Spirit Quest

Spirit Quest is the personal adventure of Jordan Duchnycz, the author of Spirit Science. He is a world traveller and is on a constant adventure to learn more about the world, its history, and the beings that inhabit it.

Hey everyone, Jordan here. Spirit Quest is actually my own personal video blog series, but it’s not just ANY video blog series. Spirit Quest is the adventure of a lifetime. With Spirit Science, I tried to explain the research and revelations I had about who we are and what were capable of. It is you might say, the Left Brain of my life. One of the main things that I really wanted others to experience was the understanding that you can have, do, or be ANYTHING that you want! I feel that way and through spirit science i tried to explain the logical side of how it works from a more spiritual-scientific perspective.

With Spirit Quest, I am showing you. I am living my life in a way that not many people do these days, and those who do, don’t make it public and broadcast their adventures. I am traveling wherever the winds of the universe takes me, and adventuring off and doing whatever I want, all while exploring and researching more about all of these topics, whether they be spiritual, scientific, esoteric, occult, or whatever!

Don’t get me wrong, the purpose of Spirit Quest isn’t to tell YOU that you should travel and do what i’m doing. Not at all! I’m trying to show you that YOU are all possibility!. You can do anything, you can have anything, you can be anything! You just have to know what you want, and follow your heart. As you’ll see in Spirit Quest, that’s all it takes, and the universe is your playground.


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  1. hey. i am writing a show that has great potential to go mainstream after fully complete. its along the line of gravity falls and Stephen universe if you know what those are. but anyways, i was wondering if we could chat about how i could realy get started and also if it would be ok if patch could pop in my show at some point. i promise, none of this is for money, i just relay want to get spirit science known to the world, specifically the children/teens like me around the world.

    and on a side note, thank you soooo much if you are reading this. spirit science has helped me with sooo much in my life, and even if you dont help me with this, i want to thank you for all the times your wisdom HAVE helped me in life. again, thank you, and god bless you.

  2. Hi J,

    I like what you say and how compile what other folks have said before into a very interesting narrative, yet, I object to how you uncritically reproduce certain racist assumptions about what you, as a white person, identifies as third world peoples today: remember that egyptians were black folks, and that the maya were themselves culturally distinct from one another so there are no real Maya at all but different communities of people, and also, that the Aztec sun dial stone is not a calendar and it is not a Mayan thing, but a nahuatl technology from the Olmec who had a whole different way of looking at things from the north and central valley of mexico as opposed to the more southeast and central american rooted “maya,” again, I would love to use your material in my pedagogic classes to young latinos in the U.S. but they always bring these questions up, can you do a Spirit Science sequence that does not make you look like a white person who is uncritically romanticizing the past and especially that does not seem to negate third world people’s pre European high technologies? Love and Respect Always!

  3. Dear Jordan Duchnycz:

    My name is Andrea. First of all i want to say that your videos had changed my perspective in an awesome and very cane way. I really love them and i feel comfortable when i hear the information you bring to us though your cartoons (which i think that you and i have in common. I want to create cartoons to share a positive message to people). And I only wanted to ask you about your video “Spirit Science 9, Astral Projection”. As the description that you brought on the video and my own experiences, I feel that I’ve already done it. Mostly in my youth from kindergarten till 2nd grade mostly. After I was 8 years old I was consent of my life and actions. Then those realistic dreams just stopped and some points. I’ve had various experiences of lets say Astral Projections like “going to heaven” and seeing angels and Virgin Mary (this actually happened) but I don’t know if that is actually an Astral Projection or just a dream. But it felt too real to be just a dream. My question is, how can I control myself when I’m in that state?

    I’ll wait for your response, have a good day :)

  4. I just watched Our History is not what we Think watch this! on youtube. I’d love to know why the race/ethnicity of the ancient people of Khem was not identified? I was sort of ok with the anonymity until you made it quite clear who was white. Would you please explain the thought process behind intentionally not identifying the ancient peoples as black Africans?

  5. my story is a weird one which all makes sense now because of your awareness Jordan. Whilst the Orion belt was aligned I had a 3 day dream, whilst awake consistantly scribing molecular, cellular levels ect. I began a search to find out why and what it all means, yet I only went to a yr 8 equivalent and don’t even know my times tables. Yet when I awoke I knew string theory, quantum jumping and more. I would love to share my understanding and dreamtime with Jordan to try and make more sense of it as, I keep being lead back to spirit science as my guide. I know your just a man but what an intelligent one you are. Keep on doing everything your doing as the ripple effect is being felt millenniums away.

  6. I have questions for which I seek answers. I don’t doubt anything as, like with the universe, the only thing I will ever know is that I’ll never know – Maybe due to my calcified peneal gland; most likely as a result of forced fluoridation. Grrrr
    You’ve given me pages of notes for my own research & investigation Jordan. :-)

  7. please make a tutorial on how to make videos like spirit science animation.I am fan of that animation and would like to create videos a little similiar to yours but mine is related to history not science.I asure you that i will not copy .i will only learn .

