Understanding The Energies of Roman Deities: Which One Resonates With You The Most?

The Romans worshiped multiple deities, with a main pantheon of twelve – six Gods and six Goddesses. Each of these had a distinct personality, and each was in charge of some element of the universe in which we all live today. Even if people no longer believe in these same deities, the stories the Romans told of them transcend time and many are still relevant today.

Nowadays, these Gods are part of our lives living on in name, as planets in our solar system, or in cultural references. Read about each of the Gods below and see which aligns most with your unique personality. Afterall, we are gods and goddesses in our own way.

The Deities


The king of the gods! Jupiter was the god of the skies including thunderstorms, the wind, and the weather in general. He was also the god of law, order, and justice. You are Jupiter if you are a dominating presence in your friendship group. You are the leader of the pack, but you lead very fairly, listening to what everyone in the group wants and making democratic decisions.

You will always stick up for your fellow deities – your friends – and if you experience injustice you’ll give quite the thunderous response. Some of your friends may even be a little afraid of you at times, and they certainly know not to cross you (otherwise they might get caught in quite the thunderstorm!)



Queen of the gods and Jupiter’s wife, Juno is the absolute essence of beauty and feminine power! She was the goddess of marriage and women. If you are the ‘mother hen’ in your group, Juno is your Roman deity.

You always look out for and care about everyone in your friendship group and women’s rights are paramount to you.

You’re prepared to fight for them too – Juno was often depicted as armed and ready to go to battle! A true matriarch, people love and respect you, and would never do anything to risk losing your trust.


Minerva was the smartest of the Roman deities. She was the goddess of poetry, medicine, and wisdom. You’ve always got your head buried in a book, you have a creative soul, and love words and art. If your idea of a perfect weekend includes curling up with a library of books and a sketch pad, you’re truly a modern Minerva.

She is the inventor of music, so if you love songs, and rhythm runs through your blood Minerva’s your deity! You’re the brains of the group and have knowledge way beyond your years. When the group has a problem they need to solve, you’ll usually be who everyone turns to.


If you’re a real home bird, you’re Vesta! She was the goddess of Home and the Hearth. You bring warmth to everyone you meet. When people think of you, they think of fire, comfort, and homeliness. You’re quiet and you prefer not to get involved in the disputes between the other deities, your friends. People cherish you for your caring nature, and the warmth you bring to them.


The Earth goddess. She always carried with her a cornucopia filled with fruit and vegetables and was very giving, filling the Earth with bountiful foods. You are a real provider for your friendship circle and have a generosity that overflows in you. Food is your weapon of choice in taking care of other people.

You’ll always buy a huge bag of chips or some other snacks and offer them to everyone else before taking some for yourself. Your friends are always praising your cooking abilities and when they think of you, they glow with the warmth of your generosity!


Diana was the goddess of the hunt and moon and was always associated with wild animals. You love nature, and would much rather spend your weekend nights camping out deep in a forest than partying in a city center. At the core of your being you’re connected to wildlife, and share an incredible bond with every animal you meet. You’re the one who’s unafraid to sweep away a spider when all your friends are standing on their chairs and screaming!


Venus was the goddess of love, beauty, sex, and fertility. You are confident in your beauty and don’t need anyone else to define it. You’re sensual, and love to explore your sexuality in new and exciting ways, and you aren’t afraid to talk about it! If people are always complimenting you on your looks, or falling in love with you very quickly and easily, you are definitely Venus!

You’re a very passionate person, and your friends all know they can come to you in matters of the heart. You always give fantastic relationship advice and can easily inspire love and passion in other people.


Mars is the god of war and was very, very important in Roman society. You always lead your group to victory, and you are not afraid to fight for what you know is right. You have a short temper, and will usually jump to extreme conclusions, especially if someone has made a personal attack on you.

Your friends all respect you, though some people may even be a little afraid of you! However, at the end of the day, you are the one to fight for the group and ensure everyone is treated equally.



The messenger of the gods. You are a total gossip and know everything there is to know about everyone in your friendship group – you love to collect secrets!

People will come to know if they need information, and you can more often than not give it to them. You have a great business mind and could run one on trading secrets alone.

You love to travel and would spend your life exploring the world if you could. You can be a little mischevious and are the prankster of your friendship group, but deep down, everyone loves you.


This was the Roman god of the sea and water. If you love water, be it the ocean, rivers, fountains, or even swimming pools, you are Neptune.

You remain quite a mystery to many people in your life, as not that much is known about Neptune as a god. Similarly, just like the ocean itself, very little is known about the depths of your personality, and you like to keep it that way. Even so, you are stronger than a lot of people will ever know! If people try and cross you, you can move the Earth with your power – Neptune was also the god of earthquakes.


Vulcan was Jupiter’s lightning-bolt-smith. He created the bolts used by Jupiter to rule the land and was often depicted with a blacksmith’s hammer. If there is no DIY project too complicated for you, you’re definitely a Vulcan. Your friends will call on you when they have some flatpack furniture to set up, and you are very trustworthy, always helping others out when they need it without expecting anything back in return.


God of the sun, you are forever bringing joy, light, life, and warmth to people’s lives. You beam with positivity, beauty, and wit, and you are always young at heart. The life and soul of the party, you love music!

Your friends all adore you, and you will usually come up in conversation, even when you are not there in person. Everyone has a lot of respect you, so nobody will ever try and deceive or trick you. You have a wonderful moral compass, and are just in the decisions you make – Apollo was, above all, a god of justice, law, and order.

Which Are You?

So which deity do you most relate to best? Each friendship group is quite likely to have quite the mix of these gods and goddesses in it, which might go some way to explaining all of the shenanigans you can get up to as a group! Let us know in the comments who you think you are most like!

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