What Your Birthstone Says about Your Personality

In ancient legends, gemstones and the months have been connected. According to the Bible, the high-priest Aaron wore a breastplate with twelve stones, each correlating to a different personality. This concept stands through time. Its accuracy may frighten you.


January: Garnet


The garnet in old text is referred to as ‘the guiding light.’ Similarly, they were worn by many explorers to protect themselves from danger.

If you were born in January, your birthstone says you are an ambitious and compassionate leader.

You value your relationships with others and know your self-worth. Remember not to overthink things, and use your stubbornness to achieve your goals.

February: Amethyst

crystalsLegend says that whoever wears this stone is protected from darkness and seduction.

This complements the virtues of the amethyst, which are purity and serenity. You have a spiritual, quiet side, but that doesn’t mean you are shy.

You have an aura of royalty and intelligence that ignites respect for you.

Your humility and gentle nature hold the potential to soothe others.

March: Aquamarine

shutterstock_236661823Aquamarine is the Latin word for ‘seawater’. It was considered a talisman to protect sailors from a storm.

You seek balance, whether it’s in the physical realm or your mind. You are the peacemaker between people.

Others trust you because of your unwavering integrity and your strong passion for justice.

Your presence inspires honesty in others as well.

Travel the world and notice the things only you can.

April: Diamond

shutterstock_194053175Diamonds are one of the hardest substances on Earth. Similarly, you can be hard-headed and invisible to any adversary.

Value your strength but don’t let it make any hasty decisions you may regret.

This stone is commonly used for marriage ceremonies because it symbols eternal love, happiness, and forgiveness.

Your stubbornness is an asset to remaining loyal to your commitments and to achieve success.

May: Emeraldshutterstock_297556187

The Roman Emperor Nero used emerald as a corrective lens for him to view the gladiator fights, therefore this stone became a symbol for improved eyesight.

This doesn’t mean you have 20/20 vision.

You have a clear focus on your goals and motivation to achieve them.

┬áDon’t let this detriment your relationships. You have a knack for unifying people, whether is reconciling a family dispute or matchmaking long-lasting connections.

June: Pearl


Pearls are different from the other stones since it is made of organic matter.

You are in tune with nature and sensitive to the emotions of others.

Your friends value your patience and modesty and often come to you for sympathy. You enjoy making them laugh.

Others might find you unapproachable, but your thoughtful nature wins them over in the end.

July: Ruby

You like action.

Courage and achievement are motivators to reach your goals.shutterstock_164611250

You have a flair for drama but can act moody since you feel emotions more deeply than others. That doesn’t prevent you from being fearless, unafraid of confrontation.

You don’t mind being by yourself. Sometimes it takes longer to build friendships but you are fiercely loyal to those who are close to you.

August: Peridot

shutterstock_17466292Peridots are bright and often associated with the sun. Like so, you are sparkling with confidence and are outspoken for what you treasure.

Tradition has used this stone to ward off evil and depression.

You are a light to others. After unhappy events, you are the one to cheer everyone up.

You are eloquent and can make friends even in the most unlikely of places.

September: Sapphire

You are sincere and dislike anything fake. This is true for your relationships as well. It takes a while for you to trust someone, but you are giving by nature. Often you find yourself in positions of power where you use your wisdom and calmness to lead. You are meticulous with details and have a long memory, which can drive your colleagues crazy. Sapphire also has a correlation with beauty.

October: Opal

Opals are unique gems with their rainbow hues. Just like the rainbow, you are vivacious and always eager to meet new people. You are creative and spontaneous. Your life is never boring because you are always on the move. You can get emotional, but you easily forgive and forget. People tend to notice you, even when you are trying to be covert. That is… IF you ever try to be covert.

November: Topaz

You are your own good luck charm. Fortune seems to follow you but you are never wrapped up in yourself. Your friends and family know that they can rely on your support. You are full of joy, patience, thoughtfulness, and hope that you share with others. You have your unique way of thinking. Your determination is admirable and you firmly believe ‘if there’s a will there’s a way’.

December: Turquoiseshutterstock_111520364

Turquoise is found in few places on Earth.

You are one of a kind. Your wisdom precedes you and others are continuously seeking your advice.

You are protective over those you care about and they appreciate your honesty and grace.

You don’t mind being the advisor because you enjoy being the center of attention and praise. Let your boldness lead to you success.








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