This 8 Year Old Boy Describes Our Third Eye & Brainwashing TV Programs

Okay this kid right here is mind blowing. An actor, motivational speaker and artist, this is the epitome of an old soul. He has an entire youtube channel dedicated to him speaking about different topics and the level of this child’s insight is incredible.

The way he holds himself as he talks to the interviewer in this video is fascinating to watch. He has the demeanor of a 30 year old and the brain of a… well not a typical 8 year old, that’s for sure.king-nahh-fathers

Known as KingNahh online, this kid has got some serious truth for you to hear! In this video, he teaches the interviewer about the pineal gland and how we are programmed through violent movies and video games.

His innocent mind is still trying to wrap around why we have wars, and why our planet is so unbalanced.

He questions why so many children love to play games like call of duty. He says “I like good, creative games.”

The core message he wants to get out is along the lines of:

“When you’re inside watching TV, and you’re watching dumb stuff all day, that’s when you need to know to get off the TV. That’s the cure: Get off TV, go outside and do something.”

Seems pretty reasonable to me!

2 thoughts on “This 8 Year Old Boy Describes Our Third Eye & Brainwashing TV Programs”

  1. TV..The average American watches 4 hrs a day if TV. Worthless junk. Imagine if we had TV that taught foreign languages, prepared people for vocational jobs, educated people about the dangers of texting and driving, etc…nope..all we have is low level nonsensical iq depleting junk junk junk filling our minds sucking the life outta us making us sheep..led to slaughter.Unplug.

    1. We’re actually kinda sick of imagining it. If not us, who? If not now, when? So we’ve decided to build it ourselves.

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