personality changes after just one session on this hallucinogenic plant.

What Does Openness Mean?


According to the researchers, participants were observed with various personality changes which included aesthetics, feelings, abstract ideas, open-mindedness and even imagination.

These changes were all measured on a scale of scientifically validated personality traits and were found to be much greater in the people who took psilocybin when compared to other healthy adults with many decades of life experience.

The researchers also noted that after the age of 30 people don’t typically demonstrate significant personality changes.

“Normally, if anything, openness tends to decrease as people get older,” says professor of behavioral sciences and psychiatry Roland R. Griffiths, from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

So these adults were found to regain some part of our minds which is lost after the age of 30. Continue reading