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Do You Take Tylenol? Studies Show It Decreases Your Empathy For Others

Taking one of the most popular painkillers out there maybe linked to a decreased ability to empathize with others. A new study suggest taking Tylenol has been shown to lower levels of emotional understanding in people when they are listening to someone else talk about physical and emotional pain. The study was conducted by having some people take Acetaminophen, and others a placebo solution.

Acetaminophen is the main ingredient in Tylenol and other various aspirin labels that all cause this same effect in the brain. Acetaminophen serves as a painkiller and numbing agent when ingested. It is one of the most common active ingredients in many different drugs sold across United States.shutterstock_301450523

This compound is actually found in more than a staggering 600 medicines according to the consumer healthcare products association. It is estimated that each week around 52 million people in the US alone use a medicine that contains acetaminophen.

So, does this really come as a surprise?

There are so many factors in this world that make us want to just numb out. The extreme amount of pain, suffering and injustice on this planet is enough to drive everyone crazy, then numb that feeling with Acetaminophen.

It is not uncommon for people to take 2 to 6 Tylenol pills a day for their headaches, body pain or stress. Doing this daily drastically alters the chemicals in our brain and can also wear our stomach lining over time.

placebopillThis study had 40 healthy college students drink a liquid containing 1000 mg of acetaminophen. The maximum recommended amount for adults over a course of 24 hours 3000 mg or six pills a day. Then, another 40 students drank a placebo solution with no drugs in it. Continue reading

How to Overcome Addiction Through Meditation

The design of modern society really shifts the fundamental idea of what addiction actually is. The official definition of addiction is a strong or harmful need to do something. 

For many people, this need is something instantly rewarding like drugs, alcohol or gambling. The idea of addiction goes much deeper than this, and many people are looking at it from a skewed perspective. Addiction is seen as something criminals or “bad” people do because something is wrong with their brain.

There was a very interesting study done that shifted many researchers understanding of addiction. The previous experiments had a single rat in a cage 1 water bottle laced with heroine or cocaine, and 1 with just normal water. Because there was nothing to do, the rat drank the drugged water and eventually died.  So, a new experiment was conducted that had many rats in a supportive “rat park” where they were free to do whatever they liked. There was 1 laced bottle of water, and 1 normal bottle of water. In this environment, the rats barely touched the laced water, because there was essentially no need to.

Addiction is a result of the environment directly around us. Many people are born into chaotic environments that they cannot control, and as a way to escape, numb pain and cope with life, they create dependencies on external things. Without the right kind of support, people can lose themselves in their pain. 

In this modern world, the idea of addiction is a lot more common place than we think. So many of us are addicted to the internet, facebook, media and different forms of distraction. When this can be used productively and positively, then it doesn’t become a dependency or an escape. That is the balance we are trying to achieve. Continue reading

This Man Can Create Fires With His Chi, But No One Cares

What’s more crazy to you: The fact that this man can focus the electricity in his body enough to spark a fire, OR, the fact we deem that completely impossible?

We exist in the age of disbelief. With things like CGI in movies, traditional cultural values, programming in the media and a lot of fake videos on the internet, it’s almost natural to dismiss everything we see. It’s easy, and actually programmed into us to not question, believe or understand anything that our limited view of science can’t explain.

human-energy-field1This makes a lot of people apathetic, neutral or dismissive to ideas that they deem as scientifically impossible. Combining that with harsh ridicule for expressing interest in “New Age” topics like chakras, aliens, energy and psychic ability; our society seems like it’s designed to shut down this kind of discussion.

This deeply embedded belief that we are nothing more than mere physical beings is the very blockage that disallows us from experiencing our true potential. More and more studies are being conducted that prove our reality is a simulation from stemming from consciousness. The physical is a projection from the mental. The fabric that connects the physical and the ethereal is that infinite, underlying web of fundamental energy that makes up all that is.

When we can fully quantify that matter, consciousness, thoughts and emotions are all fundamentally made up of the same foundational energy; then things get really interesting. The idea of something like an alien, a higher dimension or something thats ‘physically impossible’, becomes very much possible. It becomes a simple yet much deeper understanding of how the structure of reality functions.

Continue reading

Capricorn: The Sign of The Ambitious Soul

Capricorns are the 10th astrological sign in the zodiac. They are represented by an image of a goat, a symbol based on the Sumerians primordial god of wisdom and waters they called Enki. This creature actually had the head and upper body of a mountain goat, and the lower body of a fish.

shutterstock_64446997The goat aspect of this creature represents curiosity, steadiness and determination. The fish aspect represents intuition, emotional connection and spirituality.

This sign is very complex and has many different facets to it. Ruled by Saturn, the planet of discipline, responsibility and structure, many Capricorns take on these traits naturally.

Capricorns have a lot of self control, intelligence and sometimes quite good manners.

An Earth sign, Capricorns are practical, patient and naturally hardworking.

Capricorns can make great parents, leaders or people in powerful positions because of their level of dedication. Many Capricorns find success in business because of the nature of its work – they don’t mind taking on a constant challenge. Continue reading

This 8 Year Old Boy Describes Our Third Eye & Brainwashing TV Programs

Okay this kid right here is mind blowing. An actor, motivational speaker and artist, this is the epitome of an old soul. He has an entire youtube channel dedicated to him speaking about different topics and the level of this child’s insight is incredible.

The way he holds himself as he talks to the interviewer in this video is fascinating to watch. He has the demeanor of a 30 year old and the brain of a… well not a typical 8 year old, that’s for sure.king-nahh-fathers

Known as KingNahh online, this kid has got some serious truth for you to hear! In this video, he teaches the interviewer about the pineal gland and how we are programmed through violent movies and video games.

His innocent mind is still trying to wrap around why we have wars, and why our planet is so unbalanced.

He questions why so many children love to play games like call of duty. He says “I like good, creative games.”

The core message he wants to get out is along the lines of:

“When you’re inside watching TV, and you’re watching dumb stuff all day, that’s when you need to know to get off the TV. That’s the cure: Get off TV, go outside and do something.”

Seems pretty reasonable to me!

Aries: The Sign of The Courageous Soul

Aries the ram is the first sign of the zodiac. Based off the ram on the Chrysomallus in Greek mythology, it was said this particularly magical ram could fly and  provided Golden Fleece.

5582232385b88Many might assume an Aries is an air sign, but it happens to be exactly the opposite. A fire sign ruled by Mars, the planet of passion, this ram has a lot of intensity to it.

Because they are the first sign, some might think this means they are a young or naive sign. What this sign is really about is creation, the beginning of something new, like a courageous and exciting energy shooting forth.

Aries are known to enjoy going first; they are the leaders and initiators in life. When everyone is sitting around unsure of what to do, Aries are always first to jump to the occasion.

Impulsiveness is on the other side of this sign. Sometimes the boldness of an Aries can get the best of them. Continue reading