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Daily Divination 4/30/16 ~ The Dawn After the Storm

If your week has been anything like mine, this Saturday reading should come as a relief. The runes today speak of the energy of dawn breaking through into the energy of the storm. Chaotic forces are at work to be sure, but when these forces have played out they settle into a state that lets in the light.

In fact, the chaotic storm is required to wash away stagnant energy that we so often get stuck in . Here we see the first rays of dawn breaking through and illuminating the way forward, and that will be a quite a sight to behold.

runes 43016 doneHagalaz, if you haven’t guessed yet, is our storm rune. It represents the chaotic forces of nature and suggests that the environment is ripe for an uproar of energetic clashing.

When Hagalaz appears, you should be on the lookout for rapid change and aggressive influences. It is a time for caution, yes, but more importantly it is a time to be aware. The unseen forces at work in your life are extremely active, and maintaining your composure in the face of these forces will draw them out into the light.

These forces might be positive or negative, and that is why it is important to let them appear as honestly as you can see them. Negative forces will shrivel and waste away, while positive influences get the chance to work with you, often becoming great assets to you. Adopting them will help you on your way, and you will continue on a bit lighter without the excess baggage of dark or unhelpful pressures.

Dagaz is the manifestation of a very different type of energy and suggests a time of clarity following darkness or obfuscation. This is why we refer to it as the rune of the dawn. When we wake to see a sunrise, we see the darkness gently lifted away by the first rays of light.

A dull, dim light followed by the rising of our great sun bringing warmth, life, and vitality to every organism on Earth. This profound sight plays out each and every day, though we are not always able to appreciate the magical magnitude of it. This rune is also referred to as the rune of the breakthrough.

It is interesting to note that many across the world will celebrate Beltane this weekend, the last of three spring fertility rituals in Pagan tradition.

In this, we ask for abundance in this year’s harvest and for the strength to turn this wheel of fortune once again. We celebrate the fullness of life by jumping through the fire. I am also reminded of the saying, “April showers bring May flowers” as we close this busy, chaotic, and often tumultuous month.

If you have found yourself in the storm this week, this month, or even this year, it is time to open up to a new light. The dawn is coming and it is bringing something completely new. It is a fresh start to your day and to your life.

If you let it, it will arrive pleasantly, gently, beautifully, and it will bring abundance and strength along with a new set of allies. Give thanks for this month and this storm, for it has prepared the way forward. May your May be ever so flowerful.

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