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Was This Ancient Greek Computer Used to Look Into The Future?

Recently a breakthrough in the study of the mysterious Greek Computer known as the ‘Antikythera mechanism’ revealed that this device was likely used by philosophers in order to see into the future!
In the year 1900, some sponge divers were in the Aegean Sea when they came upon wreckage from an ancient Greek ship. Among the wreckage were many different artistic statues and one of the most advanced mechanical devices from that era.
This clock-like device was used to accurately predict astrological events such as sun and moon cycles, eclipses and more! Its unique gears made it simple for the user to track many events n our solar system which would be extremely useful in the days before the internet.
According to research done on the device, it was used for “lunar and solar eclipses on the basis of Babylonian arithmetic-progression cycles.” -Tony Freeth

Incredibly Rare and Advanced Computerantikythera_mechanism_remains

The Antikythera mechanism is referred to as an ancient computer because it has such an advanced design for the time period. Though it doesn’t contain the wires of a modern computer it still has an advanced design that must have taken a lot of mathematical calculations in order to figure out.
This device is so rare that over 100 years after its discovery in the year 1900 people from all over the world are still studying it. As we have developed more advanced tools for seeing into objects we have been able to uncover more of its incredible uses after over half a century of curiosity.

Scientists believe that the ancient computer is from around the 2nd B.C. According to a study published in 2006 by the Nature academic journal this ancient greek computer was “technically more complex than any known device for at least a millennium afterwards.” Continue reading