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A Naked Restaurant Is Opening In London & There’s A 45,000-Person Wait List

You heard us right, a restaurant is opening up in London where people will be able to go dine naked if they choose! The Bunyadi, which is the first naked restaurant in the city will open up in June 2016 and stay open for 3 months.

While we often will pick a place to eat based on the food being served a new trend has emerged where you choose a restaurant based on the experience it provides. That is why the Bunyadi concept is so intriguing to people in London.

As more people seek the natural and raw experience trends like this may become a lot more common. While there are nude beaches and even nude hot springs the idea of a nude public restaurant is a bit out of the ordinary.

Guests will come in, change into a gown, remove all of their electronics, and then they will have the option to disrobe if they choose. This will create as natural an environment as you can get. The staff will also be mostly clothing free depending on their role. Seb Lyall, the founder of The Bunyadi answered a few important questions about his new restaurant.

What will be on the menu?


The food will be cooked over a wood burning fire and they will have both vegan and non-vegan options. The intent is to create as much of a natural atmosphere as possible so the food with be completely chemical free, cook naturally, and you will be provided with edible utensils as well.

“We had to choose the menu based on nudity,” says Seb Lyall, the Bunyadi’s founder. “Once we had announced the concept, all the jokes started coming out, all the tweets, all the articles. And they all said one thing: ‘Don’t spill the soup!’ So, it’s no hot soup or broths for us.”

The food will be prepared without gas stoves or any electronics.

“For safety reasons, we can’t have staff cooking naked. But that’s the least of our worries,” Lyall explains. “The really difficult thing is cooking food without using anything gas-based, or any blenders. We’re even having to make our own flour. But it’s the nudity that everyone talks about – and that’s the easiest bit.” Continue reading