With all of this new information coming out, its hard to keep track of everything. There’s so much to learn, so much to look at! Where to begin?!

This page is an organized look at tons of resources for your learning pleasure :) If you have any pages you’d like to contribute, post the information in the comments below! PLEASE NOTE: None of the information or resources linked below are 100% true or 100% false, they are that they are. We are providing them because we think they hold validity in learning about the state of the world and moving forward on your own personal path to ascension. You have to decide if the information resonates with you!


NOTE – Any and All free PDF’s that we are posting links to were found by us where they are. We are only providing you an easier access to the links which could be found by googling regardless. We do not take responsibility for posting the books, just sharing the information. 

The Best Book to start your learnings! – The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life. If you’ve watched Spirit Science, you probably know of this one, as we’ve mentioned it many times.

We want to ask that if you have the monetary wealth to share, please support Drunvalo’s work. Also, go to his website and check out more of his stuff as well. He’s a brilliant man and is still doing lots of work today!

Some other books we recommend…

Into the Wild – In only the first few days of its launch, Jake Ducey’s new book skyrocketed up to top 3 of all of its categories, bumping up right next to eat pray love and into the wild! Check it out, it’s a brilliant book of transformation, adventure, and inspiration.

The Twelfth Planet, and other books by Zecharia Sitchin. – All of those ancient tablets that were dug up all across ancient sumeria were translated by Zecharia Sitchin. These books are the chronicles of the ancients!

2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl. – An amazing journey through crop circles and the amazon to discover the ultimate nature about 2012, and what is to come!

Eckhart Tolle’s  – A New Earth – This is the book that the Atlantis King based his “Ego & Ascension” video series off of, check out this book if the topics he presented interested you!

Be Here Now – Ram Dass (Book available to read online – Scribd)

Shaman, Healer, Sage – Alberto Villoldo

For Learnings about the Kaballah and Ancient Magicks, check out anything by Israel Regardie

Nothing in this book is true, but it’s exactly the way it is – Bob Frissell.  – A great book summarizing lots of the information in Drunvalo’s books, along with lots more information from many other brilliant sources.

The Book of Stones. by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian – One of the best crystal books out there!

The Law of One – A Collection of Changelings from Ra


Consciousness Portals – A space for collaboration among ideas and projects to create something beautiful in this world!

The Venus Project – A plan for the future, full of abundance, life, freedom, and happiness.

Esoteric Tube – A video portal with TONS of videos featured, from 2012 to Sacred Geometry, you can learn tons from browsing this site!

In5D – Your Spiritual, Metaphysical, Esoteric and Occult Database. This site is fully loaded and still filling, new articles daily!

Conscious Media Network – An alternative news site all about the conscious universe, and the mysteries behind the human heart, and our creative potentials.

Divine Cosmos – David Wilcocks Site and blog with information for transforming this planet to that of grace and peace
Shifting Technology + Understanding

Earth Ships – Sustainable homes made from recycled material, very easy to build and create majestic creations out of – very inspiring!

The 13 Moon Calendar – A new calendar that is synchronized to our solar cycles. If you shift to this calendar, you shift into sync with the planet.


Movies + Shows (With Links to the Movie/Show/Trailer on Youtube)

Thrive – An unconventional documentary about free energy, a new generation of existence on earth, and the control systems that will try and stop us from getting there.

The Matrix – While more Sci-Fi, this movie really began to make people aware of the “matrix” that we exist within today. Watch this movie once you’re aware of these systems, and it will blow your mind into understanding.

What the Bleep do we Know (Full Length Movie Free) – A scientific movie about the self, quantum physics, and the universe as a whole.

DMT – The Spirit Molecule – A documentary all about Dimethyltriptamine, the chemical that is released through the pineal gland every night when you sleep, and can also be smoked for amazing trips into the divine.

The Secret (First 25 minutes Free, and really that’s all you need!) – A movie about Manifestation using your thoughts and feelings! Really great for if you’re just getting started on this pathway into yourself.

Water – The Great Mystery (part 1 of 6) – A really incredible movie discussing Water, what is it, and why do we know so little about it?

2001 – A Space Odyssey – One of Stanley Kubricks greatest films, this movie is very subliminal and is all about everything that is happening on earth right now.

2012 – The Year we made Contact – The sequel to 2001, this movie gets more in-depth about what’s going on in space, what is the monolyth, and much, much more.

Ancient Aliens (Full series available on Youtube, this is a link to Season 1- Episode 1) – A history channel series about our ancient past, and how we may have been visited by ancient aliens to assist us in our evolution as a species!

Inception – A really amazing movie about Lucid Dreaming.

FREE ENERGY – The Race to Zero Point – A documentary about the free energy that exists in the universe and those that suppressed it!

Anything by Haiyo Miyazaki, such as Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke. – Fantasy, magical, beautiful worlds with brilliant colours, characters and grace. These movies are very magical, and it’s important to keep the magic alive :)

Gurren Lagann – (Full Series Available online youtube, the Japanese Dub is better but this is still great!) – Gurren Lagann is a show all about spiral energy, the entire universe, courage, power, and igniting a mans soul with the fires of passion! Absolutely amazing show, we recommend it to everyone :D


Astral Travel

Astral 101 – A Column Series by Ryan Boyd right here on Spirit Science! If you’re looking for TONS of info, this is a great place to start!

Spirit Science 9: Astral Travel – A 10 minute animated explanation of Astral Projection.

Lucidology 101 – A video series teaching how to obtain the state of Lucid Dreaming and Astral Awareness.

The World of Lucid Dreaming – An awesome website with tons of info regarding Astral Travel and Lucid Dreaming.



Oil Pulling   – A technique that helps clean out your mouth by breaking apart all of the plaque and toxins in your mouth, and in doing so can help you heal from a myriad of ailments. DO NOT SWALLOW! Read the article before trying it, the oil becomes poisonous when its in your mouth for too long.

Harmonix Healing – Come check out the work of Dr. James Hopkins, who developed the most incredible instruments based on Pythagorean Mathematics for Conscious Healing! Get in contact with James if your in the LA area, or order a CD to meditate with! You won’t regret it!

Working with Chakras – An article by Denise Yamaoka, it serves as a guide for working with your energy centres and clearing them to move forward.

IMRAW – A site by Jeremiah Shattuck, a raw food alchemist with lots of information for cleansing your body by creating pure and healthy food, as well as various vibrational detoxes you can also do.

Oneness University ~ A site that offers inspiration, assistance, and courses in rediscovering yourself


TED Talks

Alexander Tsiaras: Conception to Birth – Watch as the single cell turns into the Vesica Pisces, and then into the rest of the geometry of creation!

Jill Taylor’s Stroke of Insight – An amazing ted talks about the hemispheres of the brain.

Garret Lisi’s Theory of Everything – A theory of everything that was discussed in Spirit Science lesson 7.

Ken Robinson says School Kills Creativity – A fascinating talk about creativity and the education system.

Shawn Achor – The Happiness Advantage: Linking Positive Brains to Performance

Brian Cox on the Large Hadron Collider

Science and Spirituality – Jeff Lieberman

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