4 Explanations of Deja Vu That Explain It Better Than Science

Maureen was sitting with her friends in a park. The weather is sunny, and the girls are relaxing after a busy day at school. Suddenly Maureen declares that a boy with a very funny haircut will appear. Her friends stared at her in amazement as that particular person walked by their bench. They asked Maureen how she had known he was coming. She couldn’t explain. She didn’t understand it herself.

Derrick was ecstatic, as any seven-year-old would be to see a medieval castle for the first time. His parents were shocked as he described every detail of each of the twelve rooms.  Before they entered them.(1)

Deja vu is a curious phenomenon that almost everyone experiences at some point in their lives. It only lasts a few seconds when an experience or dream feels eerily familiar. It comes from the French meaning ‘already seen.’

Who Gets Deja Vu?

About two-thirds of our population have this experience at least once in our lives. Studies found that gender makes no difference, yet age is significant. It seems the older a person is, the less likely he will have an episode of deja vu. In fact, the majority of these reports were issued from 15-and-25-year olds. It is also more common with those who watch movies or travel often. (6)

1. Mercury

Mercury is the messenger of the ancient Roman gods, and was also known as the Bringer of Dreams. He can assume any human form and enter the dreams of gods and man alike to relay messages, insights, and premonitions. Perhaps he delivers a hint of the future for the dreamer. When you experience his prediction, you cannot fully remember the vision of Mercury from your dream, and it is quickly dismissed. (2)

2. Reincarnation

This refers to the idea that deja vu is a glimpse of previous life. You are given a second chance to return a moment and relive it. It’s like the clock has turned back so you can choose better the second time. This theory clearly explains the case of Derrick who could have simply visited or even inhabited the medieval castle in a previous life. (3) 

3. Time Space Continuum

Our existence runs on a track that is parallel to other dimensions beyond our awareness.

Time and space pass linearly in a straight line, alongside the lateral realms. Sometimes, under certain conditions, we can inadvertently slip into the parallel dimension or the Continuum.

This gives a slight out of body experience where you feel as if you recognize something you have never seen before. (4) 

4. Big Bang

Deja vu’s mysterious sensation could be due to the multiple Big Bangs that occurred when the universe was created and recreated. Picture your computer screen when you refresh the Internet page. It ‘blinks,’ in a sense. Similarly, as the world is being recreated, it can affect random people at different times, thrusting them into a scene of the past, or a familiar sensation.(5)

What Do You Believe?

Deja vu is a reality that seemed to have leaped out of fantasy. Every speculation is intriguing, and there can be truth in every idea.There are so many undiscovered mysteries in this universe that one can only speculate about.

Ponder this: Are you sure you haven’t read this article before?


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