Math of God

This week, we dive back into the Sacred Geometry pool to talk about spirals and sequences that all life strives towards, and at the end we look at the 2nd informational unraveling of the Fruit of Life.

Links and Sources

Flower of Life – Spirals

Face on Mars
Siriusly – Face on Mars
Richard Hoagland’s work Compilation

Geometry of Music
Scientists discover geometry of Music
The Geometry and Harmony of Music
Spirit of Maat Р Sacred Geometry of Sound

Flower of life books

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  3. 144000. Number the words GODS SACRED FAMILY using the Pythagorean system. It will look like this. 7641 113954 614937. Now add GODS+SACRED+FAMILY=736532. Split and multiply 736×532=391552 split and multiply 391×552=215832 split and multiply 215×832=178880 and 17×8880= 144000!!!!

  4. GODS HEARTBEAT IS 528360. It goes clockwise and counterclockwise. Make 528360 flip and go counterclockwise. 168×2146=360528 and 168×3145=528360. Add your two answers. 360528+528360= 888888. TADAH

  5. The frequency of the center of the universe is 528 hertz. It is the frequency of DNA AND OF YOUR HEARTBEAT AND IT SURROUNDS US 360 DEGREES. Prove it with math. G+O+D=17 and GxOxD=168. Add the two answers 17+168=185. Now multiply 17×168=2856. Now multiply your two new answers. 185×2856= 528360. Pythagorean numbering of the alphabet.

  6. G+O+D=17. And H+O+L+Y=24 and B+I+B+L+E=21. And 24×21=504. Put the two answers together like this 17504. Now number the word RELIGION it is 95397965. You have eight digits so split it in half and add 9539+7965= 17504. You see that religion matched GOD17 and HOLY24xBIBLE21=504. Use the Pythagorean numbering of the alphabet.

  7. I have studied Sacred Geometry for 30 years and use it as the foundation of my art. You have done a great service condensing all this knowledge and accurately in 12 minutes. FANTASTIC !!

  8. the series is awesome, i think that the topics of each vid need to be elaborated on much more wherever possible I’m sure thats the intention here though.

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