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So of course with cosmic discussions comes a LOT of curious individuals who more often than not have LOTS of answers. Over the last several months i’ve got a TON of questions about this, that, and the other, and I thought it might be a good time to put in a page for “Frequently Asked Questions”. Here we go!

Q1. Can you teach me to Astral Project?

A1. Astral Projection is one of those things that is both different for everyone and usually pretty hard. Ultimately what it comes down to is usually the individual him or herself, and it’s not something that can be easily “taught” to the masses, especially over the internet. Most people will just attempt to learn Astral Projection on their own, but if you can find a teacher then you’ll probably be much better off. The best place in the world I know to actually get guidance and master the art of leaving your body is the Monroe Institute (which interestingly enough, is also the main headquarters of the US Militaries Remote Viewing sect) but I digress.

If your going to be going at it on your own, you’re going to have to work very diligently, have a LOT of patience, and be prepared to spend at least an hour in meditation every day. You should also be doing meditation frequently anyways even before you begin Projecting, and get to the point where you can easily slip into a very pure, still state of mind. Of course, for many people (as we’ve seen with the comments on lesson 9 on youtube), many people have gotten astral projection easily, but it still feels like much less than are trying. I feel that the more people that continue to do it, the easier it will become. If what were learning about the new energies that are coming into the planet are true, then after 2012 it may become easier to leave your body due to the nature of the frequencies the planet holds. I can’t guarantee that though, there are several theories about 2012 itself and that’s a whole different topic.

Ultimately, I recommend learning as much as you can with your left brain about Astral Travel, and try and transition that into your right brain experiential. The thing is, your way will be unique to YOU, so you can only use all of your left brain experiences as guides and really chart your own “experiential path” into this incredible new experience like no other before. The sources i provided in lesson 9, Lucidology, World of Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection: Amazing Journeys outside the body, are but a few of the tons of resources across the web that you can find to help you learn more about it. Of course, Hemi-Sync and iDoser also have fantastic resources for getting out as well, of course I do recommend you get good at meditation before beginning to use these.

I highly recommend however, check out out our column Astral 101 by Ryan Boyd. He’s been projecting for a long time now and has assembled a collection of articles right here on this site going into detail about his experiences and how you can experience such states as well! :D


Q2. So is this like some kind of cult that your shoving down peoples throats?

A2. Absolutely not! I’m not saying anything is this way or that way, but merely trying to creatively explore and discuss many of these “esoteric” or spiritual topics that aren’t really discussed in the world. Modern society has put labels on everything, and said were only allowed to be in these particular boxes. “If your religious, science is bad. If you’re Athiest, religion is a plague on society. There’s no room for intermingling, it’s one way or the other, and anything else is a cult and should be mocked”. Tell me, does that sound healthy to you?

Spirit Science is all about just taking many of these topics which HAVE validity behind them, such as Chakras and Auras, or Astral Projection, or even our own Human History story, and saying “Alright guys, according to ancient texts and channeled beings and people who have astral projected, this is what THEY say about it. What do you think?”.


Q3. So, do you believe it?

A3. You know it’s a tricky question, but mostly because i don’t like the term “believe”. When you “believe” something, you’re basically saying “This is how I feel and i’m sticking to it”, but I believe everything just as much as I disbelieve it. When people have “beliefs”, what tends to happen  is they get holed into to sticking there, and they observe all of the other opinions through a “lens” that is their belief. For example, if a christian looks at atheism, they’re seeing atheism from a perspective of their current belief system, which would be christianity. Not only that, but they will see it (typically) biased without willing to submerge their mental understandings INTO that alternate belief.

It’s the left-brain right-brain thing. You’re right brain is experiential, and if you’re experiencing an atheistic view of the world and looking at a religion, you’re only absorbing a linear, left brain understanding of that religion. To TRULY understand the religion however, you have to completely dive in, experience it. Most people don’t want to do that, which is where everyone divides.

I guess my answer for this question is, I don’t believe anything, but I believe everything. I feel almost as if I am experiencing above belief systems, because i am able to “dive in” and experience anything. When your taking it in, take it in fully and completely and see how it makes you feel. Does it resonate with you. Then from there you can decide how YOU want be, without being in ANY belief system whatsoever…because in reality, you ARE your belief system ^_^


Q4. How do you feel about Keylontic Sciences, Ashayana, and Ashtar Command?