  8. Dear Patchman and all,

    I would like to thank you for opening the discussions regarding “truths”, and I say “truths” seeing as they are all subjective. :)
    No one can impose thoughts on another individual, however we can all try to influence each other in our perception of the world we are in; thus hopefully bettering our planet. And to this I think the question we should truly ask ourselves on a personal level is, are we doing it to help ourselves as individuals by trying to influence others and their perceptions?

    Or are we trying to help out our ecosystem? In other words, creating a better way of life for us and other living beings in a way which works for for us (as a community) and our environment, seeing as we are all codependent on the well being of the environment we live in.

    I would like to point out that through the viewings of the spirit science episodes and reading some of the comments above, I have made a mental note that we are missunderstanding the purpose of the messages. Rather than them being a shock impulse to our rapidly spinning out of controle society and concluding in a mass awakening. The messages are directed on a deeper, more individualistic level. (Forgive me if I am stating the obvious, but I think it’s also catalystic step which is sometimes missed. I realised I have made that mistake)
    And I am talking about imposing these beliefs that we, ‘man’ and ‘woman’ :) , have to awaken ourselves to our spiritual unity. And by this I mean by shouting loudly on roof tops that we have to change our ways, or else… That we (the 99ers) have the real power over the … (Bankers, Politicians, Conspirers etc…) and so on ad more… When I came to realise it, this is done through what I call our Ego talk, rash and heated communication powered by self-obsessed awareness.

    Don’t get me wrong, I deeply agree with the idea of us being able to awaken ou spiritual energy and connect to one another and our universe(s). But we are to do so, first and foremost, on an individual basis whilst all the while keeping our minds open to discussion and on hearing the opposing thoughts. Being able to tolerate and accept differences whilst hopefully all the while opening other minds to understand different perceptions… Think of Plato’s allegory of the cave. The shadows reproduced on the wall by the outside light are but mere perceptions of reality. One must create their own understanding of these perceptions, we can share or debate, but none can impose.

    Just remember to actively cultivate your own curiosity and truths. And take up meditation :) ten minutes is all you need in a day. Treat others how you would like others to treat you. Think butterfly effect.

    Last of all (other than apologising for rehashing what spirit science has been elucidating ) I would like to thank Team Spirit, thanks to whom my path to ascension and self discovery received a huge boost. By rediscovering myself and reading up on meditation, soul/self awakening, Buddhism and other philosophies and theories, I have been able to calm down the ego in my mind.
    I can only hope that through this novel I have written :), that I may share the insight of self awakening being the start of a greater symbiosis. Now isn’t that a kind thought. Another thing, smile, it’s catchy.

  9. Jordan, Awakener.
    Spirit essence + Human awareness = Life synthesis
    Alchemy of the highest form.
    You are appreciated, beyond measure.

  10. Spirit science was perhaps the most eye opening and beautiful presentation I have ever watched. I had been gearing myself up for a physical journey for a couple years to the sacred sights around the globe. I actually had no idea why I felt compelled to have to do it but now I understand why and why I must in my own journey. My spirit was already pulling me toward my destiny and now I have found many of the keys through spirit science. I knew we were all connected I knew that people had ascended I just haven’t been able to fathom or articulate how and why. I’m just so happy and I feel so excited not only for this knowledge in our generation but our children and our children’s children and we will all of us change the course of our history. Get excited people!! Get excited!

  11. Our Science is part our creation, God is not part of the same.
    World is as we perceive it tells our story.
    The spiritual world is not isolated and if God has a role,let him do his bit.
    We speculate too much about things beyond our comprehension. ND M

  12. Hey I’m not sure if you all will see this but I guess it’s connected to the journey you all do to meet different amazing people all over the world. This weekend a lot of Scandinaivan people will meet up to discuss this site, the forum and different things that are brought up. We hope to vlog the first meeting ever in Scandinavia and put it up on the forum or on Youtube! Hope you will enjoy it and know that interested people are spread all over the world :)

  13. Hey Jordan and patchman, After seeing the clarity video and the new years video and can’t believe any negativity could have come from those. I think anyone that would be blaming you for their lack of instant ascension is totally missing the point of your video’s. I think your video’s and community is so much more than we could even understand because you are getting young people and all ages to start thinking about this and talking about this and we are empowering not only our generation but those generations before and after us…you are changing the world and so are we and any one that doesn’t appreciate this now definitely will at some point down the line…thanks for everything you do and because of this we are moving towards our ascension and it’s not something we could expect to get from a day or a magic event!!!


        1. not everyone making this a religoin would take the concret concept out of it this belife is of free will witch is what makes it so amazing it not something made from a higher power to control and govern the people making this a religion would distroy this great blife it would cause problems and would become like evry other religion it would be fought over and change over and over again keep it pure man :)

    1. Really, God is certainly not part of our scientific perceptions.
      God is subtle part of my worldly space.
      We will be better of to leave God do its bit as per his choice.
      ND M

  15. I love how you live the light!!! You are so inspiring!!
    Thank you for sharing your time with us and showing us how

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