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  1. As a Muslim, I need to make a correction. In the video it is stated that “the Qur’an says creation began about 6000 years ago”. This is not true as the Qur’an gives no date or time frame as to when Creation began. On the contrary, in Judaism, the Hebrew calendar begins at creation and counts forward. 2013 CE is year 5774 on the Jewish calendar. This is arrived out by counting generations and the life spans in each generation listed in the Tanakh (Old Testament)(http://www.jewfaq.org/calendar.htm “Numbering of Jewish Years”). However, even orthodox Jews recognize that the days of creation were not necessarily hour 24 hour Earth days and therefore could have been much longer as the Hebrew word “yom” translated as “day”, also means “epoch, age, eon, a period of time” (same is true for “yom” in Arabic). More typically, creationist Christians take the literal meaning of day as a 24 hour day and adhere to the nearly 6000 year age. Both the Muslims I know and the Jews I know have a sort of fascinating amusement of that belief but although it does exist in Judaism, although understood differently than literally 6000 earth years), neither Judaism or Islam hold that creation is around 6000 earth years old. Especially Islam which has no such reference to any time frame for the age of creation in the Qur’an or Ahadith.

  2. Please delete my first comment. Thank you, and sorry, I did not realize I cannot edit or delete my comment after writing it.

  3. 21.12.2012 does not really match with the duration of Kali Yuga, according to the few Hindu writings I read. Are those time frames wrong, because if not, Kali Yuga does not end for 420,000 years or so. How do we know when Kali Yuga ends, what are the signs?
    It seems to me like the world has not yet hit rock bottom… Though it would be beautiful to believe that what was worse has passed.

  4. Hello to everyone, this is great site :)
    So it looks like The Earth is “playground” for spirits and their ascension, and the game is played through the 4 Ages in precession of the Equinox…

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