A4.  I want to put this delicately and also let you know that everything is exactly as it needs to be. If you find a deeper realization in my words, please take actions that you feel is best suited for continuing on your path.

I followed Ashayana for a little while, and had several profound experiences with her work. The marharic seal meditation actually saved me once, at least i felt it did when i was somewhere that i didn’t feel comfortable being.

I found a deeper truth about the information she is teaching, and about the Ashtar Command. They are a 3rd Dimensional collective of beings that say they are run by “Jesus of Christ”, with tons of spaceships, and they are trying to gather as many people under their umbrella as possible. Trying to assemble THEIR followers and legion for the next step in evolution.

This put me off, as my understanding of “Christ” and its reference to Christ Consciousness ~ The Sacred Space of the Heart ~ does not match this. I don’t feel like Jesus is an ET flying around with thousands of technological space ships is an accurate depiction of who Christ was, and why he was on this planet. Granted, i do believe there are plenty of ET’s out there, with tons of Techno-Fleets of ships all around our galaxy and solar system. We see thousands of UFO’s every month, which are continually posted on the internet. It’s not hard to find clips and video anymore of some really profound sites.

My conclusion to that would be that a collective of beings who are posing as Jesus to get unknowing people and followers under their umbrella of control, so that as we evolve and transcend into the future, disclosure, they have more “human minions” of sorts, whatever that means. It might not be sinister, or in any way harmful, i do not know their intent. It may be what they say it is. You’ll have to decide that for yourself.

I don’t feel comfortable being a part of their group. I observe and gather my own information, not all of theirs resonates with me.

Q5. What do you think will happen in 2012?

A5. Well, that’s a tricky question on it’s own because there are so many interpretations about the Mayan calendar and the aztec calendar and what the channeled beings are saying and what the scientists are saying and what the modern day Hopi and other tribes of the world are saying. It gets pretty intense when you see everything altogether, but I feel that I have something of an idea of what COULD transpire. Keep in mind that this is just a collection of my research and understandings, and everything is open for discussion.

Now, modern day scientists, many channelings alike have made it clear that our DNA is broken. 97% of our DNA is inactive and turned off, and we only use really only roughly 3%. All of the messages from the Galactic Federation of Light, as well as other channelings such as Kryon, Adamus, Archangel Michael and so on, paint pictures of 2012 being a time of a dimensional shift. Not just for specific people though, but everyone. They say that the entire planet is just changing frequencies and its a natural thing that will transpire and not to worry. Just wait it out basically, and soon we will all be 4th dimensional beings.

Lots of scientific evidence has been supported to suggest new energies are coming into the planet, and there’s info also available on the Photon Belt which is also changing our energies.

Now, knowing what we know about the Galactic Federation of Light, they may be entities that are working on their own agenda, and may not be in our best interest if we follow those words. Remember how I mentioned that Keylontic sciences are a very exact science, and VERY detailed? Well, Keylontic science shows us how our DNA works, how it works WITH the environment and dimensional levels and connects you to your higher self. It shows us that since the fall of atlantis and even before that, our DNA has become incredibly corrupted and broken, and only allows for 3 dimensional existence, no higher. Keylontic sciences also provide a manual called the Kathara bio-spiritual healing. It is a book that aids and assists with DNA regeneration so that you can accept higher frequencies so that ascension becomes possible. Without DNA regeneration, you cannot go through ascension gates because your body will not be able to accept these frequencies.

Of course, if we look at what the Galactic Federation of Light, they’re just saying wait it out, and they for my knowledge have NEVER mentioned stargates once. They just say ‘after 2012 everything will be fine’. To me, it sounds like they’re running down the clock, but that’s just me.

Now I feel I can actually answer the original question, what will happen in 2012? I feel that the human race will split into 3 different sections. There will be the Ascension group. Many of the pure indigo children, individuals who have remained less distorted (there’s not many people like that..) The people who do their DNA reactivations and allow these higher energies into their body and anchor them there. After 2012, most, if not all of these people will be able to ascend into these higher levels. According to the guardian alliance, these ascension stargates will be open for 200 earth years, and then they will close. They are the ’emergency backup stargates’, because all of the regular stargates have been taken control by the Galactic Federation and other races.

