In this lesson, we look at the aspect that Consciousness plays in the role of Evolution, and the evolution that’s happening to us right now as a species on planet earth.

From studying the Kathara and Keylontic Sciences, it shows how DNA works more specifically, and how 12 stranded DNA and even 24 strands are possible. DNA will always look like a double helix at least in this density, but through different frequencies the strands flow and increase in numbers.

Links and Sources
Flower of Life books

The Wonders of DNA

Humans Are Free – DNA Mutations

DNA Mutation – Spiritual Evolution

Are we Crystalline Beings of Light?

11 thoughts on “Evolution”

  1. Speaking of Evolution, you did not mention Annunaki, Nephilem Giants, Sumerians or any other affiliation of genetic alteration that happened to us a long time ago. This is the missing Link.

  2. Everything you showed me so far really seems logical …well for the first time since i started Learning about counsiousness in this life i got a BIG question mark …Dont you think we could transpose the fruit of life over any circles depending on the size you make it ? or is there a precise size to the fruit of life ? …thought i understand that on every level of consiousness there is life but still i understand very well math and geometry and for sure you can transpose square and all of the other original geometric shapes in a circle thats where they are from (circle over circle ) flower of life ! anyone have an answer ? please go ahead

  3. I think the first minute and forty-five seconds of this should be a stand-alone clip on youtube if it’s not already. It’s harder to share stuff that’s not allowed on the table until you convince people it should be allowed on the table.

    Of course, I’d also say it’s mandatory to provide sources for the “we’ve proven these things to be real” part, particularly considering people will need evidence to overcome the cognitive dissonance that would be created to accept that statement without seeing the evidence.

    1. all people need is time, it takes time to reach consiousness levels. And we are not to push them, when times come they will know.

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