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Kirsten is a writer who loves to practice vipassana meditation, yoga, travel, and learning about nature, consciousness, and how to make the world a better place. Her current interests involve studying and practicing flow, staying In Flow, and recognizing the natural flow of the universe. Kirsten loves to learn about the holistic healing arts. She is also interested in ancient cultures and practices such as Druidism. Kirsten is honored to be apart of such an incredible movement of love and heart centered living in this world.

The Power of The Brain: How to Hallucinate Without Taking Any Psychedelics

Say the word hallucinate and the first thing that comes to are drugs. Psychedelics and their image as dangerous have led the word hallucination to be rife with negative connotations. However, hallucinating itself isn’t a dangerous act. It allows you to expand your mind and help you make sense of exactly who you are.

Mainstream media has tried to demonize hallucinations as a symptom of mental health issues or mental instability. Although uncontrollable visions can be a sign of a deeper issue, using a controlled technique can be hugely beneficial. Daydreams become reality, allowing us to put a plan together of how to realise our dreams when we return to ‘reality.’

If you’re looking for a natural way to delve more deeply into your own psyche through hallucinations, the Ganzfeld effect could be the force that liberates your consciousness from our perceived reality.

What is the Ganzfeld effect?

The Ganzfeld effect was first theorized in the 1930s by a psychologist by the name of Wolfgang Metzger (1899-1979), although it has roots in Ancient Greek culture. The term when translated from German into English means complete field, an apt title given its ability to allow you to access the hidden depths of your brain, through a process of complete sensory deprivation.

Metzger decided to test the theory that a complete shut off from your external senses (sight and hearing) would open up the brain for further activity. The Greeks had begun the idea by retreating to pitch black caves to hallucinate, as well as modern stories of trapped miners experiencing visions as a result of the perpetual darkness they lived in. Most interestingly, arctic explorers staring out at an unalterable expanse of white have been shown to experience an altered state of mind by their conditions. Continue reading

Tapping Into Angelic Energies: How to Connect With Your Guardian Angel

When I was eight years old, I was playing with the suction cup at the end of my toothbrush. I tested which surfaces it would stick to, the door, the windows, the walls, anything I saw. I demonstrated this awe-inspiring find for my father by attaching the toothbrush to the mirror hung in the hallway. I did not expect what would happen next.

When I tried to pull the toothbrush off the mirror, the mirror fell with it! I squeezed my eyes shut, terrified for the impact. There was a thunderous crash, and I tentatively opened my eyes. I was to the side, next to my father, not where I was standing before. But I hadn’t moved! Glass shards were littered on the ground, and the toothbrush was still in my hand.

I can only speculate what could’ve happened to my brain if that heavy mirror would’ve shattered on my head. Miraculously, there wasn’t a scratch on me. Moments like these are impossible to explain logically. Even my eight-year-old-self understood there must be angels protecting me.

You Have A Guardian Angel

Everyone has a guardian angel.

Even if you don’t believe you are deserving of its conservation, it is there to help you.

This angel was with you since your birth, and will be there to transition you the next world.

It stays with you always with unconditional love, ensuring you are safe and guided.

Visionaries view this being’s aura as being bright white. (1)

It’s important to be in tune with your inner prompting to do the right thing.

They could be your guardian angel guiding you to your correct path in life. Continue reading

Unlocking Your Inherent Psychic Ability: Tips For Those Just Awakening

Everyone has inherent psychic ability. One of the first steps to unlocking this potential is actually believing that it’s possible. We are so much more powerful than we realize, and if you truly believe something is impossible, then in your reality, it will be. There is an infinite universe of abstract and impossible creations beyond our physical realm.

If this 3D life was all that was possible in our universe, how unbelievably boring it would be. 

Tips for Beginner Psychics

There are multiple types of psychic abilities to be understood, but for the purpose of beginners we’ll focus on the three most popular: clairaudience is the perception of things through hearing, clairsentience is perception through intuition or feelings and clairvoyance is visualizing things or events in the future or not within reach of normal human contact.

Here are some exercises to try out yourself:


  1. Start by listening to everything around you at once, soak it all in
  2. Next, focus on distinct and individual sounds. Listen for birds chirping, tress leaves blowing, distant planes, etc.
  3. Eventually you will notice an increase in what you are aware of around you so practice any chance you get!

Continue reading

“Superhenge” Excavation Reveals Big Surprise: Is Stonehenge Larger Than We Thought?

Last year, researchers from the Stonehenge Hidden Landscape Project were mapping the underground area of Stonehenge when they stumbled upon a secret anomaly. They thought they had found an even bigger stone monolith site, up to five times the size, that they nicknamed ‘Superhenge’. After beginning the excavation recently however, what they found was completely unexpected.