The next group will also Ascend. They will be the group who follows the Galactic Federations teachings, using their ‘Fall-System Merkaba’ and ascend through the ‘wormhole gates’ and will move into a different level within the ‘sandbox universe (which was discussed in the FAQ). It’s not ‘True Ascension’, but it’s better than option C. Alternatively, many humans may be taken to other planets like the Biavians have suggested. Keep in mind these are all just speculations from various sources.

The final scenario I have come to see is what happens to this 3rd dimensional planet itself. The people who are not spiritually awakened, and don’t care to, or are lost in their own troubles and won’t awaken to these changes, will stay here. The illuminati government will impose their ‘hoaxed alien attack’ plans and trick the human race into believing they’re being invaded by aliens (this is another HUGE topic which will be discussed in ‘The Curious Consciousness in due time), and ultimately get the worlds military powers to ‘unite’ and defeat the ‘alien threat’. They may also bring in “The return of the Messiah figures” and have an entity named “Jesus” come down and say that he was the being who was here from long ago, which is what Project Bluebook suggests along with the mass amounts of “I’ve communicated with Jesus!” changelings that are popping out one after the other lately, which is getting oddly suspicious and weird. After which they will impose the 1 world government and continue to dominate the world. This one COULD have a different end result though, if a movement such as the Zeitgeist movement ends up changing the way humans interact with the environment and the earth could become more peaceful and happy. But ultimately it will depend on what happens with the control systems that are currently imposed upon society, such as the illuminati government and the supposed Reptilian races that are at the top of the pyramid.

Now, I realize that by writing this, many people may think ‘oh, your saying that we HAVE to follow your path if we want to ascend and everyone else is screwed’, I don’t want to paint that picture. How I feel about it is my own understanding from my own research, and I am merely sharing my opinion. I am urging everyone interested to do the research on their own and look into all of these different sources and topics and decide for yourself. If what happens is completely different and I end up dooming everyone by saying ‘this is the path I’m taking’, I can’t be blamed for it because ultimately it was YOU who chose to follow that path as well. Make your own decisions.

Of course, this is all just my current perception on things as well, and these are subject to change. Keep an open mind about it, because honestly nobody really knows what’s going to happen. It could be nothing! Ascension itself could turn out to be nothing but a lie too, so I feel it’s best not to expect anything, but be aware of the potentials that could manifest into reality.

Q6. I’m having trouble manifesting money, and that’s where i’m stuck. Help?

A6. Focusing on money, especially in the way you came from, is coming from a strong perspective of lack. The suffering that you witness and relate to the energy of the planet is real, but it also exists within you, and that’s where you should put your focus and attention first.

Notice that the money is not really the problem, but the value that you give the money. What does it mean to you? What is money anyways? It’s like this wierd value of of a measurement of another value.

saying “I have 100$” is like saying “I have 100 inches”. Inches of what? Rope? books? Ipads? Money can be a means and a tool to get what you want, but remember in a camping experience, money is only good for kindling and wiping your ass.

To create wealth, we have to remember that wealth is something we create internally first, by understanding our values.

I’m not saying you don’t understand your values, actually you probably have them very defined. However, by putting the intent on “getting money” instead of “creating value” is what will stop you from achieving and getting where you want to get.

I can’t be the one to guide you to creating all of the wealth and abundance that you want to create, for i am just a student myself. However, this is one of the most impactful lessons i have learned, and i hope this perspective can help you smile

Q7. Where do you get all of your information from?

A7. Well, lots of it comes from just studying the basics. If you do some research on Chakras or Channeling you can find out tons of information about them, the trick is just compiling it into a solid video so that anyone can understand it. However, when it comes to the more intricate info, such as the Flower of Life and and the Human History story, a lot of the info comes from a book called The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizidek. The book is intensely fascinating, Drunvalo tells his own story about how he was a physicist that felt he wasn’t getting the answers he sought, so he moved to nature and was visited by 2 angels and a being named Thoth, who began teaching and working with him for a span of 25 years or so. Over that portion of his life, he learned about the geometries of the universe and Thoth gave him his version of history and what happened. It’s a really awesome book, I definitely recommend it!

