For The Witches & Wizards In All of Us: A Modern Spell For Health And Vitality

Health and vitality can be yours after this simple procedure. The results are magical. 

Remember to observe your feelings, behaviors, actions, and results. Take note of everything, even if it doesn’t seem significant at that time. Record your experience and date every entry in your book of shadows.


  • This spell is only for when the moon is waxing

  • Decide on the location for the spellcraftScreen Shot 2016-08-13 at 1.40.24 PM

  • The room must be warm

  • Be sure you will not be disturbed

  • Keep your intentions clearly in mind, or write them down

Plan ahead what you want to experience in your body and mind. What is obstructing you from feeling your best? Perhaps this can be an illness, lack of energy, the desire to lose weight, or be fitter. The obstacles can be medical, physiological, or even laziness. Spend the time to contemplate what is preventing you from optimizing your best self.

You will need:

  • One sizable bowl of salted water

  • A symbol of your ‘best self’, also known as a ‘talisman.’ This can be anything you want from a crystal to a photo of someone you aspire to be like.

  • One green wax candle

  • The herbs: a small amount of pine and frankincense resins, rosemary, mugwort and dried life everlasting flower or cherry blossom.

  • Pen and paper

The Casting

  1. Centre yourself and relax.

  2. Light the candle and say aloud:

  3. “Universe, I wish for increased health and vitality. I want my body to be completely balanced, and I want my body to operate with comfort and joy.”

  1. If you have a particular god or goddess you wish to call up for increased health, do so at this point. A few good suggestions Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 1.40.10 PMare Sulis, Ra, Yemaya, and Isis.

  2. Draw the bowl of salted water towards yourself.

  3. Ponder your obstacles that stop you from living as your best self. It is natural to feel sad, disappointed and regretful at this time.

  4. Lower your hands into the bowl of water and inhale deeply

  5. As you exhale, imagine those negative energies to flow from your mind, down your neck and shoulders, through your arms, and into the bowl. Out loud, say:

  6. “ I wash away all obstacles to my health and vitality and balance.” Now wash your hands). “I wash away these obstacles (insert your obstacles) now, knowing that you will take them away from me.”

  7. Keep your hands in the water as long as it takes to get rid of the obstacles.

  8. When you finish, pronounce:

  9. “I open myself completely to complete health, natural balance and abundant vitality! I know I have begun to change for the better and will continue to do so!”

  10. Burn the herbs on the charcoal. As the smoke rises, pass your talisman through the fumes as you proclaim:“I charge this artifact with the power of the god and goddess. It is now a talisman perfect to attract to me ways of improving my mind and body.”

  11. Now ask: “Is there anything I could do to move forward in the direction I have asked for?”

  12. Acknowledge all of the ideas, messages, and images that come to you, no matter how irrelevant they seem. Write them down.

  13. Express your gratitude to the Universe and blow out the candle



Remember to act upon the ideas and messages that you have written down as soon as you can. These are the first steps into your new life.

Keep the talisman with you as much as possible.

Repeat the ritual at the same time for three consecutive lunules (a tri-lunar cycle).

Enjoy your newfound health and vitality, and share this good fortune with others.


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