Ancient Secrets

About 2 miles northeast of Stonehenge beneath Durrington Walls, once home to the Neolithic builders of Stonehenge, researchers believed they’d found over 100 stone monoliths buried.


It actually turned out to be a collection of 5 foot deep pits deliberately filled with blocks of chalk that at one point held 20 foot tall wooden timber posts.

It is believed to be part of a circular monument built 4,500 years ago to memorialize the Stonehenge builders, but further study reveals the project was never finished and the timbers were removed. The monument was replaced and covered with an enormous circular bank of dirt around a mile long that’s still there today.

So why did they suddenly stop? The archaeologist’s predict it could possibly be due to a sudden religious, political, or even cultural change as it was around the beginning of the Bronze Age and the arrival of a new tradition known as Beaker culture.

Adding to the Mystery

The use of wood for this monument also intrigued the researchers since now aside from just Woodhenge, a monument of 168 timber posts that resemble Stonehenge, they can confirm that there must have been a significance for when the ancient pagans used stone and when they used wood.


“One of our project leads, Professor Mike Parker Pearson, is of the view that wood is connected with the living and stone with the dead or ancestors” Says Dr. Nick Snashall, an archaeologist with Britain’s National Trust, “That would make sense in this context as immediately before the putting up of the timber posts this site had been an enormous settlement—the evidence suggests for the builders of Continue reading

7 Sacred Resins That Clear The Air & Create A Relaxing Atmosphere

Smoke belongs to the realm of one of the four fundamental elements of the universe, Air. It has long been considered an agent of communication which utilizes this vital element and, due to the loftiness of the air, humans often view smoke as a channel of communication between the physical and spiritual realms.

As such, resins have been burnt for many thousands of years, in civilizations spanning the whole globe. The smoke emitted from burning these resins fills the space, preparing it for ceremonial, ritual, or spiritual purposes.

What Are Resins?

Resin is essentially dried sap, collected from trees. It is considered to be trees’ lifeblood. It heals their wounds and helps provide protection against infection. There is a rich history, in many different parts of the world, of resin’s use for spiritual and healing purposes. It has appeared in ancient Egyptian texts, as well as appearing in the scriptures of the Bible and other historical documents.

When burned, they release a gorgeous fragrance and a holy smoke, both of which have been known to remove negative energies, and promote healthy, positive mind spaces. Depending on which resin one chooses to burn, one can feel a connection to a higher consciousness, a clarity or balance in oneself, or even a sense of healing.

Resins have also been used to bless a space as sacred, protecting it from the unwanted energies that fill other spaces in a person’s life, and helps disconnect it from the world. This is why most temples and churches have strong associations with the burning of incense and resins.

Here is a quick run-down of seven of the best resins for you to burn in your own sacred place. Each can be used for a variety of benefits so that you can turn your home into a space safe from the outside energies.


Amber resin is incredibly durable. It has been known to be found centuries after its creation, still completely intact. The Greek name for Amber was “elektron” which literally means “formed by the sun.” It also had connections to the sun god Helios, whose title was “the Awakener”.

Amber can awaken the soul, balancing your body’s energies, it can inspire confidence in many aspects of your life. This is a wonderful resin to burn if you are going through a period of uncertainty, Amber can shed its sunlight across many of your doubts.


This resin gets its name from the Nahuatl language (the language of the Aztecs) and literally translates to ‘incense’. It is still today used by indigenous people in Mexico and Central America for spiritual cleansing. As previously stated, resins are considered to be the lifeblood of trees, and as such is thought to appease the Gods when burned as a sacred offering to them.

The sharp scent that copal brings with it can cut through and clear the energies in the air around you. Continue reading

8 Fascinating Facts About Our Universe You’ve Never Heard Before

Depending on your choice of theories, our universe is either infinite, expanding or just one of an infinite number of universes. No matter which theory you subscribe to, the universe is an astronomically large, complex, and beautiful thing.

For physicists who dedicate their lives to trying to make sense of the life’s deepest riddles, the study of the universe provides new answers and discoveries every day. Most of us have heard that light from stars comes to us from the past and that Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system. So instead, this list is compiled of eight amazing facts about the universe that aren’t commonly known.

Facts about the universe


  1. Our Sun takes 225 million years to orbit the galaxy

    When you think about our solar system you think of the planets orbiting the sun, which exists as a fixed point. However, the sun actually orbits the Milky Way. To complete a full circuit of the galaxy takes as much as 225 million years, meaning that dinosaurs were just beginning to evolve last time the sun was in its current position.

  2. Venus’ days are longer than its years

    Although our ‘Earth logic’ makes this fact sound like a paradox, it isn’t! Venus spins so slowly on its axis (it is also the only planet to spin clockwise) that a full rotation takes 243 Earth days, which is a full 19 days longer than it takes to orbit the sun. Continue reading