Q8. What’s going on with our DNA?  Scientists aren’t really seeing too much happening in terms of expanding the count of our dna spirals at all!

A8. My understanding of the DNA changing is more like the mayan calendar. The spiral will always look like a double helix form, however there are layers and layers of dna through higher frequencies which span overtop of the smaller ones. For example (and im sorry i don’t have a drawing of it at hand), but if you think about the days of the week. If each DNA spiral was one day, then when you reached 7 days, it would make a single larger dna span over that whole week. Then 4 of those larger “week dna spirals” together would make a month. Then 12 of those month spirals would make a year, and so on. Each of those larger ones are still fully encompassing of the smaller ones, although the accumulation of them makes for larger and larger spirals.

You could also see it in a book. A series of characters makes a word, then a bunch of words make a sentence. A bunch of those makes a paragraph, and those make a chapter, and those make a story! The DNA is the same thing, and the larger strands of DNA work through higher frequencies that we are not measuring with modern science, because we are all encompassing in higher dimensions, even if we are not aware.
I think thats what confused me when i first was doing the research too, because you’re right, modern science isn’t super aware of it. It’s not that were adding physical spirals like i originally thought, but rather that we are recconecting and activating the larger spirals and larger understandings of our collective DNA, allowing us to know and understand far more!!

Q9: I’ve read across several scriptures such as the Bible and Quran that Homosexuality is a Sin, and that “God” punished those who practiced it. On the other side of the coin, it is perfectly normal to find in Nature ~ And Nature IS God, so what gives?

A9: It is important to remember that regardless of what any doctrine or religion has written ~ Those words are written by Men. You answered your own question, it is in nature, there is no separation, we are all one. Each of us have the free will to explore whatever we desire ~ The only judgements that should be considered are your own to yourself. Worry not of the words of others, go with what feels right, and if something such as homosexuality feels “wrong” to you, ask yourself: Why do you feel that way?

To be a Whole Person is to be both Male and Female inside, regardless of the physical gender of your 3 dimensional body. You can quite literally be anything or be with anyone, you need only allow yourself the freedom to say Yes to the All.

There are those who would have you fear into submission to their will, be sure to light your fire first before diving into anothers.

Q10: I am concerned with the path I am taking. I have intentions to Join the Army (or something that my friends and family are telling me I need to do to grow), and I’m not sure I feel right about it. I also think it would be amazing to go traveling, but i’m not sure where I would start. What should I do? 

A10: You have complete free will as to the life path that you take, and you are the one who gets to make the final decisions in what you experience. The trick is having the insight and perception to SEE what it is that you really want, and also SEE what a vibration is that you are about to enter into.

The Army has a very structured and ridged vibration. It is barking orders and standing at attention, giving your full self and service to the will of the institution. If this is what you want, then you can absolutely have it – for i hear its very easy to get in.

If you so desire something else, something more open, more flowing, and something that is more suitable to the elements within you that strive for life, beauty, creation, and conscious evolution, then you too have that choice.

Ultimately, it all comes down to choice, and asking yourself what do you want? Feeling for the answer, and then moving forward in that direction, even if you’re not sure where that path will lead you. Trust yourself, trust your intuition, and trust your heart most of all.


Q11:  i was wondering if we are all emortal, eternal beings, then why is it beleived in some schools of thought that there are young and old souls, if we have no begining and no end then we should all be the same thing, old souls. please help me to understand this.

A11: Perhaps while all souls originate from the same source, they can still appear in this plane at different intervals and times. A 2 year old and a 60 year old are both infinity old, but they have been on this plane for the respected amount of time that each of them has been. Further, as they continue their lives, their understanding grows and develops, and they become more in the know and they “evolve in consciousness”.

We have to remember that all things work in cycles, and the cycles that we experience can change who we are. We can look at human history and see different cycles of our evolution. We can always say “Okay, what was this species before that? and before that? and before that?” and it works the same way in the future too, what will it be next? and next?

Old souls are merely souls who have been present in this reality for a long time, and have obtained much wisdom about how this particular reality works, and Young Souls are beings who are fresh or new to this particular plane – but that does not mean they are young to the universe. In realizing that we are all masters and all students, it allows the old souls to be in the know but open to learn, and the young souls to carry the knowledge they have and learn more about the new reality that they otherwise were not present to knowing.


