3 Modern Day Ghost Stories That Are Difficult to Challenge

There are two kinds of people in this world. One kind believes in ghosts. The other adamantly does not. Both sides think the other is crazy and illogical. The skeptics decide that believers are delusional. Yet those who have actually experienced the supernatural are frustrated that no one understands them.

Therefore, many haunting stories are never told in fear of not being taken seriously, or worse, locked up. Here are three recent stories of the paranormal that can change a skeptic’s mind. You may not believe the event, but the witnesses certainly do.

The Victorian Doll

Georgia. August 8, 2015

Darla* was seven-years-old when she found the doll at a vendor market. It stood out to her with its curly brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin, and a lovely red dress with a golden floral design. She thought it was odd that the doll was still in her box. Her mother explained that the doll was porcelain and not meant for playing.

“That doll was sad, and all I wanted to do was make it better. She needed me!” Darla remembers. She begged her mother to buy it. Her mother denied her request, but a few months later, the same doll arrived as a birthday present from her uncle. Darla decided to name it Samantha. She talked to her doll every night and kept her on her shelf where she can see it.shutterstock_199518029

When Darla turned thirteen, she moved out with her father and packed her collection of dolls including Samantha in a box. That night in her new house, she heard rustling in the box. When she approached it with a flashlight, the noise stopped. Darla opened the flap. Nothing was wrong. The next morning, she noticed that Samantha was lying on the floor.

When she was finally unpacking the next day, she decided to take Samantha out of her box. She cut the strings, mounted her on a stand, and placed her with the other dolls. Then she took the boxes to the burn pile. While carefully monitoring the fire, there was a loud POP, the fire enlarged, and turned bright blue. She panicked and doused the fire, wondering perhaps some chemical came into the barrel without her realizing. In her mind, that didn’t make any sense since she didn’t use lighter fluid or kerosene, or anything of the like.

She stepped outside that night before bed to have a quick smoke when she heard a female voice calling, “Darla…” She was frightened since she only lived with her father and ran back inside.

While she was falling asleep, she heard the voice again. Darla asked what it wanted, and it said, “Nothing. You have freed me, and now I can have anyone I desire.”

Darla asked it to show itself, and Samantha flew off the shelf to the floor. The porcelain did not shatter. Darla did a quick purification method that she was taught, and she didn’t hear anything else that night.

The next day, she left Samantha and the rest of her dolls by a thrift shop. She does not know where Samantha is now, and she never wants to come across it again. (1)

I Locked My Brother in The Dark

January 11, 2001

When Jacob was in sixth grade, he was horsing around with his three-year-old brother, Owen*. Jacob chased Owen into their parent’s room, and they started throwing things across the bed, pretending to have a war. Jacob had an idea that it would scare Owen if he turned off the light.

There were no windows, so it would be pitch black if the door is close. At the last minute, Jacob decided it would be funnier if he leaves the room. So he shut the light, ducked out and closed the door behind him, leaving his brother in complete darkness.

Jacob waited to hear him panic, but Owen did not.

“What are you doing?” he heard his brother say.

Jacob stifled his laughter. Owen thinks he is still in the room. This is even better!

“Jacob. What are you doing? You’re freaking me out. Please stop.”

Jacob paused on the other side of the door. This is odd.

shutterstock_81166990“Jacob. I’m not joking. Get away from me, and turn the light back on. Now! Or I’m telling mom that you scared me!”

Wait. Did he just say ‘get away from me?’

Laughing, Jacob yelled through the door, “Dude! I’m not even in there!”

Owen emitted a blood-curdling scream like he had been stabbed.

Jacob panicked and tried to open the door, but it was locked. He didn’t lock it!

He could hear his brother. “HURRY! PLEASE!”

Jacob fought with the handle and wrenched the door open. Owen is crying on the floor. He explained that he saw ‘Jacob’ in the corner with his back to him. When he asked ‘what are you doing’, Not-Jacob turned and began slowly walking towards him. He stood over him, looking down. It was a dark figure with a shadowy face. Its hand stretched towards Owen. It was cold and strong. It hurt him. When the door finally opened, the figure was gone.

Owen is now 23. His experience still haunts him. When others bring it up in conversation, he leaves the room. He refuses to acknowledge it. (2)

Facebook Haunted

May 24, 2014

Nathan’s girlfriend Emily was killed in a car crash in 2012. He was distraught at the thought that he’d never see her or hear from her again.

On September 4, 2013, Nathan was checking his Facebook.

 emily 1

Only two people had access to Emily’s account, Nathan and Emily’s mother. When it was clear that Susan was not sending the messages, Nathan thought perhaps it was one of Emily’s friends hacking the admin.

This was proved to not be the case when the messages were sourced from old chats between the two of them before the fatal car accident.

Then Emily began tagging herself in photos.


Not only that, she began posting messages composed of words she had typed when she was alive.

“It’s a Facebook bug,” Nathan told himself. It’s relatively explainable that a virus that is regurgitating old messages back to him.

Finally, Emily sent her first original word: FRE EZING.


The last line made Nathan’s blood run cold. He couldn’t sleep due to nightmares where Emily is stuck in an “ice cold car, frozen blue and gray, and I’m standing outside in the warmth, screaming at her to open the door. She doesn’t even realize I’m there. Sometimes her legs are outside with me.” Her legs were severed in the accident.

Once, after a night of drinking, Nathan wrote back.


Nathan was shocked. In the accident, she was crushed by the dashboard. She couldn’t walk.

Because of her plea to let go, Nathan memorialized her Facebook page. Still, she sent him another message.

She posted a photo of him behind a half-closed door. It was taken when Nathan was alone in the house.(3)


*Not the real name.

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