This is Who Holds the World Record For Meditation

Meditation can be a powerful tool for your individual spiritual journey. It is also a largely untapped resource for our cultural spirituality and progression. There is one organization that is attempting to use the power of meditation and internet for the good of humanity.

On the 8th of August 2014, the Deepak Chopra, founder of the Chopra Center, set a new Guinness world record for largest online meditation in history. The official statistics were that 33,061 people participated for the full 30 minutes.


Deepak Chopra is a world-renowned spiritual leader and wanted the event to channel enough positive energy to effect the global population’s mindset. ‘When we channel our energy in the direction of peace, love, compassion, harmony and love, it affects everyone on the planet,’ he said. ‘We wanted to explore what would happen if thousands of people around the world came together to be still in a meditation practice for peace, it was an incredible experience for everyone that participated.’

The event was hosted in Toronto with participants from over 100 countries logging in to join the group. Although the official statistics state that just over 30,000 people were involved, the number of individuals who took part at some stage was over 140,000.

Chopra hosted the event, alongside guests Gabrielle Bernstein and musician India Arie. He led the online group through a guided meditation to promote a collective and powerful source of positive energy.

Founded in 1996, The Chopra Center was the brainchild of Deepak Chopra and the late David Simon. Although the center is based out of California, the mission of the organization is to bring a greater understanding and appreciation of human spirituality to everyone.

meditation world peace

Their goals are ambitious but they collaborate their physical and mental healing methods with some of the world’s leading visionaries, doctors, scientists, physicians and industry experts to ensure that they provide accurate information to their subscribers. The center’s vision is outlined most clearly by the man himself. ‘Peace can only be created by those who are peaceful,’ said Chopra.

‘The world is a reflection of who we are, and whatever shift goes on within us will be reflected outside of us. Given recent conflict and unrest all over the world, there was no better time for us to undertake this spiritual challenge.’

Some people may look at the meditation attempt to be little more than a gimmick but the message behind it is much stronger than that. Over 100,000 were united in a celebration of their spirituality and in the name of world peace. That should be the real aim of the internet’s global interconnectivity.

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