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Spiritual Science: How Alchemy Can Change Our Lives

Alchemy is an ancient practice, ridden with mystery and secrecy…until now. While popularized by the medieval scientific quest to turn lead into gold, its practices and customs stretch far beyond these parameters.

Alchemy’s focus, as a practice, revolves around metals, and the innate belief that they grow inside the earth and when found, were merely young and transformable forms of gold. Today, this has been scientifically disproven. Yet, to this day, the spiritual alchemist practice lives on.


The transformation of alchemy from the materialistic scientific realm to the spiritual arena.

Alchemy’s psycho-spiritual foundation is grounded in the curious transcendent worldview that everything, inanimate or living, enfolds a universal spirit. This accessible and simple cornerstone has proven to stand the test of time.

Alchemy’s Scientific and Spiritual History

Historically, alchemy’s roots are multifaceted; spanning across the entire globe in one capacity or another. The word’s denotation, in and of itself, holds unique meaning to countries and ancestries across the globe: “chem,” meaning black, as representative of the alluvial soils that border the Nile River and “chyma” meaning to cast or fuse metals in Greek. Continue reading

Harnessing the Creative Power of Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming can be a very powerful and enlightening experience. It can provide you with a shift in perspective, and help you become aware of yourself and the world around you at a deeper, more meaningful level. 

What Is Lucid Dreaming?

Strictly speaking, lucid dreaming is a state in which you are halfway between sleep and consciousness. In this state, you are able to take charge and explore your dreamscape at will. You can control the scenarios that unfold, and add, or remove elements as you please.shutterstock_133459352

You’ve probably experienced this at some point or another. Everyone is capable of having lucid dreams, though few can actually trigger them at will. Doing this requires a lot of training, and mental preparation.

However, this process of learning how to control your dreams can be just as rewarding as the actual practice of lucid dreaming. It helps you become more aware of the inner workings of your mind.

How You Can Benefit Continue reading

6 Powerful Herbs That Induce Lucid Dreaming, Visions, & More

Plants are powerful, fortifying nutriments, with the unparalleled power to connect with energetic realms in a natural and safe, yet effective manner. Boosting body, mind, and spirit, natural herbs boost your energy centers, bringing you closer to spirits and passed on loved ones.

To aid in your psychic and psychosomatic journeys we’ve compiled a list of six tried and tested herbs, celebrated for their natural, yet powerful properties. All of these herbs work with you to improve your hostess psychic abilities.

It’s important to stress that appreciating and respecting the sacredness of their powers will widen your horizons and enlighten your mind. Specifically, they work to open your pineal gland, also known as your third eye.

While they will have different effects on an individual basis, in both intensity and duration, as a general rule of thumb, these herbs: increase lucidity in dreams, induce clearer psychic visions, heighten hearing voices and sounds, and finally, amplify telepathic ability.

All of these herbs can be easily prepared, alone or combined together into a blend, into a tea by grinding them and adding them to a pot of hot water and simply adding lemon and sweetener to taste.



Ginger transforms your body into a spiritual channel, allowing energies to through it, both openly and freely.

With the ability to break out of heavy apprehension, ginger allows your spirits to soar high and free.  Continue reading