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This week, lets get Meditational! Meditation is one of those incredible practices which has been performed for at LEAST 6,000 years by the human race, but it definitely extended back into Atlantis and Lemuria and beyond. Meditation is the art of calming the mind and being at one with yourself and everything around you. In this lesson, we discuss many of the absolute basics of Meditation, and how you can do it yourself!

Links and Sources
Learning Meditation
Meditation – Take stress-reduction breaks wherever you are
The point of Meditation

14 thoughts on “Meditation”

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  2. Hi i just want to say I love ur videos really helped me out with everything , I once saw the world in such a boring way but now u made me beleive that the universe is more beautiful than I thought and I thank you for that

  3. Hi, first of all I have to say that I did’t believe any of things you learned, but just today I`ve tried your meditation tips and when I count to 0, a surge of pure happiness came through me. Well, it`s hard to describe by words, but I just laughed because of… I just don`t know. It was pure. I certainly didn`t ecpect such a result first time trying this, but it convinced me that maybe there is something on what you say. Thank you

  4. I love your videos and I love the idea about meditation but I can never focus on it and I only can do 5 minutes and that was in Buddhist school in Rochester. Are there any alternate ways to meditate if so please tell me. I would really apprecite it.

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