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  4. Hello there my name is brandon mitchell, to who it may concern, help or care to read..I actually I been watching your video for about to months and all the things you communicate I feel are true, why, because natural I have figured out these thing just my evaluating my reflecting on my life,daydreaming, meditation and they match perfectly as if I just as you are all connected into the one source, the problem is that we all need to connect to each other though love and understanding, to reach and defeat the unbalanced not flowing with nature (structure of individuals creator) to fix this connection to reach this next dimensions with as many good people as possible….now I have came up with a super secret plan that could save us all and start to set us free as of tomorrow, now im also am soul believer in everything happens for a reason, maybe I was suppose contact to guy cause you guys had exactly what I needed and I had exactly what you guy were looking for the one idea the change the world together….how also I believe in the wrong hands this plan could be used to also destroy the world even more, now I will post the idea because of that reason, but if we were to meet in the super top secret location lol because I believe we would do the right thing with this plan I have developed so if you ladies and gentlemen are willing to heard and meet I promise this will be the creator yiu were looking for plz contact me smile mr. brandon mitchell… email: [email protected] p.s I know funny haha but long story behind the email address lol all love thanks for your time

  5. how do get your materials in Nigeria? Am ready to buy CDs and books to improve my self. Here is my no +2348033383696

  6. Waiting for DVD’s!!! …Just like me i’m sure there are so many people wanting to PAY$ you for DVD’s and not just watch free on YouTube.
    I would love to see complete box-set, your work is crying to be shared :)

  7. Whats taking so long to get the DVD’s ready to sell. Its a shame that so many people want this but have had to wait so long, just make one at least.

  8. Hi, i really want all seven spirit shirts. I remember when you first posted it, i wasn’t able to afford it. But i was in utter amazement. Can I preorder all seven of them please?! I don’t know where i need to go to join the emailing list.

  9. hi wondering if you can help im looking for a bracelet with many different crystals! but i can only find bracelets with one or two types? any ideas guys ?

  10. where does one get an orgon matrix or an orgonite crystal device? i’ve looked in the jewerly store and extras, couldnt find it. i would buy one in a heart beat =)

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