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7 Sacred Resins That Clear The Air & Create A Relaxing Atmosphere

Smoke belongs to the realm of one of the four fundamental elements of the universe, Air. It has long been considered an agent of communication which utilizes this vital element and, due to the loftiness of the air, humans often view smoke as a channel of communication between the physical and spiritual realms.

As such, resins have been burnt for many thousands of years, in civilizations spanning the whole globe. The smoke emitted from burning these resins fills the space, preparing it for ceremonial, ritual, or spiritual purposes.

What Are Resins?

Resin is essentially dried sap, collected from trees. It is considered to be trees’ lifeblood. It heals their wounds and helps provide protection against infection. There is a rich history, in many different parts of the world, of resin’s use for spiritual and healing purposes. It has appeared in ancient Egyptian texts, as well as appearing in the scriptures of the Bible and other historical documents.

When burned, they release a gorgeous fragrance and a holy smoke, both of which have been known to remove negative energies, and promote healthy, positive mind spaces. Depending on which resin one chooses to burn, one can feel a connection to a higher consciousness, a clarity or balance in oneself, or even a sense of healing.

Resins have also been used to bless a space as sacred, protecting it from the unwanted energies that fill other spaces in a person’s life, and helps disconnect it from the world. This is why most temples and churches have strong associations with the burning of incense and resins.

Here is a quick run-down of seven of the best resins for you to burn in your own sacred place. Each can be used for a variety of benefits so that you can turn your home into a space safe from the outside energies.


Amber resin is incredibly durable. It has been known to be found centuries after its creation, still completely intact. The Greek name for Amber was “elektron” which literally means “formed by the sun.” It also had connections to the sun god Helios, whose title was “the Awakener”.

Amber can awaken the soul, balancing your body’s energies, it can inspire confidence in many aspects of your life. This is a wonderful resin to burn if you are going through a period of uncertainty, Amber can shed its sunlight across many of your doubts.


This resin gets its name from the Nahuatl language (the language of the Aztecs) and literally translates to ‘incense’. It is still today used by indigenous people in Mexico and Central America for spiritual cleansing. As previously stated, resins are considered to be the lifeblood of trees, and as such is thought to appease the Gods when burned as a sacred offering to them.

The sharp scent that copal brings with it can cut through and clear the energies in the air around you.


frankincense resin sacred

This is one of the resins that appears in the Bible, famously given to Jesus Christ at his birth.

Collected from trees belonging to the Boswellia genus, it has a lemony, musky odor when burned. It is thought to heighten spiritual awareness and enhance intuition.

This makes it perfect for including as part of your meditative practices – especially due to its anxiety-decreasing properties.

Dragon’s Blood

Drawn from the rattan palm tree, this dark red resin is useful for bringing about focus with its dark, rich fragrance. If you are an avid writer or artist, burning this resin in your sacred space will enhance productivity and help to clear away distractions. It will help to banish any negativity you feel towards your work, dismissing feelings of stagnancy or distracting chaos.

Pinion Pine

This resin is considered sacred to the people of South America. The smoke given off by burning the resin is very rich and has clearing properties. It helps you to clear a space and create a welcome break from the fullness of the rest of your life. Pinion pine will assist in purifying and preparing your space for sacred activity.

Burning this resin will also help you to find compassion in your life.


myrrh resin sacred burn

This is another of the gifts given to Jesus at his birth, and so has associations with holiness. In ancient Egypt, it was used as part of the mummification process and was also used in healing and spiritual rituals of the era.

It is clear that myrrh is very sacred and when burned in your sacred space, can provide excellent clarity. It can make transparent any illusions currently present in your life.

These could be blocking you from seeing the truth. As such, this resin is wonderful for use in meditation.


Benzoin has a long history of use as incense and perfume thanks to its rich and beautiful fragrance which has a warm vanilla undertone. It has been used for millennia in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) because it helps to clear spiritual stagnation. Benzoin is also known TMC practitioners to be a yang sedative.

It brings warmth to the heart and soul and is excellent for creating a safe space in the home. You can burn this resin to create an instantly relaxing atmosphere in the home.

Create Your Space

Depending on what you intend to use your space for, you can burn whichever of these sacred resins is most appropriate. From banishing negativity to increasing focus or encouraging relaxation, nature has provided for us once more with a variety of beautiful solutions, this time, in the form of resins.

This article was written by The Hearty Soul. The Hearty Soul is a rapidly growing community dedicated to helping you discover your most healthy, balanced, and natural life.



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