5 Ways To Skyrocket Your Vibration & Make it Last

 Do you find yourself low on energy throughout the day or do you sometimes just feel like going to bed even though the day just started?

If so, then there is a huge possibility that you’re vibrating at lower vibration frequencies.

As most of you know, everything is made out of energy, and I mean, EVERYTHING including you and I.

If you didn’t know that, then guess what? You just learned something new :)shutterstock_167436776

When we are vibrating at higher frequencies, we feel more positive, more connected to everything around us, and we simply feel an overall feeling of stability mentally, emotionally and physically.

But when we are not vibrating at higher frequencies, then we feel pessimistic, isolated, and we have a general feeling of being stuck and drained mentally, emotionally and physically.

I personally love the field of energy and vibration!

I study it in depth and keep myself updated on the latest in the field!

Recently, I came across a video taught by the one and only Esther-Hicks where she explains How to quickly change your vibration and jump from bad feeling to good feeling and quick – watch it here:

I hope you enjoyed the video!

On top of the video, I want to share with you 5 quick ways that you can use to instantly change and raise your vibrations.

Let’s dive in:


shutterstock_3428698251. Connect with mother nature:

The fastest and best way I have ever used to raise my vibration is to simply connect with mother nature.

Mother nature vibrates at the higher frequencies of abundance, flow and giving without limits.

So, if you ever find yourself low on energy or vibrating at lower frequencies, then it’s time to go all Nature-al :)

Go for a walk, take a dip in the lake, do some gardening!

Whatever you find fun and easy to do out in and with nature – DO IT and let the higher vibrations flow into your human body!


2. Practice mindfulness

I practice mindfulness daily!

Being mindful helps me raise my vibration almost instantaneously!

Being mindful is simply allowing yourself to be fully present and in the moment while you’re experiencing just about anything.

shutterstock_249726484Mindfulness is a powerful way of raising your vibration because when you are living in the present moment, then you are not thinking about the past nor anxious about the future.

Both living in the past or the future are lower vibrational activities cause when you are thinking of the past mostly you are reviewing things we should’ve, would’ve or could’ve done better.

And when living for the future, then you are mostly rushing yourself to reach some destination that you feel is ganna make you happy!

So do yourself a favor and start living for today! Leave the past there, and let tomorrow present itself to you.

Be Mindful Today!


3. Meditate

Meditation, in general, is so very powerful tool and its one of my favorite tools to raise my vibration!

And meditation, just like mindfulness in the previous point, brings your attention to the present moment.

shutterstock_163173239 (1)When you meditate, you focus on your breathing; you also focus on your thoughts and that act in itself will allow you to enter deeper meditation states.

When in a meditative state, you start to vibrate at a higher vibration.

The more you meditate, the more you’ll experience the exhilarating feelings that meditation leaves you with for hours after you’re done with your practice!

If you meditate, then great! If not, I’d recommend starting today!

And NO! You don’t need hours to experience the benefits of meditations a short 5-15 minute practice is a fabulous way to get started and get yourself centered and vibrating at higher frequencies.


4. Listen to relaxing music

Another great way to vibrate at higher vibrations is to listen to relaxing music.

Quite honestly, it doesn’t have to be a relaxation music, any music you find soothing and fun is a great way to raise your vibration.

shutterstock_112570745 (1)Here are my favorite genres per mood:

– To get an energy boost, I listen to high-beat dance or pop music.

– To get a creativity boost, I listen to classical music.

– To get a calmness boost, I listen to jazz or blues.

– To get a relaxation boost, I listen to instrumental or spa music

So what’s your flavor of music?


5. Pay attention to YOU!


You might wonder, what the heck paying attention to me has to do with my vibration.

Well, paying attention to what you want and what makes you happy is linked directly to how you feel!

And how you feel is linked to your vibrational state.

So, whenever I feel low vibrationally, I pull out my coloring book and get to coloring; this relaxes me and help me shift my focus from my low vibration to a higher vibration of happiness as I am doing something I truly enjoy!

So what do you enjoy doing? What makes you happy?

Do you like to read for pleasure, or maybe do art projects, or cook a meal – it really doesn’t matter as long as you do something that matters to YOU!

You are the center of your universe, so pay attention to what makes you happy!

Here you go guys and gals, five fantastic ways to shift from low to high vibration and do it in a pinch.

So whenever you feel like you can use a vibrational boost, give one of these five ways a try.

Till we speak again, love without limits, live without inhibitions and vibrate at your highest vibrational frequencies!





Zane Baker is a Transformational Coach & Inspirational Speaker. He’s also the Co-Founder of The Valhalla Mind Institute & The My Daily Zen Transformational Programs. Zane serves over 150 thousand subscribers & followers with his free newsletter & personal growth advice on his Facebook page. His top rated meditation track is available here “The Vision Quest”.

You can follow more of his work at www.ValhallaMind.com.


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