Q12: What does Christ Consciousness look like, will it only happen to Indigo Children?

A12: Christ consciousness will awaken within all of those who are on a path of love. This pathway is not something that will just happen, or take hold over time, but rather something that will be discovered within the hearts of the many. The Indigo Children will have the ability to reach this consciousness easier if they are open to breaking free of any and all matrix programming that currently exists in their minds, and transition back from their heads to their hearts. The Heart is where Christ exists, that is the space to be within. 

Rather than seeing it as a *snap* suddenly everyone ascends, it will be more like *snap* everyone has the decision of what they want to create, and that snap is happening every day, every minute, and every second. It truly is happening now, the choice to move into a space of love is yours to make. 


Q13: How do I communicate with my Guides?

A13: To communicate with your guides, simply be present with them. Go into a meditation, and allow yourself to become clear within yourself. Focus on your heart, and if there is anything that continually pops into your mind, just flow with it. Allow the thought to exist, be with it, and when the time is right, when it feels right ~ Think of your guide. Ask them for assistance. Do not be attached to them appearing to you in a particular way, for they may be the very ones assisting with the flow of thought that is moving through you. They may not appear physically or even astrally, but your cosmic self will know who it is, allow yourself to listen, it is all they truly ask for.

Listening to yourself is listening to your guides. If you are listening to the thoughts of others that comes from a space of lack or doubt, then you will create that within you. However, if you listen to that vibration and then bring it into your heart, you will become clear as to the true nature of those thoughts, and transmute them into gold.


Q14: I think i have to tell you, that reiki is really dangerous. you know, i work with energy a lot and me and my team found out that dark forces have taken over the reiki network and everytime a person gets initiated an energy vampire is planted in the energy body.

I don’t know if you have the means to verify my claims, but it’s important to inform poeple about this.

A14: This is very interesting, and while I agree, It’s not something to strain yourself over. You are very right, there is a potential for a negative thoughtform to take hold, but only if the receiver allows it and is in a state where they can receive that. (And if they don’t already have one).

I think that as long as the intention is good, the space is cleared and the practitioner knows what they are doing, it can be very safe and very beneficial. This isn’t something to worry about, but acknowledge and allow ~ It’s part of what we have created on a global conscious level, and that doesn’t mean that we should stop practicing Reiki. If anything, the more we work with it, the more we can identify any strains that are being imposed.

Understanding that thoughtforms only have the ability to influence you if you allow them is important. If we no longer resonate at a lower frequency where thoughtforms can strain you, then they will have no power over you – for YOU truly have the power over yourself at your core, and you can change your vibrations to match whatever you desire.


Q15: Hello i’m in state of hopeful confusion.  With the total change in life as we know it drawing near,  should I quit my job and abandon any previous dreams I had for the future for the simple fact that they were plans and dreams based in a reality that’s on the way out the window?  

Any advice would be appreciated.

A15: Yes and no. If you are simply abandoning your job and WAITING for something to happen in the world, it might lead you to a place that you don’t want to be, with even more lack than you are currently experiencing. 

At the same time, this is an opportunity to shift into a much higher vibration than you were before. In fact, so much higher that you will naturally shift OUT of the old world and into a new one of your own creation.

So ask yourself – what is it that YOU want? Really look deep, meditate, and ask yourself those big questions. If you can find out what you truly want to create and be in the world, and then begin shifting towards THAT, then you will harmoniously shift out of what you don’t want, and into what you do.

 Do not wait, but BE the change that you want to see.  THere is nothing to DO, but everything to BE.


Q16: When I come back from meditation, or wake up after an astral experience or lucid dream, I feel heavy and sometimes my eyes won’t open… can you explain whats going on?

A16: When you come out of meditation and experience everything in greater contrast, it is because of two things; the pupils are not yet use to the light coming at them after having closed eyes for so long AND it is because after meditation (especially through breath work), you balance many systems in your body and mind, allowing your perception to become clearer in multiple ways.  This is a normal occurrence, especially in my own experience.  Now, while in meditation, the sensation of either heaviness or not being attached to the physical body is a result of another two things; you are gathering energy and focus into the astral body, and you are allowing your consciousness to not be so attached to physicality and thoughts.  These are all very good signs because this sets you up to easily move in consciousness from this physical realm to either an internal realm or a higher dimension.  Continue to experiment with these sensations and many interesting experiences will come your way!



