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Edible Water Bottles

Are plastic water bottles a thing of the past? They are according to the makers of the new biodegradable and edible water bottle called Ooho.

The Ooho blob-like water bottle may be the answer we are looking for to take care of the worlds water bottle recycling issues.

Check it out for yourself here!

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This blob may look crazy but when you think of the almost 50 billion plastic water bottles used by Americans each year it starts to make more sense.

Maybe creator Rodrigo García González, and fellow design students Guillaume Couche and Pierre Paslier are heading in the right direction.  One where we humans can work with nature and leave less of a negative impact on the environment. Continue reading

10 Discoveries Unexplained by Science

Each day more discoveries are being made by researchers and scientists all over the world. Some of these discoveries are unexplained with our currently level of technology and understanding. Check out this video that goes over ten of these fascinating events that leave us wondering.

Check it out and let us know in the comments which topic you find to be the most insteresting!

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10. The Taos Hum- An unexplained Humming Noise. This strange noise confuses locals and scientists. What could be causing it? Why do only %2 of the people in the area notice this sound?

9. Sea of Galilee – Cone-shaped Underwater Monument. Weighs 60,000 tons and built over 6000 years ago. What could be its purpose & is this another sacred site?

8. Antikthera Mechanism – Ancient Clockwork Computer. Thought to be built in 150 B.C. and can be used to calculate the movement of planets? Were devises this this used to build sacred sites and or guide our ancestors?

7. Paleodictyon Nodosum – Mysterious creature in the Atlantic that creates perfectly hexagonal burrows. What could be causing these strange patterns? More awesome sacred geometry?

6. Godzillus Fossil – Fossil found that can’t be identified as a plant or animal. Could this be evidence of extraterrestrial or an undiscovered type of life?

5. The Upsweep- Unidentified noise coming from the Pacific Ocean. Scientists have tried to place the noises but have yet to pinpoint a source. What could be causing these sounds?

4. The Placebo Effect- Sugar Pills can relieve Pain and remove symptoms of major illnesses. Scientists are still not sure how the mind is able to do this. How powerful is mind over matter. What could this mean for the pharmaceutical companies?

3. Dark Flow – An unknown Force pushes matter through the universe at breakneck speeds. Scientists are not sure how or why. It appears that the source of the force is beyond the reaches of the observable universe. Is this a force we could tap into?

2. Kepler 78b – A planet similar to Earth in size and density is so close to its star that it orbits the star every 8.5 hours. The heat from the star shouldn’t allow for a planet to form that close. Does this change our understanding of planet creation?

1. The Naga Fireballs – Fireballs rise up from a river in Thailand each October. A must see that I am adding to my bucket-list! Orbs? What could be causing this interesting phenomenon? Check out the video to see what the legend about it says!

This just goes to show that there is so much more going on in this world than we thought. Its exciting to know that there is always something new and interesting to learn and explore.

Let us know what you think and what other interesting discoveries you have come across in the comments.

Thank you for reading,
& the Spirit Science Team

Photo: Bill Nye the Science Guy

Conception to Birth – Visualized

Image-maker Alexander Tsiaras shares a powerful medical visualization, showing human development from conception to birth and beyond.

This video shows the magnificence of humans from the very beginning. Watch as the single cell multiplies in the pattern of the Flower of Life, expanding and evolving to create the most complex geometric structure that is our physical body.

Can we reset the age-clock on our DNA? Scientists say Yes!

An article was published recently via The Guardian & the NY Times describing a new discovery with our DNA, essentially alluding to our age being connected to a function of DNA – measuring the biological age of our tissues and organs.

DNA strandThis “clock” in our DNA shows that while many tissues age at the same rate as the body, some of them age much faster or slower. In addition to that, the age of diseased organs varied hugely, all the way up to tens of years “older” than healthy tissue in the same person, according to the clock.

Now, the researchers say that unravelling the mechanisms behind the clock will help them understand the ageing process in humans, and ultimately lead to some form of slowing things down.

‘”Ultimately, it would be very exciting to develop therapy interventions to reset the clock and hopefully keep us young,” Horvath told The Guardian. He studied the methylation of nearly 8,000 samples of healthy and cancerous tissue and found 353 DNA markers that varied with aging. They effectively work like little biological clocks. Interestingly, different types of tissue age at different rates. Whereas the biological age of heart tissue appears around nine years younger than it should, cancerous tissue appears to be an average of 36 years older.’

The Guardian 

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Is DNA evidence of a Creator?

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This is rather remarkable, I stumbled upon this video just recently which suggests that DNA is evidence of a Creator, the same way that Language works, so too does DNA operate with some fundamental principles which seems to suggest that there is in fact an author to this book of life we are living.

Through Spirit Science we have been exploring this idea for some time, eluding to the possibility that we are in fact the creator, we are pieces and fractals of a much larger consciousness, but it is nonetheless us. By paying attention to what happens all around you, and tuning into what things really mean, we can access that higher awareness and consciousness within ourselves.

Check out the video above, and post what you think in the comments! ^_^



To learn more about Evolution through DNA, click here!

BioPhotons ~ Secrets of the Human Energy Field Revealed!

Leading Russian Scientists believe we have the power to influence the world around us through our energetic fields, and now they have the science to prove it. Using a technology that they have developed, they are leading the worlds research in the awareness and understanding that our Consciousness is a fundamental part of our material world.

Video published by Russia Today