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  7. hey i noticed that some of the lesson guides are missing especially for the first of the spirit science videos. Does any one know whats going on i’d like to read the article that goes along with the videos.

  8. I’m not sure if anyone’s interested, I hope you are, for you are my favorite YouTube channel! You once said “it takes a genius to make things simple”. Now I’m not a genius, but I do believe “genius” is a learned skill and not a genetic trait. This IS what it is. It all begins with the Black Hole in the Antarctic. A black hole exists not only in the earth, but in all other planets and in the eye of every living creator or plant on earth. The hiding of this knowledge is what confuses the masses. Understanding the curvature of light and vortex math is key to knowing how our reality exists as it does. “Science” purposefully confuses us by utilizing an Antarctic Treaty to keep all airplanes and land explorers out of this location. The Byrd Expedition or operation High Jump was a 4000 man- bust, because at the time they believed it would be possible to break through the firmament. A 6 month expedition was reduced to a week when they flew many planes into the great barrier and later attempted to detonate nuclear weapons to no avail. To make this short; if you know there’s a hole, real science would deduce us to a plane, when we are deduced to a plane it then deduces to a single electron consciousness. God. This is why the joint media is constantly telling us to look into the mirror and judge ourselves as individuals, instead of looking to others and seeing ourselves in them. Ever wonder why the overall message isn’t about peace and love and instead plays into our fears? The truth is… they are trying to avoid a pole shift. We are light, and they are the bulb that incases us into the 3d perspective reality. We never stop to notice that we only see in two dimensions. If you look at a still moment in time; say your bedroom with the TV off, what’s the difference between the still image you see before you and someone pulling the image away as if they were holding a photograph in front of your face? Nothing. It’s the same always. If a shift occurs the reality they covet can no longer exist. We would refuse to live in bondage. We would refuse to imprison the “sick” or the products of the system we created. We would only want to help “ourselves” as we would see “ourselves” in others. We would instantly see the people we judge as products of the reality they were raised in and not as people whom make bad choices. I wish someone would share this information, I only share the absolute truth. Thank you all, and my love sent your way.

  9. Hello,
    My name is David. I’m not quite sure what I am trying to say by contacting you guys, but I feel in my soul that it’s the right thing to do. The first time I saw your videos was last year during a time when I was going through a time of great anxiety. Since then, watching your videos actually gave me hope and allowed me to overcome many difficult times. When those feelings of anxiety returned again this summer the only thing that really helped take them away was watching your videos on YouTube.
    Before I go any further, I would like to tell you a little about myself. I am 27 years old and I live in Denver, Colorado. I have always been deeply curious about spirituality and metaphysics. In college I first majored in Psychology and then changed majors to Software Development – which is the degree I graduated with eventually (I know, they are two widely different subjects but when I changed majors I did it because my heart told me I should – and I always follow my heart which is why I am writing this right now). Currently I am an online graduate student at SNHU working towards a Master Degree in IT.
    Back to the reason I am writing you. I feel as though I need to contribute somehow to your projects. They truly have helped me fill in the gaps and have given me a purpose to continue living. They allowed me to see that we are all here for a reason and perhaps my reason is to help others the same way Spirit Science has helped me.
    I specialize in creating video games – although I haven’t made any professionally – I know how to make them. But that is just one of my talents. I also have experience with graphic design and basic animation. I am not asking for a job or money or anything like that. I only want to be a part of a team of like-minded individuals working towards a common purpose. It was your latest video that inspired me to actually contact you guys – the one about the SpiritStudios team. Please feel free to email me, I would love to be a part of one of your projects.
    David M.

    1. David;
      I feel that same pull. I’m in no way a video game creator, but I am an artist, a character designer, a psychic, a healer, a Shamaness;
      I create Orgonite and make healing artwork, as well as do energy work; 23 years old and in California.
      I guess, feeling the pull for like minded individuals.
      Your vibe attracts your tribe.

  10. Guys your facebook page is hacked. Every post have planty coments with loads of scam websites. it generates hudge trafic probably with viruses and other nasty stuff. Get it fixed

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